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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report – May 31, 2018

Footage is shown of the IMPACT roster being addressed by Sonjay Dutt about the brutal backstage attacks that have been going on. He assures them that there is nothing to worry about but they are visibly and justifiably weary about it because it has only been superstars that have gotten attacked, and nobody from the office. Petey Williams has to step in to assure them that Sonjay is being truthful and sincere.

We also see a video package promoting tonight’s show entitled “Under Pressure.” Austin Aries wants his belt back and Tessa Blanchard wants to make a statement!

Eli Drake makes his entrance to face his former tag team partner Scott Steiner, who makes his entrance next. These two men start battling tooth and nail right from the beginning as the bad blood is seemingly boiling. The fight rages to the outside and they trade back and forth. Once back in the ring, it looks like Eli Drake had met his demise after missing a springboard moonsault. Big Poppa Pump attempts the Steiner Recliner, but Drake is able to squirm his way to the outside before it can really be locked in. Steiner, in frustration, grabs the referee and tosses him to the side which allows Drake to plant a steel chair right on his cranium from ringside. Steiner goes down in a heap and the ref doesn’t see it. Drake jumps in and pins Steiner for the 1-2-3!

Eli Drake defeated Scott Steiner by pinfall.

A video package is played highlighting the feud brewing between Madison Rayne and IMPACT’s newest Knockout Tessa Blanchard. After the women make their entrances they trade back and forth and attempt to take control. Tessa is very confident and maybe has underestimated Rayne as she is surprised with the offense from Rayne. After one tilt-a-whirl slam from Blanchard, Rayne finds herself on dream street. Blanchard starts to maul her and make it look easy in the process, but Ryane manages to kick out of a few pinfall attempts. She buys herself a little time with a huge dropkick to Blanchard, followed by a barrage of strikes. Blanchard takes back control but can’t finish Rayne and becomes very upset with the referee. Madison Rayne wraps her into a schoolgirl pin and gets the upset victory!

Madison Rayne defeated Tessa Blanchard by pinfall.

LAX is playing cards and they are visited by their buddy and he gives them some ladies and a match for next week with the Cult of Lee. Ortiz and Santana must get their revenge!

We see a video package of Brian Cage, who will face Desmond Xavier next. Both men make their entrances and we go to commercial. Once we return, Xavier is doing anything to take advantage of Cage as he hits him with multiple dropkicks in the ring and one on the outside. Cage quickly smashes Desmond down and tosses him back in the ring. He is in no man’s land as he is tossed around the ring viciously by Cage. Desmond fights with everything he has and finally gets Cage down to one knee with a huge kick. He is able to lay Cage out as he hits an insane suicide dive to the outside. He hits the Final Flash, but Cage kicks out at one! Cage takes back control quickly and lays out Xavier with the Drill Claw! He gets the easy 1-2-3 pinfall victory on Xavier!

Brian Cage defeated Desmond Xavier by pinfall.

Austin Aries has a backstage interview and claims that Pentagon Jr isn’t the true champ until he can beat him one on one. Aries still feels like he is the rightful champ, but he will beat Pentagon tonight to get his belt back!

We see a video promoting Su Yung for her upcoming title shot at Allie in a Last Rites Casket Match. She makes her entrance after the undead bridesmaids bring the casket to ringside. Allie makes her entrance next to the music of Rosemary and with the same face paint on as well. Allies takes control quickly and begins smashing and kicking Yung. She attempts to put her in the coffin, but it doesn’t work and Yung gains control. She really lays a beating on Allie, but somehow she is able to comeback and dive off the apron onto Yung. She is fired up and seems to have recovered, It is short lived as Su Yung manages to regain control over Allie and gets her into the coffin for the win with the Mandible Claw!

Su Yung defeated Allie for the Knockouts Championship.

Pentagon Jr and Austina Aries face off in a bitter war. At the end, Aries will to be champion was too strong foe Pentagon Jr to over come. Austin Aries has ended the “Zero Fear” error… for now. He has regained his title and is now also IMPACT Grand Champion as well!
Austin Aries defeated Pentagon Jr via pinfall to regain the World Championship.

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