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This is Sal “Rough Cuts” LaSardo with the wrap up of WM 34, that came to us live from New Orleans, Superdome — The crowd was listed at 78,000 — fairly impressive — did not expect them to to surpass WM 3 in Pontiac in front 93000 — still a huge crowd — and the crowd was very into it —

I must admit I had my doubts about Ronda Rousey — With all the hype of her coming in and she wasn’t on cue with her mic skills and didn’t really show me that going she was going to be a factor except for a few arm bars — Well, to me, she was a top 3 performer of the night — she exceeded by far in a 20 minute match the expectations — the anticipation for her to finally get in the ring after Stephanie was doing everything to keep her out — When she got in and all hell broke loose — she held her own — she delivered in more ways than one and you can tell the time spent at the performance center truly paid off — this match was worked to perfection — the hit her spots, sold her spots. and did more than anyone could have expected — Great Job Rowdy Ronda, looking forward to see you now in singles competition and what you can do on your own …I expect if she continues to improve she will get a title shot and the belt by Summer Slam —

For all those that complained that Cena and Taker did not live up to the expectations of what should have come of these 2 — let me put it this way — Cena was bullying Taker for longest time — and Cena asked for Taker, got Taker and got the beating he deserved — short and sweet and Taker showed why he is the true legend of legends — that was point of the match — is Tsker retired? or is another Msnia in store? Maybe a re-match against Cena at next year’s Mania with both careers on the line ? Time will tell — Right now, Cena will go away as well Taker and we will have to wait till next year to see but I think we will have 1 more match between the 2.

AJ Styles and Nakumura delivered a nice match — It was not match of the year but short compared to there other ,meetings but it left the door open as this is just the beginning between the 2 as Nakumura appears to have turned heel and Smackdown needs a heels now — so — we got a sampling of what is to come and on future ppv’s they can have 30 minute match with more spots — AJ proved is he Phenomenal and glad he retained — it was one of the matches i predicted correctly –

Allot of people wanted to know why Braun would pick a 10 year old as his tag team partner — Quite possibly Nicholas could be from the Make A Wish foundation and wanted to meet his favorite wrestler and why not let him become a champion in front of 78,000 people — the crowd had no problem with it as they knew there was a reason for it — The child must be special and was a granted this request and it was nice of the WWE to do something for him — I am sure he is going to get a 1-2-3 on lesser talent when Braun defends the belt and then Braun will have to pick a true partner down the road but for tonight — it was a nice gesture on Braun and the WWE to give this child a special moment — Great Job — !

Charlotte and Asuka put on a a very nice match that will just be the beginning between these 2 — glad the streak is over and can move onto other things for Asuka — Charlotte is a Flair and to be the woman you got to beat the woman and Asuka is just not ready for Flair — but never the less it was a solid a match and with allot of close calls and I expect more from these 2 in future ppv’s — The disappointing factor was Carmella did not try to cash in the MITB – It should have happened whether Carmella wins or loses — especially since she went out first in the women’s battle royal -

Speaking of the Women’s Battle Royal — It was fairly entertaining overall — i had no idea and neither did the crowd that Naomi was not eliminated — and we were left with sasha and Bayley — I think we are going to see Bayley turn heel soon — you can see after Naomi won that Bayley has had enough — and time for a change — I want to see Bayley and Sasha team up and Bayley turns on her and then they have a match later on in the year at SS — it could steal the show –

Matt Hardy winning the men’s battle royal was a surprise especially with Kane, GoldDust in there — I thought Kane would win since he maybe leaving — but to see Bray Wyatt come in the ring with Matt — gave me chills — I like to see these 2 team up — i think it could be a strange and interesting team — It was good finish — and Matt can hold his own without Jeff —

I was disappointed in the Alexa Bliss/Nia jax match — Nia basically just gave a beat down and Alexa seemed to be over matched — I wanted more from Alexa and she was bounced around like a ping pong ball throughout the match — I understand wanting Nia to win but Alexa was made to look way to weak especially since she has been a fighting champion — Alexa had no answers for Nia, especially the match she had at the Chamber — I hope Alexa can rebound and get herself together because she was a champion and champions fight and she did not come to fight tonight.

