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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report -  (air-date)July 26, 2018

IMPACT kicks off with a video highlighting Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view.

Austin Aries comes out to the ring and cuts a promo about how great the Slammiversary PPV was and that every man and woman topped the match before them. Aries also explains how he was able to defeat Moose regardless of any factors or what anyone had to say about it. He also takes a shot at WWE by saying that anyone who takes a piece of paper that tells them what to say when they get the microphone, they are not the best. Eddie Edwards slides in the ring behind Aries and takes him out with it!

Petey Williams will take on Taiji Ishimori in a singles match. The two men exchange holds from the beginning and neither man gains a true advantage. Williams takes control briefly and gets Ishimori in a tree of woe. Ishimori gains control with a high flying move and then gets Williams in a submission. Williams finally manages to hit a german suplex and a side Russian crucifix pin, but Ishimori kicks out. Ishimori reverses Petey and hits the double knees in the corner but misses the 450 splash. He reverses a Canadian Destroyer and lands a devastating move of his own but can’t get the 3 count. He then hits a modified DDT for the 1-2-3 pinfall win! The two men hug and shake hands in a show of respect, but the Desi Hit Squad comes out of nowhere and completely destroys them!

Taiji Ishimori defeated Petey Williams by pinfall.

Anthony Carelli (AKA Santino Marella) has an interview with Alicia in the back and tells her how much he misses wrestling since he isn’t medically cleared to compete, but he does live vicariously through his students. Just as he’s about to introduce her to one of them, IMPACT World Champion Austin Aries walks up on them and the two men begin exchanging barbs and insults. Aries calls on Carelli for a match but he has to decline because of his neck injuries. His student sporadically accepts the match with Aries much to the dismay of Carelli.

Rebel comes out to take on Tessa Blanchard and she surprisingly gains the upper hand on Tessa with her size and quickness. Blanchard takes control back with a vicious barrage and a huge dropkick to the back. She misses another dropkick and Rebel hits a big spinning kick of her own, but can’t put Blanchard away. Tessa counters her on the top rope and hits her with a devastating hanging DDT, and then the hammerlock DDT to put her away.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Rebel by pinfall.

Scarlett Bordeaux finally makes her highly anticipated IMPACT debut. She says she wants to be an inspiration for women everywhere and wants to be the greatest women’s activist ever! She disses the interviewer and tells her to go in the crowd where she belongs. She is here to “make wrestling sexy again!”

Matt Sydal claims that he grew from his loss to Brian Cage at Slammiversary and he will defeat Cage tonight to become a two-time X Division Champion! Johnny Impact makes his return to IMPACT Wrestling’s weekly show next!

Pentagon Jr speaks about how him and Sami Callihan took it to the limit on Sunday night at the PPV but he is the one who holds Callihan’s disgusting hair in his hands!

Trevor Lee comes out to take on “The Mayor of Slamtown” Johnny Impact. The men lock up and Impact quickly gets the better of Lee. Trevor quickly becomes frustrated and eats a few shots and a dropkick from Impact. After a distraction from Caleb Konley, Lee regains control by thrusting Impact’s neck into the top rope. He kicks him down in the corner and puts the boots to his face before gloating to the crowd. Impact fights back and just when he’s about to hit the big one, Lee kicks him off the apron. He hits a devastating backbreaker on Johnny and becomes eve more frustrated when he can’t score the pinfall. Konley chokes Impact while Trevor distracts the referee. Impact is finally able to hit a corkscrew body press that leaves them both laying on the mat. They begin trading blows on the feet and Impact hits a dropkick and a superman forearm in the corner but he can’t score the pin on Lee. He misses the Countdown to Impact after another Konley distraction, but Lee still can’t pin him and becomes enraged. Johnny reverses a German Suplex and ends up taking out Konley and Lee with a Countdown to Impact on the floor!  He hits the Starship Pain on Lee for the pinfall victory. He tells the crowd he’s glad to be back and he has unfinished business with Kongo Kong. He says he will not rest until he takes Kong to Slamtown!

Johnny Impact defeated Trevor Lee by pinfall.

Still to come: Brian Cage defends his newly won X Division title against Matt Sydal in a rematch from Slammiversary!

We see a video package that encompasses the entire feud and title match at Slammiversary between Madison Rayne and Knockouts Champion Su Yung. Allie has an interview in the back and says she can’t let go of Yung stuffing Madison into a casket. She promises that she will stop Su Yung even if she has to do it alone. Kiera Hogan comes over and joins forces with her to take out Yung!

Eli Drake crashes the party of Grado, Katarina and Joe Hendry to hand Grado a gift to bury the hatchet. He walks away and Grado opens it to see that it’s a picture of Hendry and his girlfriend!

KM is in the back hyping up his partner Fallah Bahh. He tells Bahh that he wants to see that mean streak next week!

We see a vignette of Killer Kross and he claims he will ruin as many lives as possible and as much destruction as possible!

King talks to the OGz and claims that he is very disappointed in Konnan and LAX. He says that they did win the battle but clearly lost the war! He says that since they spray painted the tag titles, they now own them and LAX is dead!

We see Sami Callihan in a mirror and he’s talking to himself and freaking out about his hair. The Crist Brothers try to comfort him but he snaps on the man at the urinal next to him. They hold him down and Callihan takes the clippers to the guy’s long hair!

Matt Sydal and Brian Cage come out to battle for the X Division title! Sydal comes running at Cage with a kick and gets on his back to try a pin attempt quickly. Cage catches him off the apron and slams him into the ring post. We return from commercial and Sydal hits the flying double knees on Cage at the ramp. He takes advantage and tries to take away Brian’s legs with a kneebar type of submission. He is does a lot of damage to the champ’s leg and is in complete control. The tables turn after Cage hits a brutal clothesline and a pumphandle Samoan Drop. Sydal reverses his next move into a pin but can’t get the win. He hits a splash from the top rope to Cage’s back and still can’t get the pinfall win. Cage hits a nasty suplex and a 619 but can’t put away Sydal. Sydal reverses a Drill Claw , but Cage hits the F-5 for a near fall. Cage hits a clothesline and a Drill Claw for the win!

Brian Cage defeated Matt Sydal to retain the X Division Championship.

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