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John Osting reporting …

205 Live Recap

From: Corpus Christi Texas

Venue: American Bank Center

Air Date: June 5, 2018

Tonight on 205, Drake Maverick sets up the show recapping Cedric Alexander’s win against Buddy Murphy from last week and announcing Brian Kendrick against Lince Dorado and Buddy Murphy getting right back on the horse and face Mustafa Ali in the main event.

After the credits, Lucha House Party makes its entrance escorting Lince Dorado to the ring.  The announce team of Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson check in from the table as Brian Kendrick makes his entrance with Drew Gulak.  Gulak goes to the table to sit in commentary furthuring his feud with the House Party.

Match 1: Brian Kendrick (with Drew Gulak) vs. Lince Dorado (with Gran Metalik and Kalisto)

Kendrick opens up attacking Dorado but Dorado comes right back striking Kendrick.  Both men go to the floor and Kendrick is able toget control.  In the ring, Kendrick continues choking Dorado on the ropes.

Dorado is sent to the corner by Kendrick but fires out with a back heel kick taking Kendrick down.  Dorado uses his speed to get back in the match catching Kendrick with a cross-body.  Kendrick rolls outside setting up a suicide dive.  Dorado wins with the springboard Stunner.

Winner: Lince Dorado

After the match, Gulak attacks Kalisto on the floor, then ambushes Dorado from behind.  Luckily, Metalik and Kalisto recover in time to clear the ring of Kendrick and Gulak.

The announce team throws it to a video highlight recap of the championship match from last week featuring Cedric Alexander defending his title successfully against Buddy Murphy.

Mustafa Ali is backstage taping up in the locker room.  Ali says Alexander inspired him but he wants to prove that he still belongs in the title picture.  The show goes to break.

TJP makes his entrance.  His opponent, Brian Keith is already in the ring.

Match 2: TJP vs. Brian Keith

TJP puts down Keith and grabsto the house microphone to do arunning commentary and trash Drake Maverick for not giving him better competition.  TJP has called for Maverick to book him against better quality opponents.  TJP hooks Keith in a Sharpshooter but puts no pressure on it.  He sits in the position and teases becoming a free agent if Maverick doesn’t start coming through.  TJP sits back on the Sharpshooter and Keith taps.

Winner: TJP

The announce team tells us that Maverick goes all over the world looking for the best talent.  They throw it to a vignette introducing Lio Rush to the audience.

The show goes to break.

We return to the announcement of a six-man tag team match for next week.  It will be Brian Kendrick, Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher against Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik and Kalisto.

Mustafa Ali makes his entrance.  Dasha Fuentes finds Buddy Murphy backstage talking to Tony Nese.  She asks Murphy if he can bounce back after his loss from last week.  Murphy still believes he is the class of the division .  He makes his entrance for the main event.

Match 3: Mustafa Ali vs. Buddy Murphy.

Murphy overpowers Ali early but Ali comes back using his speed to drive Murphy from the ring.  Ali follows up with on plancha to Murphy before throwing him back in the ring.

Both men battle on the top turnbuckle.  Murphy puts Ali on his shoulders but may have slipped as he drops Ali across the second turnbuckle while he crashes to the mat appearing to injure himself.  Ali is clutching his ribs on the mat as Murphy recovers and attacks his opponent.

Ali is able to recover and nail Murphy with a sick-looking inverted rana.  Murphy gets draped between the ropes allowing Ali to hit a splash on him.  The two men begin slugging it out in the center of the ring.  Murphy blocks an X-Factor attempt and scores a near-fall.

The two men fight on the apron.  Ali nails an X-Factor on the apron.  Murphy blocks a splash attempt with a super kick and another near-fall.

Ali rolls to the outside and is able to hit Murphy with a sick DDT off the top rope on the floor.  Ali rolls Murphy into the ring and sets for the 054 splash but gets attacked by Hideo Itami.  Itami is not done as he also hits Murphy with running knees in the corner.

Winner: No Contest

The announce team say Itami is demanding respect from Drake Maverick as he stands tall in the ring to end the show for this week.

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