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The Raw Score
A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.
Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon
“Simplicity is the key to brillance”–Bruce Lee
The Bella Twins made their in-ring return. Plus, Shawn Michaels checked n with his thoughts on the upcoming Undertaker vs Triple H match. Let’s head to Ohio…
Happy Labor Day!
Braun Strowman started the night off, with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre at his side. Renee Young was back at the announce table. Good move. She deserves to be there, for good. Smile. Braun is going to cash in Money in the Bank at Hell in a Cell.
Braun showed how Roman Reigns was attacked, post match, last week.  That came a week after The Shield mauled Braun. Braun said he has his own Pack to counter the Shield. Braun knew he could fracture the Shield.
Drew took the stick and said it over for the Shield. Dolph chimed in that they would be the most dominant force in wrestling history. More dominant than The Shield, Nation of Domination or even D-X,
The Shield music hit and the trio of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins emerged from the crowd and marched down the steps. Baron Corbin brought out the rest of the roster to try and prevent the melee that was certain to happen. Baron brought out more bodies and the Shield brothers dispatched them. Then, Seth,Dean and Roman hit the ring. The ring filled with tons of wrestlers to stop the war. They weren’t all that successful, at least at first. The New Kingdom were led to the back. The Shield broke free and rushed to the back. Break time.
The chaos was still going in the back. The Shield members were carted off in the paddy wagon.
The Riott Squad vs The Bella Twins
Raw is coming to Dallas, in a few weeks. Budget pending, I just might be there.
Nikki and Brie faced Liv Morgan and Sara Logan. Liv tagged out quickly to stall Nikk’s progress. Sara attacked the face but Nikki came back to drop her foe. Ruby Riott was there to cheer her girls on. Flip by Nikki for a two. Sara blocked the Rack Attack and slammed Nikki’s head to the canvas. Arm Drag by N ikki. Back Elbow by Niki. Nikki drove the shoulder into the mat. Tag to Brie.
Brie took Sara down but only got a two count. Sara lifted  Brie and walked to the corner. Tag to Liv. Liv put down Brie but could only gain a two count.
Brie got out of a Rear Chin Lock and popped  Liv. Matrix by Liv and tag to her partner. Yes Kicks and Running Knees to both foes. Brie messed up, big time, on a Suicide Dive and got blasted. Time for another round of commercials about Raising Cane’s Chicken (good stuff).
Brie wasa trapped on the mat. Sara prevented a Hot Tag. Eventually, Nikki got the tag and exploded. Disaster Kick to Liv. Sara made the  save. Liv and Ruby were taken out. Bad Suicide Dife by Brie. She really shouldn’t do thoses.  Nikki hit the Rack Attack 2.0 to make their return a triumphant one.
Your Winners: Nikki and Brie Bella
Raw Score: 78 out of a possible 100
Ronda Rousey will team with the Bellas to face the entire Riott Squad on the Super Show in Australia. That should be a nice way to open the show.
Corbin was on the phone with Stephanie. He assured her that he had things in control. Finn Balor came in and demanded a rematch.  Finn mocked Baron for using his power to cover up for his shortcomings. Finn issued the challenge, again. Baron said they would fight in this week’s main event.
Bobby Roode and Chad Gable were ready to debut as a team. Chad’s good but he’s no “Cowboy” James Storm.  Both men showed respect for each other.
The Glorious Ones (Roode and Gable) vs The Ascension
I see major problems for the Glorious Ones, in short order. Gable is trying to ham it up far too much and want all the spotlight. The Ascension’s Konner talked serious trash.
Chad hit Overhead Suplexes and a German to both enemies. Wow!  Tag to Roode.  Roode ripped Viktor with a SUplex. Tag to Konner. Stomps to Roode’s mid-section. Roode rought out of a Rear Chin Lock. Viktor dropped Roode and tagged out. Flying Elbow Drop to pull a two for the Ascension. Chad tried to cheerlead his partner.
Roode worked the ribs but took a knee shot. Tag by the Ascension. 2 count. Chad paced as Bobby fought out of a Side Headlock. Gable with a blind tag. He erupted on both opponents with high flying moves. Missile Dropkick by Chad.  Rolling German Suplex Pin by Chad Gable.
Your Winners: The Glorious Ones (Roode and Gable)
Raw Score: 83
Elias was talking about his new album. It was time to Walk With Elias, next.
Elias was introduced. Typical Cheap Heat talk from The Drifteer, Elias grumbled about Trish Stratus and then insulted the Ohio Buckeyes. He was cut off by the arrival of Alexa Bliss, Alicia Fox and Mickie James. The three loveliles got in the ring to chat with the chauvanist on the bar stool. Smile. Alexa explained that Columbus was her hometown. She got the crowd going with the “OH–IO” chant. She then insulted the crowd. She admitted that Elias was right about what a horrible place Columbus is. Jeez. She called the crowd Zombies. I like zombies. Smile. Alexa trash talked Trish. Alexa also talked trash about Natalya and Ronda Rousey. Alexa asked Elias to sing for her.
