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CHIKARA “Aniversario – Heroes Shed No Tears” Results 5/26/2018

1. Tony Deppen vs. Hype Rockwell
Tony Deppen pinned Hype Rockwell in 5:06.

2. Volgar vs. Officer Warren Barksdale
Volgar beat Officer Warren Barksdale in 2:54.

3. Oceanea//Merlok/Hermit Crab vs. Icarus/Razerhawk/Danjerhawk
Oceanea/Merlok/Hermit Crab defeated Icarus & Xyberhawx2000 (Razerhawk/Danjerhawk) in 11:29 when Merlok pinned Razerhawk.

4. Fire Ant vs. Green Ant
Fire Ant pinned Green Ant (w/ Worker Ant) in 8:01.

5. Beast Warriors (Oleg the Usurper/Proletariat Boar) vs. The Closers (Sloan Caprice/Rick Roland)
Beast Warriors (Oleg the Usurper/Proletariat Boar) were victorious over The Closers (Sloan Caprice/Rick Roland) in a non-title match that also saw the likes of Cornelius Crummels/Sonny Defarge and The Legion of Rot getting involved.

6. Lucas Calhoun/Jeremy Leary vs. The Proteus Wheel
Lucas Calhoun/Jeremy Leary beat The Proteus Wheel (Frantik/Callux the Castigator) in 10:24.

10 Person Elimination Tag
7. “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti/Dasher Hatfield/Thief Ant/Travis Huckabee/Solo Darling vs. The Whisper/Hallowicked/Frightmare/Cajun Crawdad/Rory Gulak
“Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti & Solo Darling survived the match, following the elimination of their teammates Thief Ant, Dasher Hatfield and Travis Huckabee. They won by completely eliminating the opposing quintet of Hallowicked/Frightmare/The Whisper/Rory Gulak/Cajun Crawdad in 26:25.

For the Grand Championship
8. Juan Francisco de Coronado (c) vs. Mike Quackenbush
Juan Francisco de Coronado defended his title by forcing Mike Quackenbush to pass out in the Coronado Clutch, at the 26:51 mark.
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