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NXT Recap
From: Orlando, Florida
Venue: NXT Arena
Air Date: Wednesday, August 1, 2018

NXT starts tonight with a video recap of Tommaso Ciampa defeating Aleister Black to become NXT Champion. The opening credits roll featuring current roster members.
Heavy Machinery makes its way to the ring as Mauro Ranallo welcomes back Tucker Knight from his recent injury. The Mighty’s entrance follows.

Match 1: Heavy Machinery (Otis Dozovic & Tucker Knight vs. The Mighty (Nick Miller & Shane Thorne)

Machinery attacks before the opening bell as payback to beating up Dozovic in the past. At the bell, Dozovic opens up with an airplane spin slam. Unfortunately, Dozovic made himself dizzy and got caught with a dropkick. They keep Dozovic in the corner and work him over. They try to beat him with a double-team back suplex but gets only a two-count.

Dozovic is able to come back with a back suplex of his own and tags Tucker Knight. Knight is derailed from finishing off The Mighty when Thorne grabs his leg while he was on the apron. Knight kicked him off but got caught with a knee coming back through the ropes. The Street Profits make their way down the asile partying with the fans and distracting The Mighty. This allows Heavy Machinery to hit The Compactor for the win.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

The announce team lets us know that Candace Larae will battle Shayna Baszler in the main event. Tommaso Ciampa will address the NXT Universe later in the show as well.

Mustache Mountain makes its entrance. The opponents are already in the ring.

Match 2: Mustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) vs. Brian Cox and Brandon Taylor

Bate starts and quickly tags in Seven. Cox tries to attack the injured knee of Seven. Seven makes a comeback to tag Bate. The two men make their move and win with a double-team Torture Rack and double-knees off the top rope combo move.

Winner: Mustache Mountain

After the match, they cut a promo in the ring. Seven aplogizes for getting injured and losing the titles. They say they have a plan. They announce they are invoking their rematch clause at Takeover:Brooklyn

After the break, EC3 makes his entrance. Kona Reeves follows with his entrance.

Match 3: EC3 vs. Kona Reeves

3 is in control early in the match but Reeves comes back when he drops 3′s throat across the top rope. Reeves follows with a big boot for a one-count. Reeves locks in the Cobra Clutch but 3 breaks the hold and gains control with punches. He sets for his finisher, The One Percenter when Velveteen Dream comes to the stage.
Dream agrees to talk about their friction but EC3 must come to him. As Dream leaves, 3 is caught by Reeves with the Samoan drop. 3 kicks out and hitsthe One Percenter for the win.

Winner: EC3

EC3, interviewed after the match, agreed to meet Velveteen Dream.

Candace LaRae and Shayna Bazsler make their entrances for the main event.

Match 4: Candace LaRae vs NXT Women’s Champion, Shayna Baszler in a non-title bout

At the start, Baszler gave LaRae a chance to leave the ring and Larae kicked her through the ropes. LaRae was in control until she tried a top-rope arm drag and got crotched across the top rope sending her to the floor. Baszler took control after that and began working on LaRae’s arm and shoulder.

Larae comes back throwing Baszler in the corner and hitting a faceplant off the top rope. LaRae goes for a pin but the champ kicked out at one and rolled to the floor. LaRae does a suicide dive to throw Baszler back in the ring then nailed a top-rope DDT for a near-fall.

LaRae goes back to the top rope and gets met by Baszler. She tries a stunner off the top rope but gets countered by Baszler who wraps her in the Coquina Clutch. LaRae reaches the ropes to break the hold.

LaRae tries to come back and hits the unprettier but misses a springboard splash allowing Baszler to lock in the Coquina Clutch for the tap-out victory.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

After the match, Baszler locks the clutch in again and referees come running from the back to pull her off. As soon as the refs hit the ring, Kairi Sane runs in to make the save. She goes after Baszler but the refs keep them apart. Baszler kicks Sane in the back of the head as she leaves the area.
Mostache Mountain was walking outside the Performance Center and were asked about invoking its rematch clause when they were interrupted by the War Raiders. The Raiders made it clear they were coming after whichever team won at Takeover.

NXT General Manager, William Regal makes an announcement that Velveteen Dream and EC3 will battle it out at Takeover. Also, Ricochet will take on Adam Cole for the NXT North American Championship.

It was then announced that Ricochet and newcomer, Keith Lee will be in action next week.

Tommaso Ciampa comes out with the belt and gloats in front of the NXT Universe that he beat Aleister Black in one shot and now this is his NXT. Ciampa wanted Black and Johnny Gargano to fight over who was 2A and 2B after his number 1 slot. Ciampa even picked a fight with an elderly fan at ringside because she had rooted against him before.

Black eventually made his way out and walked deliberately to the ring looking as though he was going to take out some frustrations on Ciampa. Gargano came out of nowhere and sprinted past Black to hit the ring first and drive Ciampa to the floor. Black entered the ring and watched as Gargano ran around the ring yelling that it is his fault that Ciampa is now NXT Champion. Gargano turned toward Black and Black knocked him out with a kick to the face. Black grabbed the mic and told Gargano, that it was his fault and leaves the ring to close the show for this week.

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