Ronda’s music rocked the house. Thank you, Ronda, for giving new life to Joan Jett’s career. Natalya joined her friend, Ronda.
Natalya vs Alexa Bliss
Collar and Elbow. Nattie took Bliss down quickly and they ended up in the ropes. Bliss came back to work the arm. Fireman’s Carry Flip by Nattie into an Arm Bar. Bliss with a Head Scissors. Bliss headed to the ropes when Nattie got free. Bliss went for a kick hy Nattie tgot  the foot. Float Over and Slingshot Suplex and Basement Dropkick by Nattie. Wild Right to the side of Natalya’s face. Bliss with repeated kicks.  Fox and James got involved when the rer turned. DDT by Bliiss. Fujiwara Arm Breaker by Bliss. Tap Out!
Your Winner (by Submission): Alexa Bliss
Raw Score: 78
It broke down into total chaos, after the match. Bliss got the early advantage but Ronda came back to clean house.
Baron was approached by the New Kingdom. Braun demanded some competition. Dolph said Raw was now their show. Dolph wanted to go for the tag titles. Baron said The Revival were already set to battle for the tag straps. Dolph and Drew knew what they had to do…
Barun then ordered the Actomg GM to find him some competition.
Charlie Caruso went to interview The Revival. They were ambushed by Drew and Dolph. Saw that coming. Sctt and Dash were decimated by Drew and Dolph. Jeez.
Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas (The B Team) vs Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre
Raw World Tag Title Match
I like the new B Team shirts. The Revival’s music hit but yhey didn’t show up. Then Dolph and Drew came from the back.
Drew tore into Axel. Dolph did the same. Bo got the tag and he took out Dolph. B Team joined forces to hit a double La Bandera to send Drew over the top and to send us to the ads.
Drew was doing his best to rip Bo’s arm out of his body. 2 count. Michael Cole is calling the new faction, The Pack. I like the New Kingdom better but I don’t work for Vinny Mac and company. Tag to Dolph.
Dolph choked Bo on the middle rope. The ref made him stop. Bo with Haymakers but Dolph nailed a Dropkick. 1-2-not yet. Tag back to Drew. Knife Edge Chops to heat up Bo’s chest. Bo punched and kicked Drew and naield a wild Tornado DDT.
Drew stopped the tag. Running Neckbreaker by Bo. Hot Tag Time Axel wore out Dolph. PerfectPlex but Drew  made the save. Superkick. Zig Zag/Claymore.
Your Winners (and NEW Raw Tag Team Champions): Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler
Raw Score: 85
Drake Maverick (Rock Star Spud) was walking with the Authors of Pain. Huh?
We saw a video package about pediatric cancer. Very touching.
Authors of Pain vs two local guys
Drake Maverick is now the AoP’s new manager. It was a slaughter that ended with the Super Collider.
Your Winners: Akum and Razar
Raw Score: 20
They ran a video piece about Taker vs HHH.
Ronda. Natalya, Brie and Nikki chatted. The Bellas praised Ronda for inspiring them to return. The Bellas offered to be training parters or advisors to the new champ. Ronda had a confused look on his face.
Enter Shawn Michaels. The crowd absolutely lost their minds as HBK danced around. Shawn looked SO old as he talked. Shawn pushed his new t-shirt. He also pushed several other products. He then switched to talking about the HHH vs Taker match. HBK promised to be in Australia to see the match. He noticed a lot of people were going for Taker. He drew heat when he brought up The Srreak being over. Shawn predicted that Triple H will take the match. Shawn felt HHH had more “in the tank” than Taker.
The bell sounded to harken the arrival of The Undertaker. Sweet!  The fog and blue-purple did invite the Dead Man to the ring. My phone just woke up with several calls at once. Grin.
Taker slowly walked down to the ring. I have loved that entrance for the past 27  years and it stills chills my soul. Taker asked for the stick. That man is a year older than me and looks half our ages. Taker said things just got personal. Taker talked about the 20 year friendship between HHH and HBK. Taker admitted that he has taken the best that both men had to offer and put them both down. Taker claimed he owned parts of their souls and they can’t accept tjat. Taler re,omded Shawn that he ended Michaels’ career. HBK said he was a man of his word and he had to stand by the words he issued. Shawn said he was never going to come out of retirement. Shawn proclaimed himself a man of honor and respect. The fans screamed for “One More Match”. Shawn acknowleded the chant but Taker cut him off.  Shawn knew he was giving up millions of dollars but he had to be true tohimself. Taker wondered if it was respect…or fear. Ouch. Taker knew HBK would only come out of retirement for revenge on Taker. Taker said everyone knows that Taker would  take out Shawn, for good. Taker then said he was going to end HHH, in Australia. Taker then left the ring.
