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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report – Show air-date: August 23, 2018

The show opens with a video package that highlights everything from last week’s episode.

Eddie Edwards comes out wearing a Rocky Balboa shirt and claims that no matter what he will dust himself off and pick himself up, especially after what he’s been through, and he is looking for a fight! He also proclaims that he loves what he has become and he’s a man with nothing to lose which makes him a very dangerous man! He emphatically says that he’s has vision of cracking Austin Aries and Killer Kross with his kendo stick and he wants to make that vision a reality, so he calls them out. Aries comes out with Kross and gets in the ring to talk some smack. Edwards smashes Aries with the microphone and smashes Kross with the kendo stick, but the numbers are too much and they simultaneously lock Edwards in the Kross Jacket Choke and the Figure-Four leg lock before officials come and break it up. Edwards is left motionless, face down in the middle of the ring. They fight off officials and are about to destroy Edwards with some chairs until Moose comes to his rescue with a chair.

Tonight! The end all, be all: A Mexican Death Match between Sami Callihan and Pentagon Jr. in the main event! We see Callihan with OVE in the back and he assures them and everyone else that everything is Pentagon Jr’s fault and he will right the wrongs of the masked Luchador in tonight’s headliner!

Moose is in the back helping Eddie Edwards and Alisha Edwards comes up and hugs him and thanks him for what he did. Moose tells Edwards that they will get retribution.

Zachary Wentz makes his entrance to face Matt Sydal. Matt cuts a promo in the back before coming out and explains to Wentz that this is a chance for him to have his third eye opened. Sydal quickly takes control with a headlock, to which Wentz answers with a few high flying dives that rattle Sydal. Matt sneaks under the ring and comes out from the other side to ambush the young star. He starts laying the beating down at this point. Wentz is able to mount a small comeback but Matt Sydal hits a barrage of knees and kicks before landing his finisher for the pinfall victory.

Matt Sydal defeated Zachary Wentz by pinfall.

The Cult of Lee confronts Eli Drake with sheer excitement in the back. Drake tells them that he doesn’t need them and their not friends. Two guys walk into the back, seemingly right off the street and Cult of Lee offers them a match tonight to prove how great they are to their “friend” Eli Drake.

Brian Cage has a video package where we here from him for the first time ever. He tells the world that he came to IMPACT because he knew the company was going places. He wants to show the world why he’s the best and how he’s going to change the X Division. He has all the respect in the world for Fenix but he is going to show the world why he’s the best next week when he defends the X Division Championship against Fenix at Redefined!

Fallah Bahh and KM are in the back and Bahh presents KM with a gift in a bag. KM seems shocked and we never see what it is. Apparently it’s supposed to help them win their match.

We see another vignette promoting tonight’s Mexican Death Match main event.

Gama Singh introduces the Desi Hit Squad to the ring. Fallah Bahh and KM makes their entrances next. KM is wearing the same exact gear as Bahh and we learn that had to have been the gift. Bahh makes KM take off his boots to wrestle barefooted. Bahh quickly takes it to Rohit Raju and then tags KM. The hit squad double teams KM to gain the upper hand. He is finally able to fight them off and tag in Bahh. He quickly takes out the squad and the fans are totally behind him. KM and Bahh do the double steamroller on the hit squad. KM hits a nasty powerbomb type move on Raju and drags him to the corner for Bahh to hit the Banzai Drop for the victory.

Fallah Bahh and KM defeated the Desi Hit Squad by pinfall.

Joe Hendry is in the back with Grado and Katarina and he is trying to pump up Grado. They walk away and Scarlett Bordeaux tells Grado she can help him with his woman problems. She tells Grado he has to do something for her and we cut to Grado stripping for her in an empty club.

