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Rebel Complex – Toronto, Ontario Canada – July 22, 2018

Petey Williams vs. Taiji Ishimori vs. Fenix vs. Johnny Impact

All four men take turns dominating the match and showing off their best work. We see some incredible high flying action throughout the entire contest. At one point, Petey Williams executes an incredible leapfrog hurricanrana over the top rope to the outside. Fenix and Ishimori follow up with unbelievable high risk maneuvers to the outside of the ring. Ishimori is able to execute a powerbomb on two men while one of them was about to execute a samoan drop from the middle rope. The action in this match is top notch and a perfect way to set off IMPACT Wrestling’s biggest show of the year! Everyone really laid it all out there and the action built up to a climax of Johnny Impact executing Starship Pain for the pinfall victory and a triumphant return to IMPACT Wrestling!

Johnny Impact defeated Fenix, Taiji Ishimori and Petey Williams by pinfall.

We see a video of King with Homicide and Hernandez and King is screaming about how upset he is that Konnan gave the name LAX to the younger Santana and Ortiz. He says that they will cry tears of blood and that Konnan is leading the younger team to a funeral. They are hellbent on reclaiming the name LAX!

Tessa Blanchard vs. Allie

Blanchard controls the match from the very beginning and completely dominates Allie at will. Allie is unable to mount any type of comeback that lasts any longer than 20 seconds. Tessa is throwing slams, dropkicks and mounted strikes throughout the opening frames of the match. Allie finally manages to block a suplex and deliver one of her own but Blanchard blocks her next move and starts reigning down more punches. Allie finally flips Blanchard over the ropes to buy herself some relief time. She makes her way to the outside and blocks a DDT attempt from Tessa and hits the Allie Valley Driver onto the floor! The woman are fighting tooth and nail as if it were life and death and Allie hits the Lungblower. Tessa regains an advantage and drops Allie right on her head from a top rope hurricanrana. She makes the mistake of missing a second move from the top rope and eats a Codebreaker but is able to roll out of the ring. Allie throws everything at her back in the ring but Tessa reverses another finisher attempt and executes the hammerlock DDT for the pinfall win!

Tessa Blanchard defeated Allie by pinfall.

Moose has an interview with Alicia and further cements the fact that he isn’t playing around tonight like he played football. He is there to kicks Aries ass all over the arena and take that belt!

Eddie Edwards vs. Tommy Dreamer in a House of Hardcore Match

These two men start beating each other unmercifully from the very start. The weapons come out quickly and Edwards eats a trash can to the face. Dreamer blocks Eddie at one point with a staple gun and staples Edwards’ forehead. He then grabs an ECW championship belt from the crowd and lays into Eddie’s head with it. As much as Eddie tries to comeback, Dreamer seems to gain the upper hand until Edwards smashes his knee out from under him while he’s on the top rope. Dreamer hits a low blow as Edwards screams at him “not to talk to his wife.” Dreamer hits the Spicoli Driver on Eddie through two set up folding chairs and Eddie is completely busted open on his face. Things get even more chaotic after Dreamer pulls out a table and tries to light it on fire! Eddie lands a low blow just in time and ends up landing the Shining Wizard for the pinfall victory! Edwards has a complete meltdown after the match and starts crying and seems to be trying to make amends with Dreamer. His wife Alicia comes out and screams that it has to be over. The two men end up shaking hands and Tommy hands Eddie a kendo stick in what seems to be a sort of “passing of the torch.”

Eddie Edwards defeated Tommy Dreamer by pinfall.

Brian Cage vs. Matt Sydal for the X Division Championship

Cage takes control right away and overpowers Sydal with shoulder blocks in the corner. A nasty slams and standing moonsault follow that up. Sydal regroups outside the ring and attacks the big man’s knee as he tries to get back in the ring. He takes control of the match by preying on that knee, but Cage is still managing to fight him off and tosses him over the top rope like a rag doll! Sydal hits the running knee to Cage in the corner and then the flying double knees off the apron. Sydal lands a standing moonsault that seems to awaken the beast and hit picks him up and slams him. He controls the match until Sydal manages to hit a powerbomb on the huge man. The two are throwing it all at each other but can’t seem to finisher the other off. Cage lands a turbulent discus clothesline that nearly decapitates the champ, but he still manages to reverse Cage and land a hurricanrana seconds later. Sydal misses a huge Shooting Star Press after he gets tangled up in the ropes on the way down which allows Cage to hit the Drill Claw for the pinfall!

Brian Cage defeated Matt Sydal by pinfall to become the new X Division Champion!

Austin Aries has an interview and is totally confident in himself. He says Moose’s dream is his reality and when the lights are the brightest, is when he shines the brightest! Aries ends the interview telling Moose that, after tonight, the only question he will be asking himself is what his third career choice will be!

Madison Rayne vs. Su Yung for the Knockouts Championship

The two woman begin battling right in the aisle after Su Yung emerges from a casket. Madison Rayne controls the match from the beginning and Su Yung is on her heels. Yung quickly begins to assert herself and take he fight to Rayne by landing a brutal neckbreaker and running shot to her adversary in the “tree of woe”. An undead bridesmaid tries to get involved by grabbing Rayne but she ducks as Yung spits blood from her mouth and hits the bridesmaid instead. Rayne retakes control and hits the ripcord cutter and another high impact move, The Rain Drop, but Yung is able to kick out every time! Rayne becomes frustrated and Yung sinches in the Mandible Claw out of nowhere and renders Rayne unconcious to retain the championship! Yung drags Madison outside the ring and puts her in the coffin before she stands on top of it and raises her title.

