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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report – July 12, 2018

This week’s show starts with a video package highlighting the road of events that led to the unbelievable happenings with LAX last week when Homicide and Hernandez jumped Santana, Ortiz and Konnan to align themselves with King.

The show starts out with Hernandez and Homicide coming out with King under the new faction name, “The OG’s.” They have a match with a Silver Smith and Lee. It doesn’t last more than two minutes as they completely demolish Smith and Lee. After the match, King grabs a mic and explains how Konnan’s time was up and he had to take him out. He claims that he outsmarted Konnan by “being two steps ahead” with Homicide and Hernandez in his back pocket! He says that there will be a “5150 Street Fight” at Slammiversary between the OG’s and Santana & Ortiz.

DeAngelo Williams will have an update on Moose and OVE with Sami Calihan will take on Pentagon Jr, Fenix and Rich Swann! Also, a sit down with Knockouts Number One Contender Madison Rayne!

A newcomer to IMPACT has an interview in the back and she will take on Allie tonight. Her name is Shotzi Blackheart and she seems to be very ready for Allie! She says that her mind is a machine and her body is the bullets – and Allie is the target!

After a commercial break, we see a video of OVE and Sami Calihan in the back and Calihan is ranting about how OVE is the best trio in wrestling today and he is going to take out Pentagon Jr at the PPV and rip his mask off of his face!

Next, Shotzi Blackheart makes her long awaited entrance and debut. Allie comes out next and we are ready to rock n’ roll! Blackheart is from the RISE Promotion and she locks up Allie quick and takes the upper hand with a shoulder block. Allie gets up quickly and takes Blackheart down, but it doesn’t last long as Blackheart locks up a brutal looking submission. The women exchange chops and Allie lands a few devastating forearms. She misses a move in the corner and Blackheart runs forward and lands a nasty cannonball flip on Allie in the corner. Shotzi manages to land a series of four very hard kicks and a neckbreaker. Shotzi is in complete control and is hungry for the win. She misses a high risk move off the ropes and Allie regains control with a few shots and a leg sweep. She lands a missile dropkick and a huge German Suplex. Shotzi reverses and tries another high risk move from the top rope that misses which allows Allie to land the Codebreaker for the pinfall win! Tessa Blanchard comes running out and completely lays waste to Allie with a beatdown and a big DDT!

Allie defeated Shotzi Blackheart by pinfall.

Grado is in the back and Eli Drake tries to hit on his girlfriend right in front of him. He isn’t happy about it at all and gets in Drake’s face. He challenges him and says he’ll wrestle him anytime and not to ever try to pick up his girl!

Tessa Blanchard is in the back and says that Allie got in her way trying to “do the right thing” and save her friend Madison Rayne. She doesn’t like the fact that Allie got in her way and she is going to take her out for that!

Next, we see a video of the events that led up to the House of Hardcore match between Eddie Edwards and Tommy Dreamer at Slammiversary. Eddie has gone crazy and is completely obsessed with Sami Calihan, but he has turned his hatred on his former friend Tommy Dreamer.

Up next, we will catch up with World Champion Austin Aries. First, we see a video of a woman who is apparently coming to IMPACT soon! Aries says that he heard that Moose has been far away for weeks training harder than he ever has for their title match. Aries claims he has been patiently waiting for DeAngelo Williams and he can’t wait to hear from him tonight!

Josh Mathews is in the middle of the ring and he is hyping up the Slammiversary PPV. He invites DeAngelo Williams into the ring and tells Mathews how he has been training extensively at the “Batcave” with Moose. We see some footage of Moose’s training for Slammiversay. Williams claims that Moose is totally ready to take the title which brings Aries down to the ring to respond. Aries grabs the mic and immediately brings up how Williams was forced to retire from the NFL because nobody would sign him. He gives Williams a message for Moose and he knocks out Williams with a cheap shot to the jaw with the microphone. He grabs a chair and swings it, but Williams ducks and kicks Aries down. Just as he’s about to swing the chair, Aries kicks him in the crotch and smashes him in the back with the chair!

We cut to the back and KM and Fallah Bahh are making amends when Gama Singh comes over with the Desi Hit Squad to explain that they are taking the tag team championships and nobody else! KM completely freaks out on Singh and tells him that the Hit Squad can get some anytime!

Eli Drake comes out and he will face Grado. Drake starts smashing Grado in the corner right away and follows up with a swinging neckbreaker. He lands some elbows in the corner, but Grado manages to land a stiff elbow and Blue Steel. Grado takes control with a big elbow, but Eli manages to quickly comeback with a huge Gravy Train for the win! Eli accuses Joe Hendry of having a thing with Grado’s girlfriend!

Eli Drake defeated Grado by pinfall.

Killer Kross is in the back and says he is going to squeeze the oxygen out of Petey Williams Skull. The two will face off next week on IMPACT!

Matt Sydal is having an interview in the back about his match at Slammiversary with Brian Cage and he believes that he has the mental and spiritual advantage over Cage because his third eye is open. He says it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside because what’s on the inside counts.

Moose has a phone call and claims he will be in the IMPACT Zone next week to get payback on Austin Aries for attacking his friend DeAngelo Williams!

Madison Rayne is in the back having her sit down interview and she gets spooked and starts looking around. It seems as though Su Yung is messing with her and she gets locked out of the studio room. There is also a curtain hanging up that looks like it may be bloody and has some words written on it. Yung is definitely trying to get into the head of Rayne and it may be working!

OVE makes their entrance with Sami Calihan for the six man tag match under Lucha Rules in the main event. Rich Swann dances his way to the ring and then Fenix and Pentagon make their entrances. All men are legal at once and Calihan and Pentagon start playing mind games right away but this blow up as soon as Calihan bites Pentagon’s hand! After a melee, Calihan and Swann take each other out. Then Fenix and Pentagon start tearing up the Crist brothers with innovative Lucha offense! They are hitting crazy double team kicks and other hard maneuvers. Calihan hits Pentagon with a low blow and suplexes Fenix into him and he starts taking it to the two men hard. Swann takes out Calihan and Dave Crist with an insane high flying dive over the ropes! Dave Crist and Fenix follow that up with huge suicide dives of their own and take out everyone! Dave Crist superplexes Rich Swann off the top rope to the outside onto the whole pack. Jake Crist hits Fenix with a huge powerbomb and almost gets the pinfall win. All of the men begin running into the ring and landing huge moves on each other. Calihan drops Swann on his head with a brutal Piledriver! Pentagon and Calihan begin trading vicious chops to each other. Pentagon hits the Pentagon Driver on Calihan but he kicks out at two! All of these men begin hitting each other with different variations of the cutter move and Jake Crist nearly kills Swann with a mid air cutter from the top turnbuckle! Calihan manages to kick out of an insane package piledriver from Pentagon with an assist from Fenix. Pentagon delivers another Fear Factor, but to Jake Crist on the apron this time. Calihan lands a powerbomb off the top rope onto Swann and follows it up with a Get Outta Here knee for the pinfall win!

OVE and Sami Calihan defeated Pentagon Jr, Fenix and Rich Swann by pinfall.

We see Rayne in the back again and she manages to get the Studio Room door open and it leads her outside this time. She seems to be falling under Su Yung’s spell and she is surrounded by Undead Bridesmaids in what looks like the middle of a field. Su Yung pops up behind her and we go off the air!

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