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WWE Smackdown Live Recap

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Venue: Barclay’s Center

Air Date: August 21st ,2018

Tonight on the post Summer Slam edition of Smackdown Live, we see the fallout from the bombshells revealed on the big show. Why did Becky turn on Charlotte? Will Miz come clean about slugging Daniel Bryan with brass knuckles? What will happen between Samoa Joe and WWE Champion, AJ Styles? Also, the main event is a Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship match that has The Bludgeon Brothers defending against the New Day. What happened? Read on friends and find out!!

We start tonight’s show being welcomed by Tom Phillips and the rest of the announce team. The Miz and Maryse make their way out to the ring while still shots are shown of Miz knocking Daniel Bryan’s lights out with a pair of brass knuckles.

Miz is understandably very proud of himself for overcoming all the odds being against him and taking several punches to the face from Bryan. He tells the WWE Universe that he has officially “retired” from facing Daniel Bryan ever again. Miz concluded that their eight-year feud ended just as it should have; he punched Bryan in the face and put him down in front of a sold out Barclay’s Center.

Miz tried to move the topic along to starting a chant for his reality show but Daniel Bryan interrupted the party with a little something to say of his own. Bryan called Miz a coward. Miz hid behind his wife while he told Bryan that it won’t say coward in the record books. He also taunted Bryan that as much as he wanted to, he will never get the chance to put his hands on him again.

Bryan told him that he was going to expose Miz as an actor cosplaying as a pro wrestler. Maryse got into the fray when she grabbed the mic and told him to go home and hide behind his wife and maybe change his name to Daniel Bella. Bryan started to say something but paused. Brie Bella’s music hit and she came running to the ring as Maryse fled to the outside. Bella was not to be denied and fired several good shots at Miz until Bryan came inand clotheslined him to the floor.

Bryan grabbed the mic and had a little surprise for the Miz. Bryan said he has already spoken to Smackdown General Manager, Paige and she has granted him a match against the Miz at Hell in a Cell. This time, it wont be just them as Maryse and Brie will be in the match as well.

Jeff is backstage preparing for his match. He gets Randy Orton and that match is right after commercial.

We come back to see a very agitated Miz and Maryse complaining to Paige about the match and the way they are being treated as the biggest stars on the USA Network. Paige made fun of Miz for getting punched by Bella then told them the match is happening and did a “talk to the hand” gesture before walking away.

Jeff Hardy made his way to the ring as video recaps of his attacks from Randy Orton played. Randy Orton made his entrance.

Match 1: Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton

The story was this match was Hardy finally getting his payback from the viscous attacks from Randy Orton over the past few months. Hardy came in hyped up but went to the top rope too early and Orton shoved him off to gain control.

Orton kept up the punishment up by slamming Hardy into the ring steps and, at one point, suplexing on the announce desk. Orton locked in a chin lock but Hardy fought out and started fighting back. He hit a Whisper in the Wind then a leg drop. He finshed off the sequence with a Twist of Fate before heading to the top rope for a Swanton Bomb.

Orton met him on the top rope and yanked his earlobe. He tried to set up Hardy for the draping DDT but Hardy avoided it and took Orton to the mat. Hardy took a second to think about it but hit Orton low with a kick to cause a disqualification.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, Hardy snapped and sent Orton outside the ring and into the announce table. Orton tried to fight back but Hardy sent him crashing head-first into the ring post. Hardy tossed Orton over the barricade and they fought through the crowd into the production area. Hardy found some steel chairs to use on Orton and even a handheld camera. Hardy sprawled Orton out on a table and then looked up and saw two crates stacked on top of each other. Everyone knew what would happen next as Hardy did a Swanton on Orton and broke the table to end the segment. The announce team hypes the New Day versus the Bludgeon Brothers later in the show. Becky Lynch will address her actions from SummerSlam later in the show as well. Peyton Royce will take on Naomi after the commercial time out.

Backstage, Renee Young is talking to the Bar about who will win the Smackdown Tag Team Titles. The Bar tells her it doesn’t matter who wins because they will challenge whichever team comes out on top. Anderson and Gallows walk up and start auditioning for Young for a spot on pay per view kickoff shows. They argue the Shaemus and Cesaro about challenging the winner of the championship match. Shaemus says they can settle it in the ring.

In the arena, Naomi makes her entrance followed by Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. The Iconics cut a promo on Naomi calling her overrated, obnoxious and with flashing lights. They say she is not iconic as the show goes to break.

We are back for the next match, joined in progress.

Match 2: Peyton Royce (with Billie Kay) vs. Naomi

Naomi lands a kick to Royce and does the split-leg drop for a near-fall. Royce rolls to the floor and Kay is there to provide a distraction allowing Royce to kick Naomi in the back of the head. Naomi barely beats the count back in the ring where shes choked in the corner.

Naomi does come back using her fabulous feet to kick her way back in the match. A flying enziguri leads to a near-fall for Naomi. She goes to the apron and takes Royce out with a kick. Kay tries to get involved and gets kicked to the ring post. That distraction was enough for Royce to recover and throw Naomi into the post. Royce sent her back in the ring and hit the Fisherman’s Buster suplex for the win.

