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WWE Raw Recap

XL Center

Hartford, Connecticut

April 16th, 2018

Tonight, its night one of the Superstar Shakeup. Also, the Bar find out who their opponents will be in Saudi Arabia.

Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle started things off tonight as Michael Cole welcomed us to Hartford. Angle was in the process of speaking when Sunil Singh came out from the back and introduced the first Superstar to make the jump from Smackdown Live to Raw, United States Champion, Jinder Mahal.

Mahal is welcomed to Raw by Angle. Mahal wasn’t happy. Mahal said he dominated on Smackdown Live and would do it on Raw. He did have a bone to pick with Kurt. Mahal was upset he was not picked up in a limo. Angle reminded him they never discussed a limo. Mahal said that was his expectation and Angle should have known that. Mahal said he had a list of demands. He wanted Brock Lesnar treatment. Angle told him to email the demands then gave a bogus email address. He said that, on Raw, they settle things in the ring. He said that if Mahal thought he was the best on Raw, he should want to compete tonight so he will. Angle made an open challenge for the US Title. Jeff Hardy answered the challenge.

Match 1: United States Championship Match: Jinder Mahal (with Sunil Singh) vs. Jeff Hardy.

Mahal opens right up going right after Hardy getting him down and stomping in the corner. Hardy quickly recovers and fights back. Hardy nails Mahal with a basement dropkick sending Mahal to the outside as the show takes it first break.

We return to see Mahal back in control. Hardy tries to come back from the apron. He goes to the top and Mahal meets him. Hardy knocks him to the mat with an elbow. Hardy hits a Whisper in the Wind to take control briefly but Mahal would come back with a nice superkick for a two count. Mahal goes for his finisher but Hardy blocks it and comes back with a Twist of Fate and a top-rope Swanton for the win.

Winner: New United States Champion, Jeff Hardy

MizTV is hyped for later in the show where he will have special guests on the show. Bayley and Sasha Banks will be in action next!

Renee Young catches up with Mahal in the back. Mahal was upset about having to defend the title on short notice and said he would invoke his rematch clause in Saudi Arabia.

No Way Jose and his Conga line dance by and Jose tells Jinder, whenever he feels down, he always puts a smile on his face. He then asks Young if shes ready for a fiesta and they dance off together.

Bayley and Sasha Banks make their way to the ring for the next match.

Match 2: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks.

Early in the match, Bayley goes for a move off the turnbuckle and slips allowing Banks to throw her to the canvas. Bayley is able to fight back and send Sasha to the outside. Bayley nails on rana on the floor as the show breaks for commercial.

We return with Banks in charge but Bayley is able to turn things around with a high back drop. Banks comes back and nails a knee to the face then sends Bayley to the outside. Back in the ring, Banks starts trash-talking Bayley. This fires up Bayley and they start slugging each other right in the middle of the ring. Banks nailed Bayley with the double knees and locks in the Bank Statement. Before Bayley could submit, Smackdown Live’s Riott Squad hit the ring and attacked both wrestlers. The Riott Squad are now on Monday Night Raw.

Winner: No contest

The show ends that segment and goes to commercial.

We return to Rhyno and Heath Slater in the ring fired up that they are getting another shot at the Authors of Pain.

Match 3: Authors of Pain (Akam and Rezar) vs Heath Slater and Rhyno

Slater and Rhyno attack the AOP before the bell and take advantage as the match starts. The AOP come back by dropping Slater, throat-first across the top rope. Slater is able to duck a clothesline and tag Rhyno.

Rhyno comes in on fire and nails both men with hard-hitting offense. Slater and Rhyno try to set up for some double-team offense but the AOP dump Slater to the outside and nail Rhyno with the Last Chapter for the win.

Winner: The Authors of Pain

Miz-TV is next and it will have the next Superstar coming to Raw. The show cuts to a break.

When we come back, the Miztourage is in the ring. Miz announces his guests, Sammi Zayn and Kevin Owens!! Miz tries to make a power play telling everyone how the five of them will make the Raw the A show without question and they will run everything.

