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Pittsburgh–Not since the Lord Zoltan-led Deaf Wrestlefest shows has there been a professional wrestling event such as this in Western Pennsylvania. Now, an event featuring some of the most well-known and respected wrestlers in the area are getting together to help Ken Jugan, just as he has done for so many over the decades.

(Jugan, who has successfully battled prostate cancer, has been fighting Colorectal Cancer. While he is receiving treatment, Jugan is back to work part-time. He has amassed financial hardships, and his friends have organized from the Tri-State area.)

Special appearances by Dominic DeNucci and Cody Michaels have already been confirmed, but the in-ring action is already solid.

Any of the matches already scheduled for Sunday, August 5 at the Syria Shriner’s Pavilion in Cheswick would be a Main Event anywhere in the Tri-State area. Included in that is the first-ever one-on-one showdown between long-time wrestlers T-Rantula and Shirley Doe. Both men have proved their in-ring work with excellence and success for many years. T-Rantula has wrestled everywhere since 1990, and Shirley Doe has done the same since 1995. Both men are looking forward for this first-time matchup.

Throughout much of Lord Zoltan’s career in Pittsburgh and beyond, wrestlers such as Lou Marconi and Frank Staletto were a part of the scene. And for much of that time they were all associated with promoter Norman Connors. In 2018 with a bit of nostalgia and just a bit of celebratory excitement, the team of Lou Marconi & Frank Stalletto, along with “Notorious” Norm Connors will take on “Nasty” Nick Crane & Sniper. Marconi, Stalletto and Connors were all a victorious team on the last Deaf Wrestlefest in 2012. All five of these men have long and storied histories alongside one another, or on other sides of the canvas. How will this classic contest end? One has to be in attendance to find out.

Another contest between long-time veterans should thrill the crowd. Dennis Gregory, the long-time veteran and multiple-time champion, is scheduled to go against Dynamite Dean. Both of these professionals have performed throughout the region and have garnered great attention. Gregory is one of the most decorated independent wrestlers of this generation and has much more in the tank. Plus, he will be accompanied to the ring by the always controversial Mayor Mystery. Dynamite Dean is a prolific performer in his own right. This match is not one to miss.

A triple-threat match features three of the most unique and valued wrestlers around. Multiple-time champion and Ring of Honor’s Chris LeRusso tangles with the distinguished Tanner Reynolds and the always volatile Beast Man. LeRusso is known for his resilience and technical prowess, Reynolds is a crafty brawler and Beast Man is regarded as one of the finest big men to wrestle in the Tri-State area for the past decade. None of these competitors are strangers to one another, and this will be a great opportunity to show their skills in what will assuredly be a memorable match.

For the past decade, Lord Zoltan has been almost an honorary member of the VIPs, but for most of it he has battled against Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin. On Sunday, August 5, Blanchard and Martin will be accompanied to the ring by the remarkable and mischievous Count Grog. They will wrestle against Anthony Alexander and Kris Kash with Bobby O in their corner. All of these men have battled each other many times over the years. Might Bobby O keep Count Grog in check on the outside is yet to be seen, but inside the ring, it will be all action.

In one-on-one action is Lord Zoltan’s longtime tag team partner and sometimes foe Justin Sane against veteran Jake Garrett. Both of these fierce in-ring competitors are looking for a fight and will have no trouble getting into it whether they are friendly or not.

Also scheduled, long-time friend Preston Steele is scheduled to express some heartfelt words for Lord Zoltan. The two have tagged, battled one another and have helped raise funds over the years for several philanthropic endeavors. Steele has asked for some time to talk about his inspiring friend.

In addition to all of that action and festivities, others such as Bubba the Bulldog and “Gentleman” Joe Perri are scheduled. The event will be co-hosted by Trapper Tom and Adam Montgomery, and some of the industry’s most recognizable and respected referees—Shawn Patrick, Bobby Williams, Jimmy James and Adam Jugan—will call the action down the middle.

That is the preview as of now. Card is subject to change as this extravaganza is the biggest fundraising event of the summer. Fans from several states have already made plans to attend this star-studded wrestling event benefitting a great friend. A 50/50 raffle will be held, a Chinese Auction of noteworthy value is being assembled and food and drinks will be available on site for purchase.

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