Winner: Peyton Royce

Backstage, Big E was in the training room and having dinner, a nice rack of ribs. E was getting his rib cage taped up when Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston come in and him how the ribs are. He says he prefers smoked but guesses they are ok. They clarify that they are asking about his actual ribs and E tells them they are terrible. Kingston and Woods tell him they will take care of tonight and become the five time champs. This sets the New Day lineup for the main event. A video package of the Smackdown Women’s Triple Threat match from SummerSlam is shown including Becky Lynch’s post-match turn on Charlotte. Becky will explain herself next.

Lynch’s music hit and she walked to the ring. She said that was match was hers and she deserved to be standing there with the Smackdown Women’s Championship. She accused Charlotte of stealing the championship from her and she deserved the beating that she received. She said that night was supposed to be about her and nobody else.

She said she heard the cheers but wondered why the fans hadn’t been on her side from the start. Lynch said there were no hashtags urging to Becky a chance. There were no boycotts when the match was made a triple threat. She criticized the crowd for cheering Charlotte when she won. She said she doesn’t need their sympathy tweets. She called them all talk an no action.

Becky said thats when she decided to act. Taking the Natural Selection was a wake up call. That’s when she decided to act and take Charlotte’s head off. She said she was no longer anyone’s friend. Friends just hold you back. She ended by saying she knows she is the best in the division and is not listening to anyone anymore.

Charlotte’s music hit and she walked out. The two took a second to talk trash to each other before Charlotte hit the ring for a brawl. Paige came running from the back followed by the women’s locker room to pull Becky and Charlotte apart. The show cuts to a quick commercial.

Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega made their entrance for the next match followed by Rusev and Lana

Match 3: Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega vs. Rusev and Lana

Almas and Rusev started the match with Almas controlling the early action until Rusev blasted him with a kick. Lana made the tag which brought in Vega. Lana lept right into Vega which prompted her to take refuge outside as the show goes to break.

The match continued in an embedded video during the break. The action saw Lana get dominated by Vega. Vega tied Lana up in the ropes and tried to choke her. She went for a crucifix pin that Lana was able to block. A cheap shot at Almas allowed her to break away from Vega and make the tag.

Rusev came in and a wheel kick and set up for a Machka kick but Almas countered with a back elbow and double knees for a near-fall. Almas tried to end it with a hammerlock DDT but Rusev avoided the move and clotheslined Almas to the floor. Almas tried to bring a chair in the ring but was stopped short by Aiden English. The distraction was enough for Rusev to nail a Machka kick and score the win.

Winner: Rusev and Lana

Backstage, Nakamura says he has finally put Jeff Hardy behind him and he is ready to move forward. He then welcomes us all to the United States of Nakumura.

The announce team hypes the tag team title match for later and we will hear from WWE Champion, AJ Styles after the break.

A video package of AJ Styles and Samoa Joe from SummerSlam welcomes us after the break. Renee Young then welcomes us to the entrance ramp for an interview with AJ Styles. She asked him what happened at SummerSlam and he struggled to find the words. Young was about to move things along when AJ finally spoke. He was not sorry for his actions beating up Samoa Joe but was sorry that his actions caused him to lose the match. He promised Samoa Joe that the next time the meet, he will rip his heart out. AJ was tripped and pulled from the stage by Samoa Joe and put to sleep. Joe grabbed the mic and screamed at AJ’s family that he can’t tuck the kids in tonight because he is already asleep.

They recap the opening of the show before teasing that the main event is coming up next.

After the break, Carmella was backstage demanding a title rematch from Paige. R-Truth shows up and tells Carmella he wants a title match and all he has to do is beat her. Paige shot down Truth then gave Carmella her return match next week.

In the arena, its main event time as the New Day and The Bludgeon Brothers make their entrances.

Match 4: Smackdown Tag Team Championship no disqualification match: The Bludgeon Brothers (Luke Harper and Eric Rowan) defend against The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods)

No tags are needed in this no dq match so the spot fest begins almost immediately. They went outside the ring and brawled around the announce desk and time keepers area. Harper tosses an announcers chair at Kingston as the show goes to break.

The action was high-impact and fast and furious as both the teams got in offense. The tide turned when New Day brought a ladder into the ring but Rowan stopped them from using it then Harper followed up with a suicide dive to give his team control.

Harper and Rowan get a near-fall on Kingston after hitting him with a boot. Harper grabbed a chair and tried to nail Kingston. Kofi ducked and DDT’d Harper on the chair. Kingston covered but Rowan made the save by pulling him to the floor. Rowan then laid out Kingston and Woods to regain control. They targeted Woods when they set up a ladder in the ring and tried to powerbomb him on it but Kingston came in and made the save. Kingston got caught with a crucifix bomb on the ladder but was able to kick out at two.

Rowan went to set up another table then grabbed Kingston and headbutted him against the ring post. Harper grabbed a mallet and gave it to Rowan. Rowan charged at Kingston but crashed through the barricade when Woods pulled Kingston to safety. Harper tried to powerbomb Woods through the table in the ring but Kingston made the save with a little help from a spare mallet. The New Day then set Harper up on the table allowing Woods to dive on Harper from the top rope and put him through a table. Woods covered for the three count.

Winner and New Smackdown Tag Team Champions: The New Day (Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston)

After the match, the New Day celebrated in the ring as Big E came out to hang with his friends. That ends the show for this week.

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