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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report – May 23, 2018

The show kicks off with a video package highlighting last week’s show that saw DJZ and Andrew Everett win the Tag Team Titles from Scott Steiner and Eli Drake. Also, how much further will the bitter hatred between Sami Calihan and Eddie Edwards go?

Sami Calihan and the Crist Brothers make an entrance to the ring to face Drago and Aerostar in a tag match. The Crist Brothers dominate early on their foes with some assistance from Sami Calihan on the outside. Drago and Aerostar manage to make a small comeback with their plethora of high-risk Lucha Libre offense. The comeback is very short lived and OVE takes control again. Eddie Edwards shows up in the back during the match with a Kendo Stick and his wife begging and pleading with him that “it’s over.” Eddie makes it to the ring and lays out the Crist Brothers with the stick, but he ends up getting jumped from behind by Calihan. Edwards manages to choke Calihan unconscious with the Kendo Stick amongst a sea of referees and officials – his wife still screaming and pleading with him at ringside. Edwards snaps even more and lays out the officials with the stick! Edwards has seemingly lost his mind.

Later, El Hijo De Fantasma will challenge Matt Sydal for the X Division Championship and Moose will face of with the gigantic Kongo Kong in the Main Event!

The Cult of Lee and LAX make their entrances to do battle and LAX will try to break the losing streak they’ve found themselves in without Konnan. All four men waste no time brawling outside if the ring as soon as the match starts. LAX eventually takes control at ringside, but this turns into a fight real quick as Trevor Lee stomps Santana in the corner. After returning from commercial, Cult of Lee is in complete control isolating Ortiz in the corner. Santana eventually gets the Hot Tag and completely wipes out his foes. LAX hits a devastating double team move on Konley and they almost get the pinfall victory. Konley manages to get a sneaky pinfall victory on Santana after Lee trips up Ortiz from under the bottom rope. The LAX losing streak continues and they are not happy!

The Cult of Lee defeated LAX.

Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong are in the back for an interview. Jacobs claims he is not a bad guy and does only what is necessary. He wants to see Kong break Moose into pieces in tonight’s match!

Fallah Bahh and KM are walking through the back and they run into Grado with a hot chick. KM tells Bahh that if a “fat ass” like Grado can get a woman like that, than Bahh can get everything if he follows KM’s way!

We are shown an old clip of a great in-ring segment between Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray where they were promoting their upcoming Lockdown Match. Hulk Hogan interrupted them to say how excited he was to see the best man win in their match. Aces and Eights flooded the ring to attack and the TNA locker room flooded out from the back into a melee!

Madison Rayne and Tessa Blanchard get into an argument during Rayne’s backstage interview. They will face off next week at Under Pressure! Up Next, Matt Sydal defends his title against Fantasma.

DJZ and Everett have an interview in the back and they are unbelievably elated to be the champs. Scott Steiner comes over and starts screaming at them. Eli Drake tries to calm him down and they almost get into a fight! There is trouble brewing between the former tag champs.

Fantasma and Matt Sydal make their entrances and they start the match off with a handshake. The two trade back and forth with technical moves and reversals. Fantasma takes control and with a devastating tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Sydal bounces back quickly and hits a devastating dropkick in the corner and begins to work Fantasma’s arm in the middle of the ring. He switches up submission holds on his foe. Fantasma tries and tries, but can’t mount a comeback. He finally hits a series of shoulder tackles that sends Sydal to the outside and then follows it up with a huge baseball slide. We return from the commercial break and Fantasma is completely beating Sydal all around the outside of the ring. Sydal manages to dodge a move from Fantasma and goes for the Shooting Star Press, but Fantasma moves out of the way! He goes for the Thrill of the Kill, but Sydal escapes. Fantasma locks up a leg submission and Sydal screams in pain, but makes it to the bottom rope for a break. He gets his new finisher called Stacked Up on his adversary and wins the match via pinfall.

Matt Sydal retains his X Division Championship against Fantasma by pinfall.

LAX is in the back flipping out and they are confronted by one of Konnan’s boys to motivate them. He let’s them know that Konnan got jumped but he is safe. Ortiz and Santana need to represent the LAX name better!

We see a video package promoting the rematch between Pentagon Jr and Austin Aries next week at Under Pressure! Aries wants his title back and claims he will do it next week.

Petey Williams and Desmond Xavier will do battle to attempt breaking the undefeated streak of Brian Cage next week! The winner of that match will be the number one contender for the X Division Championship. These two go back and forth trading punches and kicks, and switching up all different kinds of holds and reversals. Williams takes control on the outside of the ring with a slingshot hurricanrana. They battle back in the ring and Petey is in control with suplexes. Desmond manages to reverse Petey into a German suplex in the corner and begins to take control back with strikes and a dropkick. He follows it up with a suicide dive over the top rope to the outside on Williams. He misses the 450 Splash on Williams and loses control again, but quickly manages a comeback with a Diamond Cutter move. They trade back and forth until Xavier hits a huge kick for the 1-2-3 pinfall victory!

Desmond Xavier defeated Petey Williams by pinfall.

We see a video package highlighting next week’s Last Rights match for the IMPACT Knockouts Championship between the champion Allie and the “Undead Bride” Su Yung!

Moose and Kongo Kong make their entrances for their match. Oddly, Kongo Kong is not flanked to the ring by Jimmy Jacobs. The two behemoths lock up to test each other’s strength. Kong begins to club Moose around the ring. He starts to dominate Moose with shoulder blocks. Moose pops up and hits a huge dropkick and send Kong to the outside. They brawl outside and Moose smashes Kong’s head into the steps. Kong quickly returns the favor, and then takes it a step further with an incredible cannonball onto Moose againsts the ring steps! Moose just beats the count in the ring at 9. Kong starts to bully Moose in the ring and hits a hard belly to belly suplex. He works the shoulder of mooses in the center of the ring. Moose starts to fight back well and attempts the body slam but He can’t and Kong eventually goes for the big splash, but he misses in devastating fashion. Moose starts kicking Kong in the head and actually hits the body slam. He flattens Kong with the spear and picks up the 1-2-3 pinfall victory!

Moose defeated Kongo Kong via pinfall.

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