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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report – June 7, 2018

IMPACT Wrestling kicks off with a video package on last week’s episode that highlights Madison Rayne’s upset win of Tessa Blanchard, LAX’s woes on being embarrassed by the Cult of Lee, Su Yung’s capturing of the Knockouts Championship and the riveting feud between Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan! Also, who is the backstage attacker that has struck multiple times over the last month? And, Austin Aries controversial victory over Pentagon Jr for the IMPACT World Championship.

The show kicks off with a Tag Team Championship match between the team of Drago and Aerostar vs. the champions DJZ and Andrew Everett. DJZ takes control over Drago after a brief ring of chain holds. Drago rebounds and tags in Aerostar. Andrew Everett and Aerostar sort of toy with each other by exchanging small moves and lots of acrobatics. Drago comes back in and locks Everett into submissions and hits some strikes. Aerostar gets the tag and they double team on Everett. He somehow escapes with kicks and ducks and tags DJZ back in. He is on fire and lights up his foes both at the same time with a double dropkick and a double hurricanrana, just to name a few! Drago and Aerostar begin to utilize quick tags and cutting the ring in half on DJZ. He tries to fight back, but he eventually gets launched over the top rope to the floor by Drago. Everett finally gets back in and he’s completely on fire. Drago stalls him and hits a huge powerbomb. DJZ hits a sunset flip powerbomb on Drago even though he’s not the legal man. Aerostar comes in and completely wipes out his foes. The teams start performing insane suicide dives on to each other and its chaos. DJZ hits the finisher DDT on Aerostar and Everett follows it up with the double front flip for the 1-2-3 pinfall win.

Z & E defeated Aerostar & Drago in a Tag Team Championship match by pinfall to retain the belts.

Brian Cage will be in action and the main event will be an Unsanctioned fight in the woods between Eddie Edwards and Sami Calihan! We see a video package that highlights the entire rivalry and how it all started.

Returning from commercial and we see Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt arguing over whether or not Williams is the mystery attacker. Dutt tells him he needs a break and Williams storms off, saying he’s “going home”. We also see a video package that features the new Knockouts Champion “The Undead Bride” Su Yung.

Some archive footage of a match between Tommy Dreamer and RVD airs where Dreamer had broken his wrist mid-match and refused to stop fighting!

LAX is chillin backstage and they are paid a visit by a some friends and they all vow revenge for Konnan tonight! After a brief commercial break, The Cult of Lee makes their entrance to attempt defeating LAX. King accompanies them to the ring and all four men starting fighting right away, but King stays at ringside. They really lay the beating on Trevor and Caleb in the corners of the ring. They make quick tags and double team on both members of the Cult of Lee. Trevor manages to make a quick comeback and he has Santana in a bad way after a few devastating moves. They start to utilize their tag team fluidity on the downed member of LAX. Santana is isolated in the corner and tries like hell to fight back from the double team onslaught. Ortiz is calling for the tag like a madman as his partner is decimated and bitten in the face by Konley! Santana hits the rolling cutter on Lee and finally gets the tag with his partner Ortiz! He is on fire and hits a huge back body drop on Konley and leaps to the outside onto Lee. The Cult of Lee manages to hit a huge double team version of a German suplex onto Ortiz and almost get the pinfall win. LAX comes back once Santana reenters the frame and they hit a huge double team

Cutter on Konley for the 1-2-3 pinfall victory!

LAX defeated the Cult of Lee by pinfall.

Eli Drake makes his entrance to speak a few “Facts of Life” –  He claims he will name the “Top Five Dummies of IMPACT Wrestling!” According to Eli…

5. The Fans of IMPACT Wrestling

4. Austin Aries

3. Impact Management

2. The Fans of IMPACT Wrestling (again)

1. Moose

According to Drake, him and Moose will do battle for the number one contendership of Austin Aries’ World Title and a match against him at Slammiversary in July! Moose has obviously heard enough and comes down to the ring to confront Eli Drake. He hits Moose with a cheap shot and ends up laying him out with the Gravy Train. He also topples the podium over on Moose’s chest before he exits the ring!

Rohit Raju makes his way to the ring for the daunting task of challenging “The Machine” Brian Cage. He makes his way to the ring and it takes no time to see what a mismatch this looks like. He makes the mistake of slapping Cage first and tries to outspeed cage until her gets flattened with a huge clothesline. He grabs Rohit and hits Weapon X for the pinfall victory in a very short match. He will challenge Matt Sydal for the X Division Championship next week and Sydal decides to come to the ring and congratulate Cage. He also claims he sees “inner weakness” in Cage, but claims he can help the big man if he relinquished his title shot. Cage grabs him and hits a huge version of the F-5 and holds up the X Division title before leaving the ring!

Brian Cage defeated Rohit Raju by pinfall.

We see Eddie Edwards driving into the woods and tells the person holding the camera to film EVERYTHING no matter what! He tapes up his hands and starts looking for Sami Calihan!

Josh Matthews now has a Skype call with Austin Aries, who is on vacation. He asks him about who he would rather defend his title against at Slammiversary, Moose or Eli Drake. Aries doesn’t feel threatened by either man and he also stands by his controversial victory over Pentagon Jr last week where he delivered a low blow just before winning the title. He does feel like Drake has the advantage over Moose in their match next week!

We return from commercial and see a video of Johnny Impact confirming that he will be returning to IMPACT at Slammiversary. Another video is played of Madison Rayne talking about her career and how fulfilling it was for her to defeat, who she believes is a bully, Tessa Blanchard. She believes she can win the Knockouts Championship and her eyes are set on becoming a six-time champion. Blanchard has an interview backstage and she is talking a lot of crap about Rayne. She is interrupted by Kiera Hogan and the two start fighting all over the backstage area! Blanchard gets her down and kicks her while she’s there before she walks off.

Returning from commercial, Moose is all fired up backstage and vows that he will not only beat Drake next week, but he will hurt him!

We go back to the woods where Edwards is still searching for Calihan. Edwards thinks he sees one of the Crist Brothers in a tree and Sami Calihan taunting him. They disappeared briefly, but the Crist Brother attacks Edwards from behinds. Edwards chokes him unconscious with what appears to be a long tree branch or piece of wood. He picks up his mask and walks away but is attacked by another brother from out of the trunk of the car. Edwards crushes him with the trunk door and Calihan appears and wants to fight. The two gouge each others eyes and and Calihan smashes his adversary with a cattle skull! The two men are literally trying to kill each other any way that they can. Edwards jabs Calihan in the head with an object and blood starts pouring down his face – he then tells Calihan that it’s time for him to die! A car drives up and Edwards’ wife and Tommy Dreamer jump out and try to calm Edwards down. Edwards completely loses control when he realizes that Calihan has vanished. He hits Dreamer with the bat and screams that it isn’t over! He runs off looking for Sami as his wife tries to help Dreamer and the show ends.

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