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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report – April 26, 2018

The program opens with with a video package highlighting last Sunday’s Redemption pay-per-view. We have a new IMPACT World Champion and new IMPACT World Tag Team Champions. Austin Aries is talking to some of the IMPACT roster and says he’s still a champion and he won’t make excuses for losing the world title at Redemption. Moose tells him to screw off and walks away and everyone else follows.

The Cult of Lee’s music hits and Trevor Lee makes his entrance with his sidekick. He has the unfortunate task of facing “The Machine” Brian Cage, who makes his entrance. Brian Cage has no problem fending off Lee with the quickness. Trevor has to get ot the outside to regroup very early in the match. Cage wastes no time once Lee gets back in the ring as he hits him with an uppercut and a huge fall away slam. After an assist from Caleb Konley, Lee manages to stop Cage on the apron and gets him back in the ring and slams him with a huge german suplex. Some boots in the corner follow and Cage is hurt. Konley is cheating a every turn to help his buddy. Cage comes back with a huge barrage in the corner of strikes and a giant clothesline. He hits a huge innovative slam and a massive powerslam. Cage goes for a moonsault and misses it but manages to trip up Lee on the apron. A huge deadlift suplex into the ring and a Drill Claw flatten Lee for the 1-2-3!

Brian Cage defeated Trevor Lee by pinfall.

Tonight! Moose will face Braxton Sutter. Taya Valkyrie challenges Allie for the Knockouts Championship. And — the main event is a rematch for the Tag Team Championships as LAX challenges Scott Steiner and Eli Drake!

Eddie Edwards comes walking to the outside of the IMPACT Zone and Tommy Dreamer stops him and tells him that he needs to go back to his wife in the hospital. Eddie doesn’t want to hear it and looks possessed to get his hands on OVE. Eddie Edwards storms to the ring and grabs a mic. He claims he isn’t finished with his business until he puts the Crist brothers in the hospital with Callihan. He says if they don’t come out than he will go to Dayton, Ohio and put both of their wives in the ICU. The brothers try to attack him and Eddie manages to fend them off, but it’s short lived. Dave and Jake starting beating Eddie in the ring unmercifully. Eddie sidesteps one brother and sends him into the post and smashes the other to the ground.. He grabs a kendo stick from under the ring. A video starts playing of Callihan in a wheelchair rolling into Eddie’s wife’s room with flowers and balloons that are hiding his face. HE pulls out a pair of scissors like he is going to stab her and says he just wants to talk. Edwards goes running at full speed out of the arena and we cut to commercial!

A video package plays that highlights the triple threat world championship match from Redemption. Pentagon Jr, Fenix and Austin Aries put on a hell of a match! New World Champion Pentagon Jr will be at the show tonight.

A video highlight shows Steiner hitting a Frankensteiner on Brother Ray through a table at Bound for Glory 2007. A video plays of DJZ talking about his rode back from a career threatening injury. He believes he’s getting a second chance because he still has much to achieve.

Braxton Sutter makes his entrance and grabs the mic, but Moose’s music hits the second he begins talking. Moose looks like he means business! Sutter gets in his face and slaps him and Moose gets fired up. He tosses Sutter to the corner and hits about 8 or 9 devastating chops. He hits a standing dropkick and sends Sutter to the outside. He manages to side step Moose and he goes crashing into the steps. Sutter slithers into the ring to try and win by countout. Moose beats the count but Sutter is all over him in the ring. He starts slapping Moose again and is just making him more and more angry. He hits the big shoulder/headbutt combo and the Train to Moose Nation in the corner. He hits a huge spear and pins Sutter for the victory! It’s Moose’s birthday and the crowd chants “happy birthday.” He congratulates Pentagon Jr and says he’s the guy that’s going to take that title from him!

Moose defeated Braxton Sutter by pinfall.

Matt Sydal is having an interview in the back and the camera cuts to a man down in the back with a referee screaming for help. We cut to commercial.

LAX is in the back arguing about what happened to Konnan and their tag title shot tonight. Ortiz is screaming at Santana to get his head in the game!

