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The Raw Written Recap

From: Cleveland, Ohio

The Quicken Loans Arena

Air Date: March 26th, 2018

Welcome to this week’s Raw review for 1wrestling.com.  As the sights and sounds of New Orleans draw ever closer for the WWE universe, with two weeks to go, some major questions are still left unanswered: 1.  will John Cena’s quest to go to Wrestlemania as a participant and not a fan come true, and 2. Will Alexa Bliss be Braun Strowman’s partner in his quest for tag team gold? Lets find out!!

The show opens with Paul Heyman and the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar making their way to the ring.  A recap video was shown reminding fans of what happened to the suspended Roman Reigns after he showed up unannounced and got beat down by Lesnar.  Heyman makes the announcement that Reigns’ suspension is lifted this week but he probably won’t show up because hes not a man.

Reigns comes out to the ring through the crowd walking slowly highlighting the fact he is not 100 percent.  Lesnar met Reigns at ringside to try to continue where he left off last week.  Reigns was ready early, running Brock into the ringpost and bashing him in the back with several chair shots.

Reigns got a little greedy and went for a Superman punch off the ringside steps and got caught giving Lesnar the break he needed.  The Beast took full advantage.  Lesnar suplexed Reigns on the floor then tossed him back in the ring with the steps.  He took the steps and hit Reigns in the head with them.  Lesnar then decides to wail on Roman with the chair.  Lesnar started to leave but returned to deliver an F5 to the beaten Reigns on top of the steps.  As Roman fell off the stairs in agony, Lesnar mounted them and looked down a Reigns to close the segment.

The announce team of Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Jonathan Coachman reminded us of Cena against Kane in the main event, Rhonda Rousey is here and next, Nia Jax gets her hands on Mickie James as the show heads to break.

As we return, we see Reigns limping off while a recap video of the opening segment is shown.

Match 1: Nia Jax vs. Mickie James (with Alexa Bliss)

This was Jax’s chance to take away perhaps Alexa Bliss’ only ally.  It was the Jax size against the James expierence and cunning.  At one point, Jax tossed James around the ring and it looked like Mickie may have been injured.  She rolled to the floor as the show broke for commercial.

After we come back, it doesn’t appear James is injured as she looks fine in the ring.  Jax wins with a Samoan drop and pin.

Winner: Nia Jax

Bliss ran in and tried to nail Jax with a blow but it had no effect.  Jax just got angrier and Bliss ran away.

Michael Cole tells us that we are going to see a Triple H and Stephanie McMahon training video later in the program to end the segment.

After commercial, we see the video of Stephanie and Hunter training for their big Wrestlemania match.  Footage aired and it is said that they have been training all year for this moment. Stephanie believes they will humble Rousey.

Cedric Alexander’s music plays as he makes his way to the ring to close the segment.

We return to find the Cruiserweights having a match in progress and 205 Live Commissioner, Drake Maverick sitting in on commentary.

Match 2: Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak and TJP

The four men had a good match going when Ali tagged himself in unknown to Alexander.  Alexander then hits the Lumbar Check on TJP but it was disallowed.  Ali was able to hit his 054 splash and pick up the victory.

Winner: Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali.

The two men celebrate the win and have smiles on their faces as they discuss the end of the match.

Miz TV is next with special guests, Seth Rollins and Finn Balor.  The Smackdown recap is shown as the show heads to break.

Miz TV is in the ring as Cole points out that Miz is from Cleveland.  Miz told the crowd he lives in Los Angeles.  Then, he said that he wants to get things out in the open.  He asked the Miztourage-Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas- if they were happy.  They gestured that they were.  Miz told them he was not and didn’t believe he could count on them anymore.

Dallas tried to plead his case saying that they are doing the best they could.  Miz did not believe so and wanted to send Dallas back to catering.  Seth Rollins comes out and takes up for Dallas and Axel.

Rollins asks Miz how often he says thank you.  Rollins pointed out that, without them, he would not be the Intercontinental Champion.  Miz took offense to that and started listing his accomplishments.  Dallas called him phoney.  Miz asked him to repeat himself when Balor’s music hit.

Balor comes out and also takes up for Dallas.  Miz slaps Dallas.  Dallas goes after Miz who is being held back by Axel.  Miz, getting braver, says he will be the greatest IC Champion of all time; better than Randy Savage or Mr. Perfect.  The last comment warmed up Axel’s temper causing Miz to end the interview.

As Miz starts to leave, he is stopped by Axel and Dallas.  They talk and then the Miztourage attack Rollins and Balor prompting Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson to come out and fight them to the back.

The Miz bails out of the ring but forgets the belt.  Balor picks it up.  Rollins wants to hold it as well so they begin fighting for it.  Miz takes this opportunity to try to steal the belt back but get clotheslined by both men.  Rollins’ clothesline sends Miz to the floor.  Rollins turns around and takes a clothesline from Balor.  Asuka is shown walking backstage.  She is in action, next.

We return from commercial to see a promo from Kane regarding tonight’s match.  Kane says Cena should not disturb the dead and that he won’t have to worry about going to WrestleMania because Kane is going to send him straight to Hell.

