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John Osting reporting …

Monday Night Raw Recap

From: Little Rock Arkansas

Venue: The Verizon Center

Air Date: June 11th 2018

Tonight is the go-home show for Raw for the Money in the Bank event this Sunday. On tonight’s show, everyone had their last opportunities to make their cases as to why they will come out on top. Jinder Mahal did battle with Roman Reigns and the men and women participating in Money in the Bank squared off in four-way matches. So lets see how it all came out.

Raw opened with the participants of the men’s and women’s Money in the Bank ladder matches standing on ladders set up in the ring. The commentary trio of Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Jonathan checked in as Raw general manager, Kurt Angle made his way out.

Kurt used this time to hype up MITB event by calling it a grueling match with a big reward. The opportunity to cash in a title shot against the respective champions of either Raw or Smackdown. Baron Corbin made his entrance with a shaved head and every day clothing. He reminded everyone that he was the Constable for Raw General Manager, Stephanie McMahon and he was there to make sure the show ran smoothly.

Angle hoped that the both the men’s and women’s contracts would be on Raw after the matches. Corbin chimed in and said Stephanie would be upset if that didn’t happen and of course, we cant have Stephanie upset.

That led to the women in the ring fighting over who was going to win. Angle cut them off and announced that Natalya had been medically cleared to compete after her knee injury. Natalya said she was winning MITB on the same night that her friend, Ronda Rousey wins the Raw Women’s Championship.

Next, it was Kevin Owens’ turn to complain as he said that Braun Strowman had an unfair advantage due to his height. He wanted Angle to hang the case higher for Strowman but Angle refused. Owens complimented Corbin’s hair in an effort to get Corbin to side with him. Strowman then said he was winning the match and cashing in on Raw Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar which caused the men to begin arguing.

Alexa Bliss shut them up by screaming so she could say she picks her Mixed Match Challenge to win MITB. Sasha Banks, in turn, selected Finn Balor and Balor reciprocated. The women started again until Strowman said that someone would “Get These Hands” on Sunday.

Michael Cole hyped the Fatal Four-Way matches for later in the show. The show took its first break.

We come back with the Women’s Fatal Four-Way match kicking off the night.

Match 1: Sasha Banks vs. Ember Moon, vs. Natalya vs. Alexa Bliss in a four-way match

Cole pointed out Natalya’s injury from last week. She was out this week with her leg wrapped. Bliss tried to use her hamstring injury from last week to leave the ring but Natalya was waiting for her at ringside and ran her into the barricade. Bliss recovered just in time to get a near fall as the show goes to break.

We returned to the action to see all four women battling in the corner. They set up the Tower of Doom as Natalya powerbombed Moon and Banks while Bliss remained on the ropes. Natalya hurt her knee doing the powerbomb and rolled to ringside. Bliss tried to hit Twisted Bliss on Banks off the ropes but Banks got the knees up as the show went to break.

We returned to see Natalya continue to favor her injured knee. Moon was able to get Natalya in position for the Eclipse but Bliss stopped her and ran her into the ring steps. Bliss tried to steal one with a pin of Natalya but Banks made the save. Natalya would end things by getting Bliss in the Sharpshooter for the win.

Winner: Natalya

After the match, the announce team told us the start time of MITB and went over some of the rest of the card.

Backstage, Owens had some olives for Balor in a gesture of extending an olive branch. He wanted Balor and Bobby Roode to work with him to make sure Strowman did not make it Sunday.

Corey Graves announced Roman Reigns versus Jinder Mahal for later while Jonathan Coachman reminded us of the Ronda Rousey, Nia Jax face off coming up later. The show took another commercial time out.

When we returned, we were ready for Fandango and Tyler Breeze against Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler

Match 2: Dolph Zigler and Drew McIntyre vs. Fandango and Tyler Breeze

McIntyre powerbombed Breeze into a crawling Fandango to injure the fashion plate. Ziggler and McIntyre then hit their double team finisher for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

After the match, Ziggler grabbed a mic and complained that there loss in the tag team battle royal was a fluke. McIntyre said this match was proof. Ziggler pointed to Breeze and Fandango and declared to every Raw tag team that what happened to them is their future. McIntyre ended saying they will take out everyone.

Backstage, Roman Reigns was interviewed about his match tonight with Jinder Mahal. He was asked if he felt it was odd to want to face off six days before their match at MITB. Reigns said he thought Mahal was an idiot. He reiterated his belief that Jinder Mahal is the only reason that he is not in the MITB match. That match is next!!

