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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report – Air date June 21, 2018

We start the show with a video highlighting the epic battle between Moose and Eli Drake from last week. After that victory, Moose will now challenge Austin Aries for the World Championship at Slammiversary. What will happen between Sami Calihan and Pentagon Jr after the events of last week? Why did Kongo Kong and Jimmy Jacobs get involved in Brian Cage’s X Division title opportunity against Matt Sydal last week?

LAX makes their entrance to the ring once we hit the arena. They will challenge DJZ and Andrew Everett for the IMPACT Tag Team Titles! Santana and Ortiz attack in the entrance way and immediately gain the upper hand on the outside of the ring. Ortiz smashes DJZ with a chair to the gut when the ref is on the other side of the ring and Santana smashes Everett into the guard rail. The champs manage to make a comeback with a series of high flying moves from the ring to the outside. The champs land a double kick to the head of Santana and they are in complete control. Santana is able to get DJZ into a submission in the middle of the ring but the comeback is short lived once Everett flies into the ring with a huge missile dropkick. Ortiz gets the tag and they land a nasty double team suplex to backbreaker combo on Everett and they gain control over the champs. Everett somehow lands a huge dropkick off the top rope onto LAX and tags in DJZ. He is on fire and smashes LAX all over the ring. The champs almost get the victory after a double team effort but Santana kicks out. LAX regains control after a strong effort but the champs just had too many quick trips under their sleeves with moonsaults and a shooting star press. Everett goes for another huge move off the top and misses which allows LAX to hit the street sweeper for the win and are the new IMPACT Tag Team Champions!

LAX defeated Z & E by pinfall for the tag team titles.

Madison Rayne will take on Taya Valkyrie and in the main event OVE will take on Pentagon Jr and Fantasma. Jimmy Jacobs also claims that he wants to show the world that The Machine Brian Cage in no match for The Monster Kongo Kong. It’s clear that Jacobs and Kong only have their eyes set on one thing, Weapon X!

KM will take on Fallah Bahh after he shoved him in the middle of the ring last week. KM comes out and starts cutting a promo about how great he is for IMPACT Wrestling and Fallah Bahh screwed things up for himself. He then calls out Bahh to come face him and the big man accepts and heads to the ring. Bahh pulls out a note and hands it to KM and walks off after waving to him. KM reads the note and Bahh claims he will not wrestle KM but there is someone on standby that will and it just so happens to be Scott Steiner! KM attacks him as he’s getting into the ring but Steiner quickly slams him with an over the head belly to belly suplex, He thrashes KM all over the outside of the ring and into the steel steps. KM pleads for him to stop by Steiner just suplexes him again. He gets him with a face plant into the mat off the top rope and then into the Steiner Recliner and KM has no choice but to tap out!

Scott Steiner defeated KM by submission.

Next we will see footage from the Slammiversary press conference from earlier this week in Toronto. Moose claims he has a lot of respect for Aries but he is going to take the title from him on July 22nd. Austin Aries claims he is going to merge the World title with the Grand championship into one undisputed title. He also throws a few insults at Moose and the two men get right in each other’s faces!

We see footage of Eddie Edwards arriving at his house in Boston and he is locked out. He tries to call his wife but she doesn’t answer and he smashes the door down in rage! He searches the house screaming her name frantically. He looks into the mirror and sees Calihan. He is practically losing his mind and thinks Tommy Dreamer is trying to steal his wife!

We also see a video of OVE claiming they are going to make examples out of Fantasma and Pentagon Jr. Calihan claims that the Crist Brothers will defeat their opponents in the main event.

Taya Valkyrie makes her entrance to face Madison Rayne. After Rayne comes out to the ring Taya immediately shows her power and starts dominating Rayne with slams. She hits the double knees to the back of Rayne while shes leaned over the middle rope. She is in complete control over Rayne and is taunting the crowd and her opponent! She hits a backbreaker and powerslam combo and almost gets the pinfall win. She softens Rayne up more with kicks and other strikes in the corner. Rayne reverses in the corner and hits the tornado DDT on Taya. She starts firing off a comeback and Taya does everything to stop her but ends up getting hit with Rayne’s finisher Cross Rayne and gets pinned for the 1-2-3! Rayne also claims that she believes that she is the number one contender because she has been capitalizing on career moments and earning big wins. IMPACT management has granted Rayne a shot at The Undead Bride Su Yung and the Knockouts Championship at Slammiversary. The lights go out and this demonic laughter of Su Yung plays over the speaker and the mind games begin!

Madison Rayne defeated Taya Valkyrie by Pinfall.

LAX are in the back celebrating their tag title victory and Konnan surprises them and shows back up! He wants to talk to King right away and we cut to a commercial on that. We return and Konnan questions King because he believes that King knows who messed him up. Konnan is in pain and he’s most definitely suspicious of King!

We see a cryptic video of Killer Kross who was revealed as the mystery attacker last week. He claims he wants to take over the industry and he’s just beginning!

The Crist Brothers make their entrance for the main event and they are flanked by the crazed Sami Calihan. Fantasma and Pentagon Jr make their entrance and they look like they mean business. They rush the ring and attack OVE right away. They beat on the Crist Brothers in the corners of the ring and eventually double team Dave Crist with some vicious chops the the chest. Fantasma works Dave Crist with a dropkick and holds him for Pentagon Jr to do a huge high flying move. Pentagon Jr gets Jake in the ring and lights him up with chops. Fantasma nails Jauge knee to the face after he enters the ring and then hits the Arrow from the Depths of Hell onto Jake Crist. Calihan hits Fantasma with a baseball bat to the knee as the ref is turned. Jake tries to rips his knee apart with a half Boston Crab. We return from commercial and Dave Crist is still working on Fantasma’s knee and they take turns on him for what seems like forever. Pentagon Jr finally gets the tag and he comes in like a bulldozer and starts destroying OVE! He gets Jake Crist into the Pentagon Driver for the pin and Calihan can’t handle it and attacks Pentagon Jr with the bat from behind. Calihan hits him some more and even chokes him with the bat. They try to unmask him but Fantasma comes in with a chair to save the day!

Fantasma and Pentagon Jr defeated OVE by pinfall.

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