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Gonzo Shark’s Mixed Match Challenge Report – Week 11

Finn Balor & Sasha Banks vs. Bobby Roode & Becky Lynch

The second week of the semifinals of the WWE Mixed Match Challenge start off with a surprise as we learn that Bobby Roode’s partner, Charlotte, will be temporarily replaced by Becky Lynch tonight per the fans’ vote. Becky Lynch’s music hits and the newly formed partners make their entrance first. Sasha Banks and Finn Balor make their entrance next. There is video footage of Kurt Angle backstage in the chat on Facebook live. Finn Balor and Sasha Banks also get a video played of them promoting the charity that they are fighting to win 100,000 dollars for, The Special Olympics!

Balor and Roode begin the match by exchanging a series of headlocks and arm locks that ends with Balor executing an arm drag to an arm lock on the mat. Roode cleverly escapes and Balor quickly catches him in a headlock takeover, but Bobby escapes that as well. The two get back on their feet due to the stalemate and taunt each other before the woman want in.

Banks and Lynch come in like lightning and try to “one up” each other quickly, but Lynch catches Sasha in mid-air and smashes her to the mat on her face. She quickly rolls her up for the pin but Banks kicks out at the one count. Banks quickly gets on top and goes for a jackknife cover but Becky bridges out of it before the three count. Sasha slaps her hard in the chest and hits a lucha style arm drag in the corner. Becky gets back up and hits a few deep arm drags of her own before the two stand and also taunt each other. Sasha jumps on Becky and starts punching her on the ground. Balor gets tagged back in and lands a few arm drags, but Roode gets up and works him to the corner. Roode goes for the Glorious DDT but gets countered and ends up on the ground. He hits a nasty Basement dropkick on Roode while he’s down. Roode manages to get back up and hit a hard knee to balor’s midsection and pins him for a near fall at two. Roode clubs him in the back a few times before he hits a gnarly suplex that shakes Balor to his core. Back on the feet, Roode prevents the tag lands a huge boot to Balor’s head, but Balor immediately returns the favor with an overhead kick and both men are down.

Balor makes the tag narrowly and the woman are back in. Banks starts off red hot with a flurry that ends in huge double knees to Becky while she’s on the ground and pins her, but she’s able to kick out! Becky regains her composure and fights off Banks to the corner and executes a huge forearm followed by a  Becksploder suplex. She climbs the turnbuckle and lands a big missile dropkick and a pin. Kick out at two! Becky attempts a body slam, but Banks is able to roll her up for a near fall at two. Banks gets up and Kicks her, but misses the knees in the corner.

Banks gets back on her feet but not for long as Becky kicks her in the face while shes on the apron. She somehow gets Becky on the ground with a knee from the apron. She climbs the turnbuckle, but she’s met there by Lynch who lands a devastating Superplex from the top rope. Becky tags Balor back in and he starts of fast with some massive forearms and a double foot stomp. Roode makes it to the corner but eats a step-up enziguri just seconds later and falls to the mat. Balor lands a modified neckbreaker and goes for the pin, but it’s a kick out again! Roode is in the corner again it is able to land a big boot and he’s out of the heat for a moment.

He hits the Blockbuster and pins Balor for a close near fall. Balor gets a roll up for a near fall and hops right up to land the Sling Blade. He follows it up with a huge dropkick that sens Roode flying into the corner. Sasha wants the tag and immediately lands the double knees on Becky from the top rope for a near fall at two. She then dropkicks Roode out of the ring and does a suicide dive through the middle rope on him! Balor tosses him into the barricade, but Lynch proves she’s an opportunist and snatches a sneaky roll up for the pinfall victory.

Kurt Angle comes out and talks about how Charlotte is injured and Becky rose to the occasion to be Roode’s partner. He says that The Miz and Asuka will be representing RAW in the finals and that each team has a huge opportunity to win that money for their charity next week.

“Oh it’s true, it’s DAMN TRUE!”

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