This brings out Angle who tried to get rid of Owens and Zayn reminding everyone they had a match last week and lost. Sami Zayn produces an email printout from Raw Commissioner, Stephanie McMahon signing he and Owens to Raw contracts.

Angle appears dejected but welcomes the duo to Raw. Just as the fivesome is set to start their path of destruction, Angle informs Miz that he and Smackdown Live General Manager, Paige have made a deal sending Miz to Smackdown.

Miz appears upset and initially believes that the entire Miztourage has been drafted. Angle lets him know that Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas are staying on Raw, Angle then gives Miz a going away present. The main event tonight is a ten-man tag team match that will feature the Miztourage, Owens and Zayn against Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Bobby Lashley, Braun Strowman and a mystery draft pick.

Roman Reigns is hyped for later in the show. Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt interrupted the announce team and said “We’re Here!!” as the show heads to break.

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt make their entrance with Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder in the ring.

Match 4: Tag Team Eliminator: Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt vs. The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder)

Shaemus and Cesaro were on commentary for this match and Cole let them have it at the desk for losing to a ten-year old at Mania.

In the ring, Wyatt took out Dawson with Sister Abagail and Wilder got double-teamed into a Twist of Fate from Hardy for the win.

Winner: Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt for the right to face The Bar for the vacant Raw Tag Team titles.

The Bar rose from the desk and the four men stared at each other.

The announce team of Corey Graves, Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman threw it to a video package detailing that all the Pay per View shows from this point forward will be dual-branded. Ronda Rousey and Stephanie McMahon highlights are hyped for next. The show goes to commercial.

The Bar is seen backstage talking about how weird they think the team of Wyatt and Hardy are when they run into Tyler Breeze and Fandango backstage. Breezeango say they have been transferred to a new precinct and give the Bar fashion citations.

The new arrivals to Raw from last week and this week are recapped by the announce team. Then, they throw it back to the Rousey McMahon confrontation from last week.

Rousey and Angle are shown talking in his office. Rousey seems happy and says all of her hard work is paying off. Angle tells her its just the start but watch out for Stephanie.

There is a knock at the door and Angle said its another Superstar coming to Raw. Natalya Neidhart comes on screen and Rousey is happy to see her because they have been training together. Angle told Rousy that Nattie had campaigned to come to Raw and wanted a match.

Ember Moon takes on Mickie James next with both Raw Women’s Champion, Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss on commentary as the show goes to break.

Ember Moon and Mickie James make their entrances. Jax comes out for commentary but there is no Bliss.

Match 5: Ember Moon vs. Mickie James

The first part of the match was all about Jax and Bliss. Jax said Bliss was a manipulator and uses words to hurt people. She had me thinking I was her friend for a long time. Bliss is backstage on camera. Cole asked why she isn’t on commentary. Bliss said she didn’t know Jax was going to be there and called her a bully. Bliss said she wasn’t going to give her the chance out there where anything can happen.

When they finally get to the match, Mickie yanks Moon off the buckle to take control. James hits a nice neckbreaker for a two-count. Moon comes back with a headscissors and a hard kick to James to gain control. She hits the Eclipse for the win.

Winner: Ember Moon

In the locker room, Zayn and Owens are discussing strategy when the Miz comes in and starts to ask questions about Shane McMahon. Owens and Zayn try to keep him focused but its no use. Miz sees Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas sitting off by themselves and makes them join the group as he tries to make his final match all about him. We are told a new superstar will debut after the break.

After the break, we come back to the entrance ramp as Dolph Ziggler’s music plays. Ziggler goes to the ring and starts to speak but is quickly interrupted by Titus Worldwide. Titus comes in and makes a pitch to sign to sign Ziggler. Ziggler appreciated the offer but told Titus he did not come to Raw alone.

Just then, Drew McIntyre hits the ring and attacks Titus Worldwide from behind. Ziggler and McIntyre lay out Titus and Apollo before leaving the area. Roman Reigns is next after the commercial.

