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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report – June 28, 2018

The show kicks off with a video package highlighting all of the events from last week’s episode including LAX’s Tag Title win, the return of Konnan and the elevating madness of Eddie Edwards and his obsession with ending Sami Calihan! Also, What will happen with the backstage attacker Killer Kross?

Once we hit the arena Madison Rayne makes her entrance and grabs a microphone to talk about her return and her upcoming Knockouts Championship match with Su Yung. She also touches upon the fact that Su Yung put both Rosemary and Allie into coffins during their matches, and we haven’t seen either one of them since. Tessa Blanchard’s music hits and she comes out to the ring. Blanchard tells Madison that she’s past her time and she isn’t really on her level as a third generation wrestler. Rayne reminds her that she defeated her at Under Pressure and the lights begin to flicker and the evil laughs and screeches of Su Yung play over the speakers. Tessa knocks Rayne down with a cheap shot elbow and sends off the first-ever show from Windsor Ontario, Canada!

Rich Swann makes his entrance and his IMPACT debut. Trevor Lee makes his entrance to take on the newcomer to IMPACT. The two men begin with a pose-off and try to show each other up. Swann takes advantage of the mind games and hits Lee with a devastating dropkick that sends him to the outside dazed and confused. He takes advantage of Lee quickly with chops to the chest and kicks. Lee regains control with brute force. He nearly knocks Swann out with a high-powered back body drop that ends up sending Rich into a faceplant. He keeps it going metodically and keeps posing while he has Rich down, but Swann gets a second wind and hits an innovative tilt-a-whirl hurricanrana. He followed it up with a death defying flip to the outside that wipes Lee out and gained complete control. Lee tries his hardest to comeback but Swann is too much. He finishes Lee with a Phoenix Splash from the middle rope for the pinfall victory!

Rich Swann defeated Trevor Lee by pinfall.

We head to the PCW arena in Los Angeles inside a steel cage and Sami Calihan is going bonkers with a baseball bat and has taken out Pentagon Jr and the referee! The rest of OVE comes out and enter the cage to obliterate Pentagon Jr. The Crist brothers hold Pentagon while Sami Calihan rips the mask of Pentagon’s face and completely disgraces him and his heritage! Calihan steals the mask and adds insult to injury.

Up Next, The Desi Hit Squad will make their debut on IMPACT Wrestling!

We return from commercial and Grado is backstage when his girlfriend comes up to tell him she’ll have a match next week.

Gama Singh is in the ring introducing the pride and joy of India, Rohit Raju and Gursinder Singh who are two parts of the hit squat faction. Their opponents Z & E come out to take on the new team. Rohit and Everett start off and exchange headlocks and shoulder tackles to try to gain the upper hand. Everett hits a big dropkick and tags in DJZ. They smash Raju with a double team spinebuster. Raju fights back and tags in Singh who tags again in an attempt to double team, but DJZ is too crafty and plays them like fools. They attempt to do some high flying moves to the outside on the hit squad and they end up getting smashed around in their efforts. The hit squad starts to fight smarter and utilize complete tag team skills. DJZ gets worked with a mean headlock by Singh but manages to get both members of the hit squad to the outside which allows Everett to hit a huge Springboard flip to the outside on the hit squad. He then takes out Singh with a springboard kick into the ring. Z & E start to utilize double team moves on Singh when Rohit comes back in on fire to break it up. They nearly win after Singh hits a Sky High on Everett but DJZ breaks up that pin attempt. Everett hit a huge moonsault on Raju that would seemingly end the match but Gama Singh gets on the apron to distract the ref. Gursinder comes in and rolls up Everett for the win!

The Desi Hit Squad defeated Z & E by pinfall.

We see a video of Pentagon Jr. calling out Sami Calihan to settle this in the ring at Slammiversary the same way they would in Mexico: A Mask versus Hair match!

Moose sat down to tell the story of how tough his childhood was and how he grew up in a really tough neighborhood riddled with violence. His mother supported his love for sports and he went to Syracuse and eventually was drafted to the Atlanta Falcons. After he was traded from Atlanta he really lost his love for the game and decided he had to chase his love for professional wrestling. His ex-wife laughed at him when he decided to leave millions of dollars on the table for his dream to become a professional wrestler. He will challenge Austin Aries for the World Championship at Slammiversary.