Asuka makes her entrance.  Asuka’s opponent, Jamie Frost, gets an interview because its her first match.  The vultures start to circle as Frost says Asuka is not ready for her because its her first match.

Match 3: Asuka vs Jamie Frost

Asuka wins with a kick to the noggin.

Winner: Asuka

The announce team shifts gears to a recap of last week’s Ultimate Deletion.  Cole apologies for it while Graves talks about how great it was. Matt Hardy appears on the Titontron and said Bray Wyatt is no more.  He declared his latest great war over and said he must pay tribute to The Ultimate Vessel #8, in other words, he in entering the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

Graves hyped a look at Bayley and Sasha Banks as the show heads to break

We return and the announce team switches gears to the Women’s Battle Royal.

We cut to the back and find Bayley and Sasha Banks talking backstage about their recent problems.  Banks says she wishes Bayley would quit being so passive aggressive and do things for herself.  Bayley countered that she thought Sasha liked her that way so Sasha always would get her way.  Sasha says that maybe, if Bayley would do more for herself, people wouldn’t consider her such a loser.  Bayley said that Banks always sabotaged her because she can’t beat her.    Banks then referred to herself as a four-time champ prompting Bayley to ask her how  long she held it.

That steamed Banks and the fight was until referees came in to separate them.

Braun Strowman makes his entrance as the announce team reminds us he needs a partner to go to Wrestlemania.  The show heads to commercial.

Sheamus and Cesaro make their entrance and demand to know Strowman’s partner so they can properly prepare.  Strowman says he will tell them if Sheamus beats him.

I still vote for team Little, Big at Mania.

Match 4: Braun Strowman vs. Shaemus (with Cesaro)

Shaemus set up for his forarms to the chest but Strowman blocked it sending the Celtic Warrior to ringside.  Strowman closes a rather quick match with the running powerslam.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Michael Cole said Rhonda Rousey would be here after the break.  The Smackdown recap airs again as we go to commercial.

Kurt Angle makes his entrance and introduces Rousey who gets just lukewarm applause.  Angle starts things off  saying that after training with her, Rousey is ready for Wrestlemania.  He cautioned things saying that, because Triple H and Stephanie make the rules, it will not be easy, but should be fun.

Rousey took the mic and said she doesn’t want easy.  She referred to Stephanie McMahon as “trust-fund tough” and “personal-trainer tough.”  She finished by saying McMahon will get what she deserves, her arm ripped out of socket.

Absolution comes out and Paige offers her a spot in the group.  Rousey politely declines.  Paige is upset by this and says instead of friends, she now has enemies.

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose step in the ring.  Rousey readies for battle.  Deville tries first and gets banged in the top of the head and taken out.  Rose acts as if she is going to back off but tries to throw a kick.  Rousey catches it and suplexes her to center ring.  Rousey grabs the arm as if she is going to snap it but Kurt is able to calm her down to close the segment.

The broadcast team takes us back to the opening confrontation between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.  John Cena and Kane is hyped again for later in the show.  Gallows and Anderson make their entrance as the show heads to another break.

We return to the match joined in progress.

Match 5: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs. Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas

Michael Cole made the comment that Axel and Dallas appeared to be “all in.” referencing the fact that their earlier differences with the Miz had been resolved.  It didn’t help them win the match as Gallows and Anderson hit the Magic Killer on Axel for the win.

Winner Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

The announce team highlight a tweet from Charlotte about Asuka’s unbeaten streak.  Elias is walking backstage to close the segment.

Elias comes out and sings a song making fun of Cleveland.  That brings out Rhyno and Heath Slater.  Rhyno is set to take on Elias.

Match 6: Elias vs. Rhyno (with Heath Slater)

Elias defeats Rhyno in a quick match with the Drift Away.  After the match, Elias messes a bit with Slater.  Corey Graves promises a look at the Cena, Undertaker situation after the break.

Graves and Coachman rundown the major matches for WrestleMania so far.  A video is shown of all the times Cena has tried to goad the Undertaker back.  Cena and Kane make their entrances.

Match 7: John Cena vs. Kane in a no disqualification match

Kane takes control early.  He runs Cena into the ring steps to close out the first segment of the match.  The show goes to commercial.

Kane maintained control outside the ring, punishing Cena.  Kane throws Cena back inside the ring and Cena sits up, just like Undertaker and Kane.  Cena makes the throat slash gesture and begins his comeback.  Cena evens up the matchup by coming back on Kane.

Cena tries to end things with an Attitude Adjustment through a table but Kane takes a free hand and tips the table over.  Kane tried to end things with a chokeslam through a table but Cena escaped.  Finally Cena put Kane through a table to win the match.

Winner: John Cena

After the match, Cena was puzzled why the Undertaker still hasn’t answered his challenge.  Cena said he asked for a no dq match to make it easier for him to show up, and nothing happened.   Cena called the Undertaker a coward.

Cena said its not hard, just a simple yes or no.  He said he is fine with a no but wants some kind of answer.  He challenged to “do something” next week to close the show.

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