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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report – July 19, 2018

A video package airs briefly highlighting the events from last week involving Sami Callihan and Pentagon Jr, and Madison Rayne and Su Yung.

Petey Williams and Killer Kross make entrances for a one-on-one match. The men square up and Williams lays in some strikes to try to take down the big man. Kross quickly begins to get angry as Williams tries to be quick and elusive. The tables turn after Kross lands a huge throw suplex on Petey. And then he lands another devastating suplex throw and he taunts Williams. Petey manages to mount a quick comeback after a reversal but it doesn’t last as Kross lands a few more suplexes and chokes Williams unconscious. Kross is clearly a loose cannon!

Killer Kross defeated Petey Williams by submission.

Tonight! We will hear from IMPACT World Champion Austin Aries and the Number One Contender Moose! Joe Hendry will also take on Eli Drake.

Grado questions Joe in the back about his intentions towards his girlfriend, but Joe assures him that Drake was just putting things into his head.

Back in the ring Gama Singh introduces the Desi Hit Squad. Fallah Bahh and KM make their entrance to take on the Hit Squad. They each take a turn at trying to take down Bahh or get the upper hand but it doesn’t work at first. Bahh is just too big and too fresh in the match for them really mount any type of offense. Finally, Raju is able to take down the big man and hits a dropkick to him while he’s down. KM and Bahh regain control quickly and execute the double Panda Roll. The Hit Squad is down and out in the middle of the ring. Gama Singh distracts the ref and Raju pokes his fingers into Bahh’s eyes which lands him into a roll-up pin for the loss.

The Desi Hit Squad defeated KM and Fallah Bahh by pinfall.

We see an awesome video package about everything between Konnan and King that led to the 5150 Street Fight at Slammiversary! LAX and The OGz are out for blood and ready to fight!

Joe Hendry makes his entrance with Grado and Katarina. Eli Drake doesn’t like Hendry’s entrance and slaps the hat off Grado’s head. He grabs a mic and tells the production truck to roll the footage, and the footage is a music video that Hendry created with a song that he sings making fun of Eli Drake. The audiences seems to love it, but not Drake. Eli takes a cheap shot at Hendry and starts the lay on the beating. He hits a nasty leg drop on the back of Hendry’s neck as he is draped over the middle rope and follows it with a suplex. Hendry manages to mount a comeback with a huge clothesline and a back elbow. He lands huge DDT and a near fall pin attempt. Drake takes advantage and gets Hendry in position for the Gravy Train but it’s reversed into a roll-up pin for the 1-2-3!

Joe Hendry defeated Eli Drake by pinfall.

Andrew Everett makes his entrance to take on Desmond Xavier. After Xavier gets in the ring Eddie Edwards comes out of nowhere with a kendo stick. He beats the hell out of the ref with it and tosses him to the floor. He grabs a mic and delivers a message to Tommy Dreamer that he is going to make him bleed at Slammiversary. He claims that he is going to touch Tommy’s bloody face and he will taste his blood!

The show cuts to Madison Rayne and picks up right from last week. She wakes up it a funeral parlor and sees herself in a casket. She sees a man who appears normal but is far from it and she runs away. A little girl appears asking for her Mom and when Rayne takes a second look at her she has the same face paint as Su Yung. She tells Rayne her time will come and then Madison wakes up back in the middle of the field from last week. She stands there puzzled and clearly spooked and, at that very moment, she gets drenched in blood and Su Yung appears behind her with a gang of Undead Bridesmaids. Yung screams that Rayne’s time will come!

We see a video package of everything that has led to Callihan vs. Pentagon Jr – Mask vs. Hair at Slammiversary!

Sami Callihan comes out with OVE to take on Greg Osborne and he wastes no time taking out Osbourne. He lands a huge running boot and takes some time to admire the mask of Pentagon Jr that he stole. Greg tries to comeback but eats a huge piledriver. Instead of pinning the man, Sami puts the mask on Osborne and starts screaming Pentagon with a mic. Sami starts screaming at Osbourne as if he was Pentagon and keeps kicks the crap out of him while he’s on the ground. He makes him kneel and lands a superkick to his face. He screams “Now Sami’s Gonna Kill You” and lands the Get Outta Here for the pinfall win. After the match the Crist Brothers come in and beat on Osborne a little bit more. Pentagon Jr appears on the screen and lets Callihan know that on Sunday night he will teach him why IMPACT is his house! OVE and Callihan take off to the back looking for him.

Allie and Kiera Hogan meet up in the back for their tag team match against Tessa Blanchard and Shotzi Blackheart. The women make their entrances and Blanchard starts the match with Hogan. Kiera lands a bunch of strikes and a faceplant move that causes Tessa to tag out. Hogan gets Shotzi out of the ring and lands a suicide dive through the ropes. After some back and forth action and a few tags, Allie starts laying waste to Shotzi with running clotheslines and kicks. She superkicks Blanchard for good measure which allows Blackheart to gain the upper hand and land a huge swinging neckbreaker. Allie pulls of a superkick out of nowhere and Blackheart tries to tag and Tessa walks off on her. Allies hits the Codebreaker for the pinfall victory.

Allie and Kiera Hogan defeated Tessa Blanchard and Shotzi Blackheart by pinfall.

We see OVE walking around the arena looking for Pentagon and Callihan is getting extremely angry looking for him.

We find out that Johnny Impact will be featured in the International 4-Way match at Slammiversary with Taiji Ishimori, Fenix and Rich Swann! We also see a video package highlighting the X Division Championship match on Sunday between Brian Cage and Matt Sydal.

We see footage of OVE and Sami Callihan still looking for Pentagon. Jake and Dave start arguing about where Sami is. They find Sami tied to a chair with the mask on but Pentagon shows up and beats down the Crist brothers in front of Callihan. Hh screams but it doesn’t help him as Pentagon threatens him about his hair.

Moose makes his entrance to address Austin Aries. He tells Aries that the mind games aren’t going to do anything and he’d better get his “little bitch ass” to the ring before he comes to the back and finds him. Aries appears on the big screen and taunts Moose and tells him that he’s playing him. Aries sneaks into the ring behind Moose and kicks him in the crotch. He hits him with the chair and starts showboating to the crowd. Moose gets up and tosses him into the corner with conviction. He misses with the chair and Aries just barley slips out of the ring. The show goes off with Moose standing tall in the ring.

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