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The Raw Score
A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.
Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon
“I get by with a little help from my friends”–The Beatles
Well, Summerslam is in the books and it was a decent show. Sevetal titles changed hands, including ending a 504 day reign. We head right back to Brooklyn for this week’s show.
The Barclays Center was packed and very loud as Roman Reigns came out with his newly won Universal title in tow. He got a huge round of boos as he hoisted the strap high. Glad to see it off Lesnar. It was such a lop sided battle.
Roman said he was a man of his word. He promised to beat Brock and he did. “You STILL Suck” rang out. Roman talked about defending the belt, tonight. Roman wanted to face a particular person…Finn Balor! Way cool.
Finn’s music hit and thechallenger came out to talk with the Big Dog. Finn accepted the match but Constable Corbin came in and said it would not happen. Corbin whined that he never heard the bell ring, on Sunday, when The Demon came out. Baron said he would fight Finn, the man. Roman talked about what a sad outing Corbin had on Sunday.
Kurt Angle arrived to try and make some sense of this insanity. Kurt gave us back the title match and also set up…
Constable Baron Corbin vs Bobby Lashley
Lashley tossed Corbin around like a light weight. They went to the floorr, here Bobby stayed in control. Corbin kicked Bobby’s leg as Lashley hopped onto the apron. Twisting Chin Lock by Baron.
Bobby tried to fight free but Corbin hit hard shots. Nice Leap Frog by Lashley. He then dropped Corbin. Straight Rights by Bobby. Corbin shoved Lashley through the ropes and then hit a wicked Clothesline to take us to break.
Chin Lock by Baron as we returned. He also had one of Bobby’s arms secured. Knee Strike by Baron and then he ran Bobby’s shoulder into two different corners. Lashley came back with CLotheslines and an Overhead Belly to Belly Throw. Back Elbow by Baron. Spinebuster by Lashley. 2 count.
They went to the floor, again, and Bobby pounded away. Baron took back control as they entered the ring. Baron sat Bobby on the top turnbuckle. They traded punches as a “Boring” chant grew in strength. Bobby used a Head Butt to send Corbin sailing. Chokeslam Backbreaker by Corbin as Bobby flew off the ropes. 2 count again. Dominator!
Your Winner: Bobby Lashley
Raw Score: 85 out of a possible 100
Kurt talked with Paul Heyman, in the office. Paul said Brock wanted to invoke his rematch clause, tonight. Kurt couldn’t believe the nerve. Kurt said there was no time limit as to when Brock would get his rematch. Paul wanted Brock to be in the main event of Hell in a Cell. “Fergit about it” was Kurt’s response.
Kurt was placing a call when Corbin came in grumbling. Baron was tired of not getting what he wanted. Kurt put him in his place, big time. Baron warned that Stephanie was in the house and he was going to go find him.
The announce team talked about the huge show coming to Australia. SUper Show Down will host the final encounter between The Undertaker and Triple H. HHH said he and Taker had Unfinished Business. Triple H has NEVER beaten Undertaker, according to the video package. I’d put my money on the Dead Man.
Triple H is also in the house, this week.
Sasha Banks, Bayley and Ember Moon vs Ruby Riott, Live Morgan and Sarah Logan
Six Woman Tag Team Match
The Finish:
The Faces were in control for most of the match. Ruby hit an STO, on the floor, to Bayley. Logan tagged in and beat on Bayley. Morgan then took over the brutality. Logan got in a cheap shot as the ref was distracted. Rear Chin Lock on Bayley. Ruby took the tag and threw her partners into Bayley. Nasty Head Butt by Ruby. Bayley was fading quickly. Logan clocked Moon and then howled. Bayley tried for her corner but came up short. Hot Tag to Sasha.
Sasha opened up on all three foes. Double Knee by The Boss. Moon hit a SUplex on Morgan, on the floor. Bayley and Logan got into it, on the opoosite side of the floor. Riott Kick took out Sasha.
Your Winners: The Riott Squad
Raw Score: 75
Triple H got a monster pop as he kicked off the Hour Turner segment. He praised the NXT show, as well as the SummerSlam gang. HHH promised to be there til the day he dies to give the best shows possible. HHH admitted that he had the itch to become “The Game”, once again. Trip told VInce “HEll, Yeah!” when asked to jon the Australian show. HHH did not wamt the match to be agtainst Undertaker. He didn’t want to disgrace the memory of the battle at Wrestlemania, all those years ago. HHH wanted it to just be over for himself, Taker and Shawn Michaels. “You Still Got It!” erupted. Trip then changed his mind and told Vince that he would lace them up, if Taker would take up the hat and such and join him for one last time. HHH then exited the ring. That match is going to be beyond extreme…beyond glorious…beyond epic. I will be there, no matter what time it airs.
A profile of Roman Reigns’ rise to the top aired. It looked like Roman would have to Braun Strowman, but Lesnar and Roman took out The Monster.