Sasha Banks and Bayley came out to the ring.
Sasha Banks  amd Bayley vs Dana Brooke and Ember Moon
The Finish:
Dana got distracted by Titus and Apollo bickering at ringside. Sasha rolled up Dana to take the win.
Your Winners: Sasha Banks and Bayley
Raw Score: 47
Dana officially quit Titus International, after the match.
Bobby Lashley was interviewed. Lashley got a performance evaluation by Baron Corbin. BObby was ordered to get a meditation session with Jindar Mahal. Bobby laughed off the whole “Anger Issue” thing. Bobby was ready to find his Inner Peace.
Jindar Mahal came to the ring. Baron Corbin has now substituted Braun Strowman in the main event to fight Finn Balor. Probably going to be a trade UP from Baron vs Finn #499 or something like that.
Bobby Lashley came out for his therapy session. Bobby was grinning from ear to ear as he greeted the crowd. Mahal welcomed Lashley to the session.  Mahal sat in the Lotus Position and invited Lashley to join him. Bobby really had fun making this session into the joke it was. It made me ready to throw season 12 of Red Dwarf into the Blu Ray player and take a long nap. I’m just saying…
Kevin Owens came out of nowhere to attack Lashley. Guess the retirement was short-lived. KO nailed a Powerbomb, on the floor, to Bobby. That saved that very lame segment.
Finn Balor got dressed for war.  The Main Event was ON DECK…
We flashed back to an old John Cena vs Batista for the World Title. John used Duct Tape to keep Batista from getting to his feet in their Last Man Standing Match. That still makes me laugh as just how silly the finish was. Nothing like Johnny Gargano vs Tomasso Ciampa at Takeover Brooklyn 4.
We looked back to earlier when Undertaker crashed HBK’s party. HHH will be on Raw, next week, to answer Taker’s comment. Mick Foley will also be on the show, next week.
The Shield have made bail. Oh, that is SO going to affect the main event.
Finn Balor vs Braun Strowman
Wish Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy would come back from vacation. Bray’s action figure stands in the center of my collection of figures, between Abdullah the  Butcher and Bruiser Brody. I collect the more obscure figure, like Doink the Clown, the Wild Samoans, Papa Shango, etc… Back to the action…
Finn was so outsized. Shoulder Tackle by Braun. Dolph and Drew were on the floor. Sleeper by Finn but Braun just Back Ran into the corner. Braun took Finn off his feet. Big Boot o’ Doom by Braun. Finn went for another Sleeper but was thrown off. Low Bridge and Baseball Slide led to a Double Stomp to the back of Braun’s head. Final break time.
Braun  wrenched Finn’s neck as we returmed. Finn spun around to get to his feet. Finn was thrown out of the ring. The Pack circled but didn’t get involved. Sling Blade, on the floor, to Braun. Finn kicked and punched away. Goozle into a Corner Throw. Finn tried to fight back but got smashed. Balor with a hard Dropkick but it had minimal effect. Sleeper to Braun but they ended up in the corner. Braun struck the ring post. Dolph and Drew checked on Braun. Tope Con Hilo by Finn to take out the entire Pack. Braun tossed Finn back in the ring. Step Up Enziguri by Finn. Balor went up top but got caught. Cattle Mutilation by Finn that morphed into a Triangle Choke. Braun used his power to Bomb Balor into the mat.Bulldog Bounce!
Your Winner; Braun Strowman
Raw Score: 79
The Pack decided to destroy Finn Balor. Finn was thrown to the floor and Drew set the table for destruction by moving the ring steps. Finn was put on the steps.
Suddenly, a siren went off. All 3 Pack members were confused. The vehicle that took The Shield to jail was back. Roman Reigns was driving. Seth and Dean were riding shotgun.
The Shield was attacked by KO, Jindar Mahal and several others. DOlph directed the bizarre scenario. Braun cracked Roman in the race with steel steps.  Seth was kocked out, near the vehicle. The Authors of Pain held Roman as Braun smashed Roman in the face, again, with the ring steps. Dolph took out Dean Ambbrose. Drew with a modified Claymore to Dean. SUperkick to Seth by Dolph. Bulldog Bounce, on the floor, to Roman. Dang. These two trios are going to fight it out, in Dallas, in 2 weeks. I hope to be with my brtohers and sisters of the Metroplex for that epic clash.
Fade Out.
–Jay Shannon
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