Posted April 23rd, 2018 by Bill Apter

I am sad to report the passing of Mrs. Baba. When I went to Japan several times I had a lot of contact with her and also at the yearly NWA meetings in Las Vegas.
She was known to be a tough business-lady but was totally sweet to me always. She died on Friday according to my friend Masa Horie (this is his Facebook post below):

Rest in Peace Mrs.Motoko Baba
I grew up attending Giant Baba’s All Japan Pro-Wrestling in the 1970s. They were the prime movers in letting me become captivated by wrestling.
Mrs. Baba, Mrs. Baba, I sincerely wish you to rest in peace. Since Elementary school students, it was not a new school of Japan, but it was a symbol of all Japan Pro Wrestling. A strict and gentle existence.” thank you for leaving all Japan!# ajpw

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