Dean Ambvrose (w/Seth Rollins) vs Dolph Ziggler (w/Drew McIntyre)
The Finish:
Dolph Paintbrushed Dean, who came back with several Clotheslines. DOlph tried to use the ropes for hte pin. Dean caught Dolph and hit a Fallaway Slam. olph into the corner. Dolph sent Dean up and over. Seth and Drew faced off and Seth clocked the Psychopath. Seth took out Drew and Dean connected with Dirty Deeds.
Your Winner: Dean Ambrose
Raw Score: 80
Elias was ready to make an appearance.
Braun Strowman warned Finn Balor that he stil has the Money in the Bank briefcase.
Elias was in the ring to sing a song or whatever. He got a half decent pop. He is quite talented on the guitar. Hearing him play takes me back to my teen years as a member of Phoenyx Rising. Elias fired 3 guys after his guitar broke at SummerSlam. Elias wondered who sabotaged his ax. Elias saidd his doctor advised him to stay away from Brooklyn because it was bad for his health.
Elias was cut off by the arrival of Curt Hawkins. Curt was ready to make Elias the first guy to lose to Hawkins. Curt is at 0-28. Elias tried to dismiss Curt but it wasn’t happening.
Curt Hawkins vs Elias
Flying KNee by Elias after Curt did a Roll Up for two. Elias ran Curt into the corner. Back Elbow by The Drifter, folowed by an Elobw Drop. Crucifix SLide to give Curt a two count. Flying Clotheslines and Dropkick by Curt. Elias hit the floor. Elias nailed a hard knee to lead to Drift Away.
Your Winner: Elias
Raw Score: 65
Titus O’Neil ran into Dana Brooke and Apollo Crews. They were acting all sneaky.
Titus International vs the Authors of Pain
The Finish:
Apollo hit a Moonsault and Standing Shooting Star Press. He still only pulled a deuce. Razar threw Apollo across the ring. Tag and they read Titus International the Last Chapter.
Your Winners: Akum and Razar
Raw Score: 65
The Raw Women’s Roster surrounded the ring for the special presentation. Stephanie McMahon came from the back, looking like Spider Woman in her odd gear. Steph was so proud of all her women. She pushed Evolution, the all-women PPV. She showed higlights from the Women’s titie match. It was ridiculously one-sided.
Stephanie did her best to spin this situation to make her the mad scientist that created Ronda, hr protege.
Ronda’s music cut off Steph’s rambling. The fans chanted her name, loudly. Ronda said this was about the women wrestlers, not Stephanie. Ronda invited the women to join her in the ring. Steph stopped them on the apron. ROnda praised Natalya, Sasha, and Bayley. Ronda said she was not Brock Lesnar. SHe just wanted to fight and defend. ALexa Bliss stood there with her arm in a sling. Steph warned that ROnda wanted to break all the arms on Raw. Ronda said she would only break the arms of those who deserve it. SHe then attacked Stephanie, possibly breaking her arm. Suspension? Firing? The Face Women stood proud in the ring. This is going to come back and bite Ronda in her behind.
Bo Dallas vs Scott Dawsom
The Finish:
Scott took quite a bit of punishment from the third generation star. However, he managed to plant BO with a evil-looking Cradle DDT.
Your Winner: Scott Dawson
Raw Score: 67
Curtis Axel vs Dash Wilder
The Finish:
Axel demanded that Dash get in the ring. They went back and forth for a couple minutes. Axel missed an Ax Bomber but Dash connected with the Gory Especial.
Your Winner: Dash Wilder
Raw Score: 66
Roman Reigns was interviewed, backstage. He wasn’t worried about Finn or Braun. It is HIS yard and he will defend it and the Universal title.
Stephanie was getting treatment for her injured arm. Kurt Angle came in to talk, as did Baron Corbin. Steph sent Kurt on “vacation” and promoted Corbin to acting General Manager.
Roman Reigns vs Finn Balor
Universal Title Match
The Finish:
Finn was down as we came out of the final commercial break. The fans were solidly behind the Irish Warrior. Finn blocked a punch and threw seeral. Pele-like Overhead Kick by Balor. Both men were down and stunned. Finn went wild with punches and stomps. The crowd completely lost it. Roll Up into a Sit Out Powerbomb by Roman. Could be… might be…Denied!
Roman got an evil look in his eyes as he locked for the Superman Punch. Finn blocked it and hit an Inverted Cutter. Step Up Enziguri by Finn. He hit a Sling Blade but fell to a Superman Punch. 2 count, one more time.
Finn avoided the Spear and almost pinned Roman with a Roll Up.
Suddenly, Braun Strowman came from the back. Sling Blade, SHotgun Dropkick but he missed the Coup. Spear by Roman.
Your Winner: Roman Reigns
Raw Score: 95
Braun kicked Roman in the ace and CASHED IN!
Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins came from the back. The bell had NOT rung at this point. This was not official. The Shield stood strong against the Monster. The trio did what they could to destroy Braun. Braun tried to fight out of the Shield Bomb but ended up going through the announce table!
–Jay Shannon

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