We come back to Michael Cole announcing that Brock Lesnar has the new record as the longest reigning Universal Champion. That started a debate which pointed out that Lesnar does not defend his title regularly. Graves then pointed out thats because Paul Heyman and Lesnar position him that way.

Mahal and Sunil Singh made their entrance. Mahal cut a promo on Reigns before Reigns entrance music cut him off. Just before the match, Mahal took the mic and told Reigns that his recent string of setbacks is clouding his judgement. He then changed the match substituting Sunil Singh in his place. It looked as though this was the first time Singh had heard this.

Match 3: Roman Reigns vs. Sunil Singh (with Jinder Mahal)

Reigns dispatched Mahal off the apron with a punch and speared Singh for the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

After the match, Mahal blindsided Reigns and laid him out.

The announce team recapped the tag team battle royal from last week. That set up a brief history of the two teams in our next match.

Match 4: The B Team (Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas vs. Heath Slater and Rhyno.

Slater got laid out with a double-team neckbreaker allowing Axel to score the pin.

Winner: The B Team

As the B Team celebrated, Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt appeared on the Titan Tron. They were clapping for Axel and Dallas before Wyatt said “ We’re Here!!” then they appeared on the stage. Wyatt told them they are “surrounded by fireflies” and Hardy joined in with, “we will eat you and delete you!!”

Backstage, Elias was practicing for his latest concert. He said he would try and do his best but is just not used to performing for Arkansas hillbillies. The performance is next.

Elias was in the ring with his guitar and told the fans they are getting a treat, his last show before becoming Intercontinental Champion. He led them in, “Walk with Elias” before singing a song about Seth Rollins. Elias got another guitar. This one had his name and the Intercontinental belt painted on it. He said it had been a gifr from John Mayer. He bragged about how special it was and was and said, next week, he would be playing it as Intercontinental champion.

Seth Rollins made his entrance and cleared Elias from the ring. Rollins told him to stop acting like a coward and get in the ring because he is looking for a fight. Rollins said that he really wants to like Elias because he can do it all.

Rollins admired the the IC guitar in the corner. Rollins teased that he was going to take it and the fans ate it up. Elias objected but Rollins said he just wanted a better look. He picked up the guitar and said hewould hate to see it wasted so he suggested a charity auction. Rollins looked like he was going to leave the guitar then teased stomping it. With Elias begging from ringside, Rollins stomped it then acted like he was playing it to close the segment.

Bobby Roode was in front of a mirror when Owens came by to discuss his gang up on Strowman plan with him. Owens walked off as Roode looked somewhat interested.

As Bayley made her entrance for the next match, The Riott Squad walked backstage. They were engaging various forms of riotous behavior as the show headed to break.

Match 5: Bayley vs. Ruby Riott (with Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan.)

Bayley got the edge on Riott early sending her to ringside to huddle with her faction mates. Bayley tried for a possibly a basement dropkick on the floor to Riott but missed. She followed it up nailing a suplex to Riott on the floor as the show heads to break.

When we return, Bayley has regained control causing Morgan and Logan to distract Bayley so Riott could recover. Riott whipped her into the ring post before nailing the Riott Kick for the win.

Winner: Ruby Riott

After the match, Riott had a marker and drew on Bayley. She finished with an “R” on Bayley’s abdomen. This could be a new wrinkle in the Riott Squad.

Backstage, Natalya and Ronda Rousey were talking about Raw Women’s Champion, Nia Jax. Natalya said she is out to prove that she can do anything. Rousey said she would be ready for it. Coachman said he was headed to the ring because that segment is next.

Coachman stood in the ring with three office chairs and introduced Rousey first. Cole told us she was going into the Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Fame in July. Jax was introduced and everyone sat down.

Jax admitted to getting under Rousey’s skin just to see how she would react. Jax complimented Rousey and said she brings a huge fan base but she is still new to WWE and some rules are a little different than what she is used to. Rousey said that was ok because she doesn’t game plan, she improvises and, Sunday, she was going to improvise her arm off. Rousey said she is confident and earned the right.

Jax did congratulate her on her first match but said that was against a part-time wrestler/businesswoman. Jax said she would take Rousey’s reputation as the “Baddest Woman on the Planet.” Jax said she challenged her because she knew she would accept and she just wasn’t ready.