Kiera Hogan comes out with Allie to face Alisha Edwards. The two battle each other hard and can’t really gain the upper hand on each other. Edwards kicks it up to another level and starts dominating Hogan. Hogan is able to come back with multiple running attacks to Edwards in the corner. Alisha is somehow able to kick out of every pin attempt by Hogan. Edwards gains control briefly but misses a huge high risk move from the top rope. Neither woman can gain that pinfall victory and they both seem frustrated. Kiera finally hits her finisher for the pinfall win. Allie grabs a microphone to congratulate her friend Hogan. Allie claims that Su Yung forced her into the darkness and she realizes that her purpose it to put an end to Yung. She says that she always has to look over her shoulder for Tessa Blanchard and she is challenging both of them to a triple threat match for the Knockouts Championship next week.

Kiera Hogan defeated Alisha Edwards by pinfall.

We see Johnny Impact at a pool party outside the Rebel Complex. He claims that he took care of Kongo Kong and Jimmy Jacobs last week. All of a sudden Kong attacks him out of nowhere. Johnny manages to avoid the beating and toss Kong into the pool.

We see an exclusive interview with Rich Swann. He claims he’s in IMPACT because it’s the company with the biggest buzz right now. His goal is to claim the X Division Championship because all of the men who have paved the way in that division have inspired his wrestling Style. He feels confident in his match against Petey Williams next week at Redefined.

We see a video of Pentagon Jr and he claims that the Mexican Death Match is about honor, dignity, and respect and he will teach Callihan some respect tonight!

Austin Aries and Killer Kross are in the back for an interview. He tells Moose that him and Kross are going to end his career. He challenges Moose and Eddie to a match next week.

Eli Drake comes out with The Cult of Lee before going to the commentary booth to Join Don Callis and Josh Mathews. Mr. Atlantis and Brandon Tidwell will face The Cult of Lee. They completely destroy these guys and are about to win, but Tidwell manages to roll up Konley for the pinfall win. This is a huge upset and Drake can’t help but laugh about it.

Mr. Atlantis and Brandon Tidwell defeated The Cult of Lee by pinfall.

We see Konnan and LAX on the street and they are greeting by some of their homeboys. They are all screaming in joy at the fact that LAX was victorious last week. Konnan tells LAX that he has a surprise for them in the trunk of his car across the street. The OGz come flying down the street and run over a child from the group, leaving him laying motionless in the street and the group gathers around him in shock.

Sami Callihan comes out for the main event. Pentagon comes out and they both grab chairs and go after each other. Pentagon gains the upper hand with a running Sling Blade. Pentagon unzips Callihan’s vest to expose his chest and slaps him a few times really hard, but Callihan screams at him to “come on!” Pentagon sets up two chairs to send Callihan flying into them from the top rope, but Callihan reverses it into a powerbomb onto them! Sami sets up a table on the outside against the barricade. He goes for a suplex into it, but Pentagon reverses and performs a front flip plancha over the top rope that sends both of them crashing through the table. Pentagon has Sami down in the ring and definitely on “dream street” when he starts smashing him with a pinata that has a staple gun inside of it. He drives staples into each one of Callihan’s arms before stapling his crotch. He then staples his hat to his head and rips it off! Pentagon pulls out some electric clippers from the other pinata, but Callihan hits him with a low blow and tosses the clippers. He sets up another table against the barricade and goes for a powerbomb on Pentagon, but he can’t execute it. Sami pulls a baseball bat out of another pinata. He puts a trash can on Pentagon’s head and smashes it with the bat a few times. Pentagon manages to reverse and gives Callihan a running Death Valley Driver through the table for a near fall on the outside! Pentagon opens another pinata and dumps a bunch of Legos all over the mat. Callihan reverses and hits the Package Piledriver for a near fall. Pentagon manages to hit the Fear Factor on Callihan but he is able to kick out. Pentagon sets up a table in the ring. Callihan smashes him as he’s on the top turnbuckle and delivers a piledriver through the table for the pinfall victory!

Sami Callihan defeated Pentagon Jr. by pinfall.

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