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What Happened @ 205 Live

From: Baltimore, Maryland

Venue: Royal Farms Arena

Air Date: May 8th, 2018

An introductory video outlines the matches we will see tonight.  Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik will battle Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick, Tony Nese seeks to show everyone why he is the premier athlete and Buddy Murphy looks to erase his only loss in the division as he takes on Mustafa Ali.

The opening credits roll.

We are welcomed to Baltimore by the announce team of Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson.  Joseph speaks of a big fight feel and McGuinness says its because of Murphy making weight and getting back in the division.  They hype the main event later in the show.

The teams in the opener make their entrances.  As the match was set to begin, Drew Gulak comes out and takes a seat at the commentary desk.

Match 1: Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik vs. Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick

Dorado starts against Gallagher.  Dorado takes control leading to a funny wheelbarrow spot that saw Dorado and Gallagher intertwine and roll around the ring.  Watson tries to get Gulak to say what his problem is with the high flyers?  Gulak will not divulge.  Metalik tags in and they perform a double team top-rope dropkick .

Metalik and Gallagher start bouncing off the ropes.  Gallagher makes a blind tag then charges Metalik who dumps him over the top rope.  New legal man, Kendrick charges and gets backdropped to the outside.  Metalik dives on both men to the floor.  Metalik throws Gallagher into the ring forgetting Kendrick is the legal man.  Kendrick takes advantage by kicking Metalik from behind to take control.

They isolate Metalik for several minutes until Kendrick throws towards Gallagher in the corner and Metalik starts to fire back.  He takes out Gallagher in the corner and ducks Kendrick and makes the tag on Dorado.

Dorado picks up bouncing off the ropes and nails a springboard stunner to Kendrick.  He goes for a pin but Gallagher makes the save.  Gallagher knocks Metalik to the floor as Kendrick drives Dorado to the corner.  Kendrick and Gallagher  perform a corner dropkick, sliced bread combo.  Gallagher pins Dorado but Metalik breaks it up.  With all four men in the ring, Metalik and Dorado hit tandem super kicks.  Dorado grabs Gallagher and hits the shooting star press for the win.

Winner: Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik

The announce team hype the main event between Mustafa Ali and Buddy Murphy.  We are taken to a Twitter video of Ali on train tracks.  Ali talks about keeping the train rolling.  He says you have two options: more or get run over.

In the locker room, we see Murphy taping up and giving a pep talk to Tony Nese.  Nese wishes him luck and leaves.  In comes an interviwer to talk to Murphy about his match tonight.  Murphy said he’s had trouble adjusting to the weight but, now that he has, he is unstoppable.  He says that will continue and he hopes Cruiserweight Champion, Cedric Alexander is watching.

The show goes to break.

We return to Tony Nese making his entrance.  His opponent is in the ring.

Match 2: Tony Nese vs. Keith Clayball

Nese throws Clayball around the ring then stops to play to the crowd.  Nese performs the Tree of Woe bicycle kicks then charges the corner but Clayball moves and begins to fight back.  Clayball bounces off the ropes and Nese meets him with an running elbow that takes back control.  Nese sets Claybill in the corner and nails the running knees for the win.

Winner: Tony Nese

Vic Joseph mentions the uncertainty surrounding Hideo Itami.  He throws it to video package outling his troubles.  The first part of the video focused on the talent of Itami.  Then, the video shifted to his partnership with Ikira Tozawa.  A partnership, Itami says, he never wanted.

Percy Watson shows us a graphic highlighting the main event.  It’s coming up next!!

We return to catch a conversation between 205 Live General Manager, Drake Maverick and Cruiserweight Champion, Cedric Alexander.  Maverick wanted assurances that the dust up between Alexander and Murphy won’t happen this week.  Alexander said he made his statement last week.  Now, he’s perfectly happy letting Ali make his tonight.

Maverick then tells Alexander about going to thr UK for next week’s edition of the show.  Also, the rosters of 205 Live and the UK Division will be together on the show.  Maverick gives Alexander the job of relaying the info to the rest of the roster.

In the arena, Buddy Murphy and Mustafa Ali make their entrances.  During Murphy’s entrance, the play a recap video of the match between Murphy and Ali that resulted in Murphy’s first loss.

Match 3: Buddy Murphy vs. Mustafa Ali

The announce team starts the match toting Murphy as dangerous and powerful.  Ali uses his speed to stay away from Murphy and getting shots in when he can.  Ali sends Murphy to the floor with a head scissors.  Ali sends Murphy crashing into the announce table with a baseball slide dropkick.

Ali jumps over the rope to the floor where Murphy is waiting with a kick and a suplex on the floor to regain control.  They cut to Alexander watching from the back as Murphy continues to dish out punishment.

Ali flips out of a hold and the two men start running the ropes.  They each go for a running cross body and take each other out.  Ali is able to seize momentum with a pop-up drokick.  Ali goes for the rolling DDT but gets caught in a sleeper by Murphy.  Ali is able to get free and put on a sleeper of his own.  Murphy breaks the hold with a running cannon ball in the corner.

The two men trade blows in center ring as Murphy lunges after Ali.  Ali moves sending Murphy to the apron.  Murphy misses a shoulder to the stomach and gets hung up in the ropes allowing Ali to hit a DDT.  Ali goes for a pin but Murphy kicked out.  Murphy is able to counter a super plex and throw Ali to the mat to take control.

Ali is able to surprise Murphy and roll him up for a quick two count.  Murphy is able to counter into a power bomb and delivers three to Ali.  The referee checks Ali to make sure if he can continue.  Ali tells the referee he can continue so Murphy goes for another power bomb but Ali is able to counter into a face buster.

Ali tries to end it by setting Murphy on the top turnbuckle but he hesitiates just long enough for Murphy to push him to the floor.  Ali is able to land on his feet as Murphy dives off the top rope and gets caught with a super kick to the face.  Ali rolls Murphy in the ring for the pin but Murphy gets a foot on the bottom rope.

Ali sets up for the 450 splash but misses allowing Murphy to take control by going to work on the arm.  Ali tries one last desperate attempt at a second rope DDT but Murphy catches him and hits a pumphandle Samoan drop, called Murphy’s Law, for the win.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

Murphy celebrates his win by talking trash to Ali as the announce team goes over the replays to close the show this week.

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