Reigns makes his way to the ring and starts to cut a promo on Brock Lesnar. Roman says that, once again he is here and Lesnar is not. He started talking about how he will beat Lesnar in the cage. Reigns is adamant that this time will be different. Samoa Joe comes to the entrance ramp.

Joe says Reigns hasn’t lost to Lesnar not once, not twice, but three times. Joe said he wants to see what Reigns has done against Lesnar and shows a video highlight reel of Reigns getting destroyed. Reigns invites Joe to come down to the ting and see what he can do. Joe starts toward the ring but begs off saying he will wait for Backlash.

Absolution makes its entrance followed by Natalya for the next match.

Match 6: Natalya vs. Mandy Rose (with Sonya Deville)

Natalya goes for a quick roll-up on Rose. Rose gets up and shoves her. Natalya fights back and they go to the floor. Deville is able to distract Natalya giving Rose the upper hand. Rose hits a big knee to the face. Natalya fought back and locked in the Sharpshooter for the win.

Winner: Natalya

After the match, she is attacked by Rose and Deville until Rousey hits the ring for the save by taking out Deville.

The broadcast team set up an intoductory video for Baron Corbin who is also coming to Raw.

Tyler Breeze and Fandango make their entrance. They will face The Bar after the break.

Match 7: Tyler Breeze and Fandango vs. Shaemus and Cesaro

Fandango starts against Cesaro and puts on his ring jacket. Breeze tags in and takes a shot with the pop-up forearm giving The Bar control. The Bar nail a double-team move for a two-count. They try to hit a second double-team move but Fandango pulls Shaemus off the apron. The distraction allowed Breeze to roll up Cesaro for the win.

Winner: Fandango and Tyler Breeze

Renee Young was interviewing Elias. Elias said he doesn’t do concerts in small towns, like Hartford, anymore because they don’t matter just like Lashley. He said Lashley doesn’t deserve to be in the same ring with him. He tried to give Renee a private concert but she said they didn’t have time and threw it back to the announce table.

Corey Graves hyped the ten-man tag for after the break.

We return to hype for Superstar Shakeup night two, tomorrow night. Also, Brock Lesnar returns next week.

Match 8: Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, The Miz, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn vs. Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Bobby Roode, Braun Strowman and a mystery partner (Bobby Roode)

Roode was revealed as the mystery partner when his entrance music hit.

Rollins and Owens start things and Rollins dives on Owens on the floor as the show goes to commercial.

We return to Axel in the ring with Rollins. Rollins makes a quick tag to Roode who tags Balor. Axel works Balor to the heel corner and he gets worked over in the corner for several minutes. Balor is able to duck a move by Zayn and make the tag to Lashley.

Lashley comes in and hits major power moves on Zayn who is able to tag Miz. Lashley presses Miz over his head and trows him to the floor at the final break.

We return to see Owens in control of Rollins. Rollins fights out of the corner but Miz plants him with a DDT for a two count. Rollins recovers and triesto steal the win with a roll up for two count. Rollins makes the tag to Roode.

The action was fast and furious from here as Roode hit a Blockbuster on Axel. Dallas broke up the pin. Miz and Strowman tagged in and Strowman dominated Miz. Rollins nailed a suicide dive then Roode connected on a Glorious DDT on Zayn. Owens comes in and takes out Roode with a superkick. Lashley, in turn, plants Owens with a spinebuster.

Miz found himself in the ring again and dumped Lashley and then went after Strowman. Miz was doing solid corner dropkicks until Strowman came out of the corner with a dropkick of his own. Miz went to his corner and tried to tag Axel who refused the tag. Miz turned to Dallas who also refused the tag. Miz was left in the ring with Strowman. Strowman got the win with the power slam.

Winner: Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Bobby Lashley and Bobby Roode

We are told the Superstar Shakeup continues tomorrow on Smacdown Live as the winning team celebrates in-ring to end the show for this week.

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