Taya Valkyrie and Allie make their entrances as Knockouts Champion Allie will defend the title tonight. Valkyrie attacks her just as the bell rings. Taya slams her hard and starts kicking her in the corner. She tosses her across the ring again and hits a double leg drop to Allie’s gut. She starts slapping Allie’s chest in the corner multiple times. Allie starts to fight back with huge chops of her own, but Valkyrie takes control again almost immediately. Taya is just ragdolling her and Allies misses a dropkick in the corner which was her only offense. She manages to get back up and hit Taya with multiple clotheslines and a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall pin attempt at two! Allie misses in the corner with a splash and eats a huge suplex from Valkyrie. Allies gets out of the Road to Valhalla and hits the superkick and a Codebreaker for the pinfall win! Some strange music starts playing and some women that look like zombies start carrying a coffin to the ring. They leave it by ringside and walk away — Allie looks concerned and Su Yung attacks Allie from behind when the lights come back on. She destroys Allies with a vicious variation of the Pedigree. The lights go off and come back on and Rosemary is in the ring face to face with Yung. The lights go off and Su Yung has disappeared! We cut to another commercial.

Allie retains her Knockouts Championship against Taya Valkyrie via pinfall.

Returning from commercial, KM approaches Fallah Bahh in the back and apologizes for fat shaming him before. He claims he is going to stand side by side with the big man next week in a tag team match. Bahh doesn’t look very interested but KM storms off seemingly very persistent on the matter.

We cut to a night shot from outside of a hospital emergency center with some creepy sound effects. Eddie Edwards is storming through the hospital to his wife’s room and he’s screaming at his wife “where is he?” She claims that Callihan just wanted to talk and Edwards goes ballistic at the fact that she would talk to Sami. He runs off looking for his nemesis and assaults a few hospital workers in the process. He barges into Callihan’s room and attacks him, as well as attempting to suffocate him with a pillow. Some hospital personele breaks it up and claims that the police are coming! We cut to a commercial.

We return from commercial and the announcers are shocked at the Callihan/Edwards situation. We also find out that Rosemary will take on Su Yung next week. Also, a six man tag team match where the team of the returning DJZ with Xavier and Everett will take on Drago, Fantasma and Aerostar!

We see a video package that highlights the feud between Johnny Impact and “The New Monster” Kongo Kong. Jimmy Jacobs swears that his monster will annihilate Johnny!

Eli Drake and Scott Steiner make their entrances for the tag team title rematch tonight. Steiner grabs a mic and claims that there shouldn’t have been anyone with any doubts in their mind about him and Drake winning the titles. He tell’s LAX to come out if they want to get beat again! LAX makes their entrance with a purpose and Konnan is not with them. LAX wastes no time and starts taking it to Eli Drake. They make quick tags and continue to keep him on the defensive. Santana hits Drake with a huge backbreaker and manages to kick Steiner in the face, knocking him off the apron. Steiner tosses Ortiz into the steps and we cut to commercial.

We return and Steiner tags in and starts to lay into Santana. He hits him with a huge belly-to-belly suplex and breaks up his own pin. He calls out Ortiz and spits at him before he tags Eli back in. Eli goes to work with boots to Santana in the corner. Steiner tags back in and immediately gets Santana on the top rope. He climbs to the middle rope and lays him out with a super overhead belly-to-belly suplex. He tags in Eli and Santana is definitely in rough shape. They hit a double team suplex and double elbow drops. Eli works a headlock on Santana, but he fights out of it and both men are down. Ortiz tags in and hits some clothesline and a huge DDT. LAX starts double teaming Eli and Santana takes out Steiner on the apron. Ortiz hits a Death Valley Driver for a near fall pin attempt at two. Eli drake manages to catch Santana in mid air for a powerslam and gets the 1-2-3 pinfall victory! After the match, Eli grabs a mic and claims it may be time for him to cash in his case for a shot at the World Title. He says he will be a multiple champion. Austin Aries comes out with all of his titles besides the IMPACT World Championship. We cut to commercial.

Eli Drake and Scott Steiner retain the tag titles against LAX via pinfall.

We also find out that Eddie Edwards has been arrested.

We return and Aries claims he will get his title back whether its against Drake or Pentagon Jr. Drake says he’s taking the World title regardless of who is the champion. Pentagon Jr comes out and him and Aries get attacked by Steiner and Drake. They manage to dispatch of Drake and Steiner and then go face to face over the World title. We go off the air!

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