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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report – August 16, 2018

The show kicks off with a video package highlighting the events and happenings of last week’s episode of IMPACT.

Sami Callihan comes out with OVE to have a match with Fenix. Sami comes out like a madman but Fenis weathers the early storm fairly quick. He also takes out all of OVE early on the outside with a suicide dive over the top rope. Fenix follows that up with a monster senton bomb onto Callihan for a near fall. Sami comes back with a nasty modified suplex and rear chin lock. He continues to maul him both outside and inside the ring, and with some periodic help from the Crist Brothers. Fenis manages to pull off 2 different incredible modified springboard cutters on the ramp and in the ring that completely lay out Callihan. He manages to come back with a huge counter boot to Fenix’s chin and follows it up with a nasty powerbomb for a near fall. He chains a half-crab leg lock, an STF, and a crossface all together to try to make Fenix tap but he can’t and becomes frustrated. Fenix mounts a great comeback and his brother Pentagon comes out to fight off the Crist Brothers. He hits an awesome finisher on Callihan for the pinfall victory!

Fenix defeated Sami Callihan by pinfall.

Next up, a video package highlighting what lead to the Street Fight between LAX and The OGz that happens tonight!

We see Fenix in the back and he’s informed he will get a shot at Brian Cage for the X Division Championship in two weeks at IMPACT Redefined! Cage walks up to him and puts the belt in his face and walks away.

Allie has an interview in the back and insists that she will keep her promise of stopping Su Yung. She says she’s doing it for Rosemary and Madison Rayne.

Jimmy Jacobs comes out and says that everyone has him wrong and thinks he’s soft because he’s small and calls himself a princess – but tonight he will be a monster and he wants Johnny Impact to come right out. As Johnny comes out he is ambushed by Kongo Kong from behind as Jacobs watches from his comfortable perch on the top of the turnbuckle. Kong rolls Impact into the ring like a rag doll and Jacobs pins him right away as the bell rings, but Johnny kicks out! Jacobs tries to punch and slap Impact, but as soon as Johnny gets up Kong comes in and attacks him again. They set up the steps on the ramp and Kong tries to powerbomb him onto them but he fights away. He manages to get Kong down with a springboard DDT on the ramp. Jacobs hits Johnny with a chair and it only pisses him off! He chases Jacobs around until he cowers on the ground in fear, and then Jonny knees him in the face and smashes him in the head with the steps.

KM and Fallah Bahh start fighting in the back over a bottle of champagne and who has a date with Scarlett Bordeaux. They’re both arguing and Scarlett diffuses the situation with her charm.

IMPACT World Champion Austin Aries comes out and cuts a promo about how great he is and how he defeated Eddie Edwards last week. He introduces his new “insurance policy” Killer Kross. Kross explains that they have an alliance because they will create change and Aries tells the world that you’re only as good as who you surround yourself with. This is why he chose Kross, but as they are leaving Edwards comes out with a kendo stick. Kross calls him on and Eddie starts smashing him with the stick and hits a cutter. Aries tries to talk his way out of it and Kross comes up from behind Eddie and chokes him unconscious. We then see Eddie in the back talking to himself and his wife comes over to check on him. He starts screaming that he’s not crazy.

Eli Drake comes out to have a match with Joe Hendry and he’s accompanied by the Cult of Lee. We see a music video of Joe Hendry singing a song making fun of Drake. Hendry comes out with Katarina and Grado. The two battle back and forth in a real competitive match and really give each other their best. Cult of Lee tries to get involved and Grado jumps on the apron and causes a distraction accidentally that allows Drake to roll up Hendry for the win. Katarina starts scolding Grado after the match and their is clearly some tension.

Eli Drake defeated Joe Hendry by pinfall.

We see a short vignette of Matt Sydal meditating and recalling his losses to Brian Cage and Pentagon Jr. He seems to sort it all out in his own mind and reopen his third eye.

Sami Callihan cuts a promo in the back and is disgusted with Pentagon. He challenges him to a first-ever spectacle on American Television: A Mexican Death Match!

Su Yung comes out to take on Allie who is accompanied by Kiera Hogan. Allie comes out with a vengeance and really takes the fight to Yung. She hits a nice drop toe-hold and a sliding clothesline that smashes Yung as she was leaned against the bottom rope. Allie gets distracted by the undead bridesmaids outside and Yung takes advantage with a somersault plancha off the apron. She starts mauling Allie in the ring as she tries to fight back with some slaps and chops. Yung regains control briefly, but Allie comes back hard with a neckbreaker. Allie has to kick some bridesmaids off the apron and Kiera takes out a few others. Allie avoids a Panic Switch and hits a reverse Codebreaker. Just when she’s about to hit another big move, Tessa Blanchard comes in and ambushes her causing a disqualification. Yung puts Blanchard in the Mandible Claw and Allie superkicks her. Yung goes for the claw on Allie but she reverses and hits the Codebreaker!

Allie defeated Su Yung by disqualification.

King is in a parking lot with The OGz and a huge crew and he’s calling out LAX. Konnan and King have words and decide they will stay back and let the two crews battle it out for rights to the streets. LAX are taking the fight to the OGz right away and it entices King to send in another crew member who is not supposed to be apart of it – Konnan takes notice and sends in one of his crew members to smash the guy over the head with a trash can. The fight rages on and LAX are controlling the action when King tries to toss a “loaded sock” to Homicide. Ortiz gets to it first and knocks out Homicide with it. Hernandez comes out of nowhere and tosses him into the LAX crew, taking out everyone! King tosses him a rope and he hangs Ortiz with it over his back, which rendered him unconscious. King sends a girl in with a shank to give Hernandez to finish him off, but Santana comes out of nowhere and lays him out just in a nick of time! He beats Hernandez with the sock and stands over him, grabbing his championship belt. He tells Ortiz it’s over as he grabs his belt too. King screams “it’s not over” and gets in Konnan’s face. He screams at him that he’s old and doesn’t have the balls to take him out. He gets on his knees and dares Konnan to do it. He smashes King in the face with the sock just as the screen goes black and we go off the air!

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