i thought Lesnar winning over Roman was a surprise — i am not a fan of either — but at least Roman would have been a fighting champion — Lesnar hardly defends the title — I know :Lesnar is closing on on CM Punks reign and maybe he breaks it before losing it but at least Punk defended the title regularly — Lesnar does not — it seems to be where they are going — So, at this point Lesnar likely sticks around to SS and then drops the belt after he breaks CM’s record which seems the way the WWE is headed and cutting all relevance to Punk history with the WWE. The match overall was not bad — The fans are just not into either of either of these 2 — nice spots, and good match but i agree the match could have happened earlier in the card and left AJ/nakumura match for last or Charlotte/Asuka for last — Even Cena/Taker could have closed the show — I be cool with that –

Miz losing his belt was no surprise but Rollins winning was — I thought Finn would get his due — They gave Rollins the Grand Slam — Miz was leaving anyway — This match was one of my favorites and better than expected — Allot of high spots, near misses — allot of action for a triple threat match — I thought it was one of the top 3 matches on the card — and all 3 performed very well — and now the question is Finn vs Rollins? can we get that match ? i think it can have allot of potential going forward while the Miz is away —

Jinder winning the US belt was a surprise — and came out of no where — it was no where near as good as the IC match — allot of questions need to be answered — I predicted Randy would have held the belt — but he is there to put talent over — he hit is RKO’s — Rusev Day is over with the crowd but to see him pinned by Jinder just defeats the purpose of Rusev Day — the question now is how does Rusev rebound after getting pinned like that? Bobby Roode looked very weak and needs a heel turn badly — he is best as a heel and needs to go back to his beer money gimmick he had in TNA — way to weak for someone of his caliber — time for a change — i thought the match had some nice spots but it could have been allot better — and I was disappointed — not with Jinder winning but just the lack of chemistry and story telling, the execution of the match — I was not impressed when you have 4 champions in the ring —

I guess Sami/Kevin Owens got fired for losing to Daniel and Shane — need not worry those 2 are going to RAW — so rest assured they are still going to be with the company — I thought Daniel would have turned on Shane and set up a feud between the 2 and kept Owens and Sami on SD but the WWE has other ideas — Daniel did look good in coming back after being out of action for so long and if the point was to showcase Daniel then they succeed but i want a twist to the ending of the match we did not get it — We got a clean victory by Shane and Daniel — good match just the finish not what I expected —

I predicted the Bludgeon Brothers would win the titles — one of the few matches I predicted correctly — I am glad they won — they need a push — and they are getting it now — USO’s have had the belts long enough == New Day broke the record and help the titles longer than anyone –these 2 can be like the new version of Demolition back in the day — Lets hope they can run with it for awhile —

My top 3 performers of the night —

Ronda Rousey — she exceeded all expectations by far — no one expected this performance.

AJ Styles for keeping the US belt and showing why is Phenomenal

Rollins for winning the IC belt in a very action packed match with lots of thrills and chills —

Overall I give Mania 4 stars out of 5 — the card was loaded from top to bottom — Ronda delivered as I mentioned several times — just to see the UnderTaker appear again was worth it and Cena getting his butt kicked made my night– glad to see he is back even for 1 night — until next year — The women’s division is shaping up to be a potential headliner to main event at next years WM — especially if Ronda improves — we could see a number of possibilities and perhaps a Charlotte vs Ronda for the title would main event for sure — The IC title seems to now have relevance again and hope Rollins can showcase it the way Miz has done — We saw allot of high spots, close finishes, plenty of bumps and bruises and we were entertained for 7 hours of wrestling and no one can complain about that — The only negative I have is AJ/Nakumura match should have been longer and saved for last — I know its just the beginning for those 2 — and I want to at least 30 minutes next time — Also, Carmella not cashing in was a low point — only Nakumura turning heel was a surprise — he will get cheered but SD needs heels because Sami/Owens heading to Raw — Daniel looked great in his come back but where does he go from here? I like to see him face AJ but i think its a long shot since the feud has just begun with AJ/Nakumura.

Until next time, this has been Sal “Rough Cuts ” LaSardo – may all your matches be a main event — your feedback is welcome to salnbandit42@gmail.com

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