Rousey said she has been told shes not ready her whole life. People said she wasn’t ready for UFC and now she is going into the Hall of Fame. She screamed, “ Im Ronda Rousey and I was born ready!”

Jax stood and held up the title in front of Rousey. Jaxtried to ambush her with a punch but Rousey blocked it and grabbed her arm. Jax gave Rousey a head butt. Graves pointed out that the move is not legal in UFC. Rousey applied an arm bar but Jax powered her up and slammed her. Rousey did not break the hold. Jax immediately tapped. Graves put over that we now know Rousey can get the hold on Jax.

Curt Hawkins was walking backstage when No Way Jose and his Conga line danced by him. Cole and the announce team discussed Hawkins losing 200 straight bouts. The show goes to break

No Way Jose and the Conga line make their entrance. We hear Curt Hawkins’ music but he doesn’t make an entrance. Instead, he shows up in the ring from the Conga line and tries to surprise Jose.

Match 6: No Way Jose vs. Curt Hawkins

Hawkins tries to hit a surprise roll up on Jose. Jose powers out and hits the pop-up punch for the win.

Winner: No Way Jose

Backstage, Balor and Roode talk over if they should trust Kevin Owens. Balor said they may be able to able to trust the devil they know as opposed to a monster. Roode said he will watch Owens. Balor finally said he would keep an eye on Owens and Roode.

We see an obstacle course being set up before we get a video of Special Olympic athletes. The show goes to break.

We come back to Renee Young on the stage and Sami Zayne comes out. Zayne said he didnt believe Bobby Lashley was in the Army. His social media blew up when people sent documented proof which Zayne said he could not verify. Zayne said he then came up with this obstacle course as his own proof. Zayne walked the audience through the course which he said he finished in 90 seconds earlier today.

Young introduces Lashley and they have a coin toss to see who runs the course first. Lashley lost so he has first first run. After Lashley completed the course in 45 seconds Zayne attacked him from behind. He waited for him to get up and smashed him with a Helluva kick before referees came out to pull Zayne off of Lashley.

Backstage, Owens finally met up with Roode and Balor to discuss strategy but neither man was receptive. Strowman crashed the meeting and suggested that all three should team up on him. The match is next.

The ring entrances for each man took place as the announce team ran down more of Sunday’s card.

Match 7: Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Roode vs. Kevin Owens vs. Finn Balor in a four-way match

As the match started, it was clear that Strowman’s plan was to not give them the chance to implement any strategy. He came right out and took it to all three men early He left them all laying at ringside as the show went to commercial.

When we returned, it looked as though Operation Gang up on Strowman was starting to work as all three men ganged up on him briefly. Strowman would recover and steamroll all three again. They ended up fighting all the way up the ramp in front of the broadcast table. Strowman shoved a ladder over then cleared the announce table for some dastardly deed. Just then, his three foes were able to recover long enough to work him over and place him on the cleared announce table. Owens climbed the ladder and frog splashed Strowman through the announce table as the show takes its final break.

We return to see Balor and Roode battling in thering while Owens and Strowman were still out of it. Balor got the better of Roode. He was heading to the top rope when Owens made it back to the ring just in time to stop him. This allowed Roode to recover and deliver a low blow to Balor as the three men executed the Tower of Doom drop.

Strowman was shown getting up and made his way back to the ring holding his rib cage. Balor and Roode both met Strowman on his ring march and took shots for their trouble. Strowman made it to the ring as Owens bolted. Strowman chased him into the crowd and Owens fell. Strowman took Owens back to ringside and hit running shoulder blocks on all three opponents.

Balor recovered first and got Owens in the ring and set for the Coups des Grace but Roode pulled Owens out of range. Strowman recovered and spashed Roode and Owens in the corner but Balor connected with a kick on Strowman followed by a stomp to the back. Balor waited for Strowman to rise then charged him only to get met with a shoulder block. Strowman picked up Balor for the power slam but Owens and Roode combined to take the monster off his feet.

Balor was able to hit his running corner dropkick on Strowman followed by the Coups de Grace for a near fall broken up by Roode. Roode threw Balor from the ring and hit a Glorious DDT on Strowman for a near fall that Owens stopped. Next, it was Owens’ turn, he frog-splashed Strowman for a near fall.

Owens got a ladder and ran Strowman into it twice. On the third attempt, Strowman blocked it then chokeslammed Owens favoring his injured ribs. Strowman recovered and power slammed Owens into the ladder for the pin.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Strowman celebrated ending the show for this week.

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