Su Yung defeated Madison Rayne by submission to retain the Knockouts Championship.

Konnan is shown hyping his boys up in the back from earlier in the day. He lets them know that everything depends on tonight, LAX depends on tonight!

LAX w/ Konnan vs. The OGz w/ King

LAX charges the ring and roughs up the OGz really quick. They execute some suicide dives to the outside and bring a table into the ring. The OGz talk to each other and set up a table on the outside. They get back into the ring and completely decimate LAX with shots to their heads using a trash can lid and a sheet pan. Hernandes leaps from the ring over the top rope to take out LAX and the battle rages on the outside. Homicide tries to pour Drain-O down the throat of Santana but he hits a low blow and gets away from that situation. The men fight ferociously in the ring using more weapons and hitting bigger moves but they seem to want blood more than they want to win – and then a ladder is brought into the ring. Hernandes is placed on the ladder and LAX perform two huge double team moves that really hurt the big man. LAX hit their double team finisher and pin Homicide but Hernandes pulls the ref out of the ring. Homicide dies a flip through the middle rope and flies into Santana through a table leaning up on the barricade. Ortiz then puts Homicide through a table with a driver. Hernandes slams Ortiz through a table with the Border Toss. Santana and Homicide start fighting each other in the ring until Konnan gets on the apron and starts yelling at Homicide. He spits in the face of Konnan but doesn’t see him toss a bag of thumb tacks. Santana slams Homicide on the tacs and hits a frog splash for the pinfall win. King and the OGz attack Konnan after the match and beat him into the ground and whip him. They grab the Tag Team titles and spray paint “OG” on them before they steal them and walk away from the ring.

LAX defeated the OGz by pinfall to retain the Tag Team Championship titles.

Sami Callihan cuts a promo video in the back and expresses his disdain for the IMPACT fans for voting on social media that he basically doesn’t have a chance and will lose his hair. He assures everyone that he will destroy Pentagon Jr!

Sami Callihan vs. Pentagon Jr in a “Hair vs. Mask” Match

The two men trade series of kicks right from the start but Pentagon gets the upper hand with a Sling Blade. He chops Callihan in the chest but he was wearing a protective vest. So he unbuttons it and asks Pentagon for his best shot- a decision he would regret as that very shot sounded like a cannon blast from hell! Pentagon continues to beat on Callihan on the outside and then he ate a chair to the face as he was about to do a suicide dive through the ropes. Pentagon is left in a really bad way and Sami starts throwing chairs into the ring. Callihan brings what looks like two railroad spikes into the ring and then carries on to try ripping the mask off of Pentagon’s face. He starts hitting him in the face with the spikes before he grinds them into his head. Callihan has completely become completely unhinged and Pentagon is busted open. He ties Pentagon to the rope by his mask and grabs a baseball bat. Pentagon kicks him away and unhooks himself from the ropes to land a Lungblower backbreaker. He then drives Callihan in the head with the spikes and he gets busted open. He then smashes him in the head with the spike using a baseball bat. They start hitting each other in the head using the spikes and completely tear each other apart in the most violent of fashions! They start beating each other with steel chairs and they both drop to the mat. Pentagon tries to break Callihan’s arm but he gets kicked in the face. The Crist Brothers rush the ring but Pentagon takes them out with chairs. Callihan throws powder in his face and blinds him. He accidentally takes out the ref and then snaps his arm thinking he was Callihan. He somehow manages to land the Pentagon Driver while he’s blinded but the ref can’t count because he’s in so much pain. Callihan hits the piledriver on a chair and a new ref comes out to count the pinfall but Pentagon is able to kick out! Pentagon hits the package piledriver on a bunch of set up chairs but Callihan somehow kicks out. Pentagon finally snaps Callihan’s arm and hits another package piledriver for the pinfall win! The Crist Brothers attack as he is about to cut Callihan’s hair off, but Fenix stops Callihan from running. He holds Sami in the aisle as Pentagon shaves his head!

Pentagon Jr. defeated Sami Callihan by pinfall.

Moose vs. Austin Aries for the IMPACT World Championship

Moose quickly shows his power and Austin also shows his speed. With each man asserting their advantage in the match, they begin to fight each other with some serious passion. Moose lands some serious chops that send Aries to the outside. He tosses Aries into the guardrail but makes a huge mistake when he charges the champ, who ducks and sends him flying into the first few rows of seats. Aries gains control for a brief moment but can’t keep Moose down. The big man starts eating all of his chops and bringing his arm up and down with the “Moose” taunt. Moose hit a bunch more chops on Aries in the corner and follows them up with two huge running dropkicks. Moose hits the Go To Hell, but the champ somehow kicks out! Moose smashes Aries with a forearm as he tries to dive through the ropes. Aries manages to box his ears but eats a devastating clothesline that turns Aries inside out. Austin somehow counters a spear attempt from the challenger into the Last Chancery, but Moose breaks free. Aries is in control but can’t seem to keep Moose down. The big man eventually throws Aries into the seats from the apron and has to get him back in the ring to avoid a count out victory. Moose attempts a dive over the top rope and Aries jukes out of the way sending the big man plummeting into the ramp. Aries lands a series of big moves that culminates in a Brainbuster to the big man on the floor, but Moose somehow beats the 10-count back into the ring. Aries hits another Brainbuster back in the ring and pins the big man for the 1-2-3 to retain his championship!

Austin Aries defeated Moose by pinfall to retain the IMPACT World Championship.

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