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Jon Robinson, author of the new Creating The Mania: An Inside Look at how WrestleMania Comes to Life, spoke with The Wrestling Estate about having WWE Superstars and executives speak out of character, learning about the creative process and how befriending The Rock and other Attitude Era stars led to his current gig.

Here are some excerpts:

How did the concept for Creating The Mania come about?

Jon Robinson: “WWE came to me to write it, saying I’d be the perfect guy. I loved the concept, but I was a little leery of WWE actually giving me the access I needed in order to write the book. I really wanted the assurances that I’d have behind-the-scenes access, and access to not only Superstars but also the creative team. And I wanted everybody to be honest with me. WWE was like, yeah, we’re 100% down for this book, just give us a list of people you want to interview.

I don’t think they expected my list to be as extensive as it was. I threw out a list of 50 names, everyone from Roman Reigns to the head of creative to the mayor of New Orleans. The mayor turned me down, but everyone else talked to me.”

Was the creative process eye-opening for you?

Robinson: “I was completely shocked. I was talking to the head of Raw and Smackdown creative, and they were telling me when Ronda Rousey debuted, they didn’t know she was there until she walked out. Like, you’re the head of creative and you didn’t know Ronda Rousey was going to be there? That blows my mind. The same thing for the end of WrestleMania – everybody in creative thought Roman Reigns was going to win. They were already writing storylines based on Reigns as champion.”


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