We head to House of Hardcore in Philadelphia where Eddie Edwards is brutalizing his former friend Tommy Dreamer. He smashes him and chokes him with a kendo stick and busts his head wide open. Edwards has completely lost his mind! Moose follows Edwards out of the arena and confronts him about how he is losing control and he screams at Moose to leave him alone and storms off.

Once we return from a brief commercial Desmond Xavier will take on the X Division Champion Matt Sydal.

LAX joins King in the background and Konnan comes over and gets in King’s face again like last week. King snaps and threatens Konnan before getting out of there. Konnan assures LAX that he will deliver proof of King’s deception.

Desmond Xavier makes his entrance to take on Matt Sydal, who is coming off of a victory over Brian Cage last week. Sydal quickly outsmarts Desmond with some quick arm drags and tells him to open his “third eye.” Just when is looks like Desmond is about to get the advantage Sydal slips under the ring and tricks him by coming out from a different part of the ring. Xavier manages to completely level Sydal with a brutal clothesline, but Matt comes back with some vicious kicks to the leg and a dragon leg screw. Xavier tries to come back with some strike but Sydal gets him into a submission and tweaks his back which leaves Desmond in a lot of pain. He shows his heart and really keeps up the fight with Sydal. He hits him with a multitude of strikes in the corner and sends Sydal to the putside very disheveled. Xavier hits a suicide dive on Sydal but hurts his knee even more as he lands. Xavier climbs to the top rope to try and finish Sydal but the champ pushes the ref into the ropes and gets Desmond with the finisher for the win. Brian Cage comes out to seemingly get revenge on Sydal for last week when he is attacked from behind by Kongo Kong! Jimmy Jacobs orders Kong to take out Cage but Weapon X smashes Kong before he can do anything. Sydal cracks Cage in the back of the head with the title belt and jacobs orders Kong to the top rope. The giant sqaushes Cage with the splash from the top and Cage is left in a broken heap!

Matt Sydal defeated Desmond Xavier by pinfall.

Sami Calihan claims that his hair has been through everything with him but he is willing to put it on the line for the satisfaction of seeing Pentagon have to unmask himself in front of all of his fans and family! It is on for July 22 at Slammiversary!

Austin Aries has an interview in the back and touches on the fact that when you’re the champ you become the hunted and he is being hunted by a Moose. Aries claims that the difference between him and Moose is that he didn’t fail at his first career choice. He says that there is no way Moose is taking that belt from him!

Tessa Blanchard makes her entrance to face Madison Rayne in the main event. Rayne comes out and punches Blanchard in the face and sends her to the outside. She goes for a few quick pin attempts on Tessa but eventually gets blasted to the ground. She slumps Madison over the middle rope and runs at full speed smashing and kicking her in the back. Tessa controls her with a clothesline and a suplex. She hits her with a snapmare and a hard kick to the back and taunts her while she’s down. She locks Rayne up with an abdominal stretch but gets countered with a body splash reversal. Tessa quickly gains control back with a huge suplex but gets frustrated when she can’t pin Rayne. Madison hits a big enziguri and regains control. She starts to go all out in an attempt to get another win over her rival. They begin to battle in the corner and Tessa flattens Rayne with a faceplant move off the second rope but once again is unable to score the pinfall. Rayne somehow hits a big spear out of desperation and both women stay down for almost a full 10-count. They get up and start trading huge blows and Tessa gains control with wild and furious strikes. Tessa screams as if she’s about to finish Rayne and gets countered with a crucifix bomb for the win! Blanchard snaps and attacks Rayne and goes for a steel chair when Su Yung comes out with the undead bridesmaids. They surround the ring and Tessa slips away with a chair and Yung gets in the rings and orders the bridesmaids to atack Rayne. Yung picks up Rayne and is about to hit the Panic Switch when Allie returns and rushes out to save Madison. Yung flees with the bridesmaids and Allie attempts to help her friend as we go off air.

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