Posted April 8th, 2018 by Bill Apter

Owens & Zayn attacked Daniel and Shane slamming Bryan onto the ring apron from outside the ring and tossing Shane into the audience. Referees came out and the medical examiner as Daniel is not able to compete and it looks like Shane will go it alone an the bell rings …. Shane does well beating on both of them … They kick Shane in his lower area where his diverticulitus problems stem from.

Shane is hurt but keeps up some momentum as he has Sami is upside down in the corner and Shane does his “coast to coast” move!

Owens comes in and crashes down on him … Bryan amazingly comes bck out of nowhere!

He gets the tag and it’s like he never left doing high llying manuevers … a missle dropkick … He is doubleteamed and Shane is kicked from the ring apron … A pop up power bomb but Bryan kicks out at two … Shane & Owens on the floor now … Zayn and Bryan battle it out in the ring … Kicks by Bryan … THE YES LOCK AND ZAYN TAPS OUT!!! DANIEL WENT TO RINGSIDE & KISSED HIS BELLA!!!

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