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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report – April 19, 2018

The show starts with footage recapping Aberto El Patron’s no show to the WrestleCon event in New Orleans and how Austin Aries feels resentment towards Patron for his actions. After the amazing match he had with Pentagon Jr and Fenix, he will face them again at the Redemption PPV!

Braxton Sutter comes out and introduces the “Undead Bride” Su Yung and she will get a chance at the Knockouts Champion Allie this Sunday! Fallah Bahh and Kiera Hogan will face them in a tag team match. Sutter and Yung sneak up from behind and go for the ambush but they are countered with double cross bodies. Bahh runs into the corner and catches an elbow from Sutter, but he manages to flatten Sutter with a suplex. The girls are tagged in and Hogan hits a huge cross body from the top on Yung. She tags Sutter back in and Hogan starts to beat him up because it’s an intergender tag match. Bahh comes in and misses a huge butt drop on Sutter and he tags in Yung and she dropkicks Bahh. Sutter comes back in and gets Bahh to the outside and lands some chops to his chest. Yung comes running in and takes out Bahh with a front flip dive from the apron! Sutter starts laying the beating on Bahh as he rolls back in the ring and works a chin lock on the big man. Sutter works him to the corner with chops and bites his head. Bahh manages to pull off a Samoan drop and the girls get tagged in. Hogan starts to light up Yung with strikes and finishes with a kick to the side of her head while shes down. She hits the sliding dropkick to a downed Yung in the corner. Back on the feet, Kiera lands a butterfly suplex and Sutter runs in to break it up. Yung hits Bahh with the kendo stick while the ref is distracted and Sutter dumps him to the outside of the ring. Yung hits the Panic Switch for the 1-2-3 pinfall victory!

Allie comes running out and attacks Yung on the ramp, but Sutter grabs her. Yung comes running over and smashes Allie. They start brawling and an army of refs come out to break it up.

Braxton Sutter & Su Yung defeat Fallah Bahh & Kiera Hogan by pinfall.

Tonight, Johnny Impact will take on Kongo Kong for the first time ever!

LAX are talking about the fact that Scott Steiner is a loose cannon and he may not help Eli Drake. They claim they will be victorious because you can’t stop a revolution!

Josh Mathews and Sonjay Dutt preview tonight’s show and we cut to a backstage interview with Kong and Jacobs. Jimmy describes how badly Kong will tear Johnny Impact apart and turn him into a monster because he’s been handed everything in his life based on his looks. Jimmy says he always gets what he wants because he’s a princess.

We are shown a video package of Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards’ feud that has reached unimaginable extremes. We also see the footage of OVE attacking Moose and further incidents that culminated in the House of Hardcore rules match at Redemption between OVE and the team of Moose, Eddie Edwards and Tommy Dreamer!

A flashback video airs of a match from the TNA archives between Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode.

Returning from a commercial and KM is making his entrance and grabs a mic. He says that he is an innovator and he will innovate a new match, the “KM Open Challenge.” He says he wants the best like Gillberg and The Brooklyn Brawler. He calls anyone out who wants the challenge. The Machine Brian Cage makes his way out to answer to the challenge and KM looks very afraid. He claims he wasn’t talking about Cage and he tries to fist bump him. Km tries to leave and Cage grabs him and hits the back suplex, followed by the big boot! He flattens him in the corner with a a running elbow and a kick. A german suplex and a deadlift suplex are delivered next. He follows that up with a huge flying elbow from the top rope and a discus clothesline. He finishes him off with a move very similar to the F5 and gets the easy pinfall win!

Brian Cage defeated KM by pinfall.

We see a video package of Jimmy Jacobs talking about Kongo Kong and his path of destruction. He also talks about how Kong will destroy Johnny Impact and that there will only be one monster in IMPACT Wrestling!

Kongo Kong makes his entrance with Jacobs. Johnny Impact makes his entrance next. Impact kicks him in the gut but gets tossed out of the ring quickly. Johnny gets back in and tries to kick and elbow Kong but it doesn’t really hurt him. Kong lands a gigantic shoulder block and then stands on Impact’s back. He tosses him in the corner and hits the big splash and a huge belly to belly suplex. He lands a devastating senton and a near fall pin attempt. Impact fights his way back and starts punching the big man. He lands the standing shooting star press. Kong gets back up and starts smashing on Impact again, who is trying to land as many strikes as possible on Kong with no affect. Kong smashes Impact into the ropes with a clothesline and follows Johnny to the outside. Impact tries to leap off the steps and Kong chops him down mid-flight and does a huge rolling senton into Johnny against the steps. Kong throws the ref into the barricade and then sets up the steps on the apron with Jacobs. He puts Johnny on his shoulder and runs down the ramp and tosses him into the steps like a lawn dart! Johnny is bleeding from the mouth and nose area as Kong and Jacobs stand over him!

Johnny Impact and Kongo Kong ends with no decision.

After the commercial we see medical personnel trying to help Johnny in the back. We then see a video package of how Allie turning down Braxton Sutter led to Su Yung’s arrival. It highlights the war that led to the Knockouts Championship match between them at the Redemption PPV.

We then see a video package of what led to the match between Matt Sydal and Petey Williams for the X-Division Championship at Redemption. Sydal claims Williams isn’t enlightened like him but Petey seems determined to win another X-Division Championship.

After a commercial, we see a video package of how Eli Drake and Scott Steiner hooked up to to challenge for the Tag Team Championships. Eli Drake cuts a promo during an interview in the back about how he is swimming in gold with a World Title shot and a Tag Team Title shot. Scott Steiner comes over and claims that Konnan will be carrying his bags again after Sunday night!

The show closes out with a replay of the WrestleCon triple threat match between TNA World Champion Austin Aries, Pentagon Jr and Fenix. Aries gets knocked out of the ring from a vicious double superkick and Pentagon wrecked Fenix with the Pentagon Driver for the pinfall victory! This was a non-title match, but they will all fight again for the title on Sunday at the PPV. These men laid it all out on the line in New Orleans and it should be no different on Sunday night.

We also see a video package promoting the Redemption pay-per-view.

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