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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report – August 9, 2018

The show kicks off with LAX and the OGz battling each other in the back. They smash each other with trash cans and whatever other weapons they can find. Security comes running over to break it up and they are demolished by the OGz!

Gama Singh is in the ring and he introduces The Desi Hit Squad. They will battle Taiji Ishimori and Petey Williams. Taiji and Williams take control immediately and Petey is completely on fire hitting codebreakers, dropkicks and sentons. The Hit Squad manages to gain control and isolate Williams in the corner, utilizing tag team chemistry and strategy. Petey finally breaks out and gets the hot tag that allows Ishimori to hit a devastating springboard dropkick that takes out both members of the squad. Raju takes out Ishimori and all four men start battling inside and outside the ring as all hell breaks loose. Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer on Raju and Taiji follows it up with a devastating modified DDT for the win!

Taiji Ishimori and Petey Williams defeated The Desi Hit Squad by pinfall.

Pentagon Jr. will take on Matt Sydal tonight and he promises Sydal that he’s going to take him to a universe of pain!

Allie and Kiera are having an interview in the back and they have a lot of words for Knockouts Champion Su Yung, as well as Tessa Blanchard. Allie challenges Yung to a match next week and Kiera Hogan has her back and says she will take out the undead family!

We see a video package that retells the evolution of Eddie Edwards over the last few months. He will challenge Austin Aries for the World Championship in tonight’s main event! Austin has an interview in the back and he asks Eddie what has happened to him over the last 10 years? Aries admits that he is just a little nervous, but guarantees he will come out on top!

Grado is in the back with Joe Hendry and his girlfriend. Joe lets Grado know that just like when they were young boys and he used to take care of his problems, he will take care of Eli Drake for him now.

Alisha and Tessa Blanchard make their entrances to have a match. Tessa shows her size and domination quickly and works Alisha to the corner and gives her a few shoves for good measure. Just when it looks like Alisha is going to make her pay, Blanchard hits a devastating elbow and then one of the most incredible moves in the Knockouts division – an Overhead Press Slam!! Tessa literally mauls Alisha for the next few moments, but Alisha manages to mount a small comeback with a facebuster and a bulldog. Blanchard screams with rage and catches Alisha mid-air, hits a nasty slam, the hammerlock DDT and pins her 1-2-3. After the match, Blanchard grabs the mic and warns Allie that if she goes after that Knockouts Championship against Su Yung next week, then she’s coming after her!

Tessa Blanchard defeated Alisha by pinfall.

Matt Sydal is in the back for an interview and assures everyone that he still has the spirit of the X Division Champion even though he doesn’t still have the material. He says he will take that spirit into his match with Pentagon Jr. tonight!

KM and Fallah Bahh are in the back arguing about last week and Scarlett Bordeaux walks over and tells them they are looking good and throws a wink in there too! Both men are flabbergasted and stand there with mouths wide open and jaws dropped.

There is a group of men that are trying to get at Scarlett in the back. They seem to be producers and she tells them that the girls in the back are mean to her. They promise her that she’ll get her own show next week.

Matt Sydal makes his entrance and will take on Pentagon Jr. He immediately tries to get in the head of Pentagon. He takes Pentagon down but the roles reverse almost instantly. Pentagon starts laying in kicks that really hurt the former X Division kingpin. Sydal turns the tables back and starts to break down the leg of Pentagon. He takes him to the outside and starts smashing that same leg into the guardrail. Pentagon somehow catches Sydal with a nasty kick to the face as he’s running in, but Sydal manages to get back up to the apron and hit the flying double knees. They battle back in the ring and Pentagon reverses Sydal in the corner and crushed him with a reverse style codebreaker. The match continues to go back and forth again as both men are giving everything they have. Sydal somehow kicks out of the Pentagon Driver and eventually gains control with a splash to the back from the top rope. He hits a standing hurricanrana and eats Pentagon’s knees when he attempts the Shooting Star Press. Pentagon hits the Fear Factor for the 1-2-3 pinfall win!

Pentagon jr. defeated Matt Sydal by pinfall.

Sami Callihan and OVE come up on the big screen. Callihan is freaking out on them and tells them that one of them is shaving their heads right now. Sami demands that Jake shaves Dave’s head at once. He starts shaving it reluctantly and Sami says that they look like a family now!

Konnan comes out and starts talking some trash. It brings out King and The OGz to the balcony almost right away. The two men are trash talking each other and LAX is calling out the OGz from in the ring. King says he wants the fight to happen in the streets. They will battle again next week!

We see Eddie Edwards in the back with his kendo stick and he seems to be losing his mind to prepare himself for the match. He tells Aries that it’s time to play in his most sadistic voice!

We see a video package of everything thats happened with Kongo Kong and Johnny Impact. Jimmy Jacobs is talking about Johnny while its playing and he tells him that if he wants the monster so bad, then he will get him next week. But he also tells Impact that he’d better be careful… because he is the monster!

Aries will defend against Edwards and he does seem nervous once he’s in the ring with Eddie. Aries shows him up right in the beginning, but Edwards hits a huge overhead belly-to-belly throw. Aries throws a serious chop and Eddie just basically laughs at him and tries to shake his hand, which most definitely freaks Aries out a bit and he retreats to the outside. Aries gets back in and boxes Edwards ears, but Eddie trips him up from the outside and drags him out there to lay in a brutal series of chops against the guardrail. They start going back and forth again until Aries wipes Eddie out with a dive through the ropes. They battle tooth and nail until Eddie bites his finger to get out of the Last Chancery. All hell breaks loose, the ref goes down, Eddie hits the ref with the kendo stick while he’s down – and then all of a sudden Killer Kross comes out and flattens Edwards with a huge suplex. Aries hits the Brainbuster for the win, and it seems like Aries has made an alliance with Kross.

Austin Aries defeated Eddie Edwards by pinfall to retain the IMPACT World Championship.

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