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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report – March 22, 2018

The show starts off with the 4 winners of the Feast or Fired match from last week arriving at the arena. Moose, Petey Williams, EC3 and Eli Drake will all find out their destiny tonight. Who will get a title shot and who will get the unfortunate pink slip? We also see a video package highlighting that match from last Thursday.

Josh Mathews and Sonjay Dutt welcome us to the show and the music of Alberto El Patron hits the speakers. He makes an entrance as the commentators talk about how he stuffed a steak into the face of IMPACT World Champion Austin Aries in a show of disrespect. El Patron wants to get down to business and fight a real champion like Austin Aries for the first time in history. He says it’s going to happen at the Redemption pay-per-view. Alberto says Aries is wrong about saying he’s the greatest man that ever lived because that’s actually him. Austin Aries makes an entrance holding all of his title belts. Aries sits on the turnbuckle and stares El Patron down, but Patron claps at him. Austin explains how him and El Patron aren’t all that different. Aries believes that El Patron is full of it and completely disingenuous. Patron calls him to come off the turnbuckle because he wants to say something to him face to face. He tells him that he has something to prove and Aries knows he isn’t the real champion because he never beat him. Aries believes that he will be the better man because he has a bigger chip on his shoulder. It is shaping up to be an incredible match at the pay-per-view.

We return from commercial to the commentators talking about the IMPACT World Championship match at Redemption. They also talk about the matches set for tonight. Allie vs. Siena for the Knockouts Championship. Kongo Kong vs. Abyss in Monster’s Ball. It will be a huge night!

Trevor Lee makes his entrance with Caleb Konley and he will take on Fallah Bahh. Bahh makes his entrance and taunts Lee as soon as the bell rings. Trevor pushes him and gets shoved across the ring. Lee throws a ton of kicks and punches that hurt Bahh for a moment, but Bahh knocks him down and steps on him. Lee regains the upper hand after a distraction from Konley. Bahh get tossed out of the ring and chucked into the steel steps from Konley when the referee’s back in turned. Lee hammers on him back in the ring with punches and elbows on the mat. Lee chokes Bahh with the middle rope and starts to slap Bahh’s chest back on the feet. Bahh becomes enraged and smashes him down and then sits on him. He starts hitting the double handed chops on Lee and Konley grabs him for the save. With the two men sprawled out on the mat, Bahh takes the initiative to execute a Steamroller on both men! He drops Lee with a huge Samoan Drop for a near fall because he manages to get his foot on the rope. Bahh climbs the rope for the Banzai Drop but Lee jumps up and tries to give him a german suplex off the rope, but he can’t do it. Konley clubs Bahh when the ref isn’t looking and Lee hurries to get Bahh to the mat with a roll up off the second rope that also acts as a slam. Bahh isn’t able to kick out of the roll up and Lee gets the victory.

Trevor Lee defeated Fallah Bahh by pinfall.

Next we see an OVE clip of a women entering a hotel and looking for her room. We are shown that it’s Eddie Edwards’ wife and he knows that OVE is following her after he’s tipped off backstage. We see someone tell the hotel worker that he has locked himself out of his room and needs to get back into it. She agrees to let him in the room. It is obviously the voice of Sami Callihan and he’s trying to get into Eddie’s wife’s room! We cut to commercial. The commentators let us know that Eddie is on his way to that hotel and they will keep us updated.

Petey Williams is interviewed about the case he won last week in the Feast or Fired match. He isn’t worried about getting anything and doesn’t really care if he gets a pink slip because he knows he’s one of the best in the world.

Rohit Raju makes his entrance to challenge Matt Sydal for the X Division championship. Sydal comes out wearing a Lucha mask and is flanked by Josh Mathews. Sydal claims that Matthews is his one true spirit guide. The two men lock up to a stalemate right after the bell rings. They exchange holds and arm locks and arm wrenches. They go back and forth with nobody gaining control really. Finally Raju begins to picks up steam with some kicks and a running knee. He clobbers Sydal with a right hand but is reversed into the corner with an irish whip. Sydal lands a huge spinning kick and starts to work Raju’s legs in the corner. He lands a sliding knee in the corner. The two men exchange chops until Sydal knocks him down and throws a submission on him, but Raju won’t tap. Back on the feet Raju manages to land a neckbreaker. Returning from commercial, Sydal is still in control and lands a scorpion death drop on Raju. Both men throw kicks but Raju is able to trip Matt and land some running kicks and knees. He goes for a pin but Sydal kicks out. Raju lands a huge elbow for another near fall. Sydal lands a kick that nearly knocks Raju out but he is able to kick out as well. He does land a german suplex on Raju and climbs to the top. Raju tries to stop him but he slams him with a sunset flip powerbomb and climbs back up to execute a Shooting Star Press for the 1-2-3 pinfall win.

Matt Sydal retains the X Division Championship against Rohit Raju by pinfall.

Moose is interviewed backstage and he claims he will be IMPACT World Champion in 2018. He doesn’t care what’s in his case because it is his year! Up next, Allie defends her belt against Sienna.

Eli Drake is interviewed backstage about his briefcase. He says he has been fired from just about every job he’s ever had. He says that it’s time to feast! He won’t stop being Eli Drake and it wasn’t that long ago he was World Champion.

Next, Sienna and Allie make their entrances for the championship match. Sienna runs in and boots Allie down and starts hammering her on the ground. She starts kicking her in the corner and choking her with the boot. Allie manages to get Sienna down in the corner and does a series of sliding elbows. The role reverses quickly and Sienna starts smashing on her in the corner again. She goes for a Samoa Drop and is reversed. Allie picks up a ton of steam and stars lighting Sienna up. She lands a codebreaker to a pinfall but can only keep her down for two. She hits a discus clothesline and picks up the win. Braxton Sutter come out and accidentally calls Allie by the name of Laurel. He wants to spend forever with her he says but she is then attacked and beat down by the dead bride Su Yung!

Allie retained her title against Sienna via pinfall.

Next, EC3 is interviewed in the back about his briefcase. He says that the case holds his future and an opportunity to become a three time champion. Multiple superstars come through and express that they hope he gets fired. They sort of sabotage his interview.

We see footage of a Monster’s Ball match between Abyss and Mick Foley from years ago.

Eddie Edwards has arrived at the hotel and he’s running in to save his wife from Callihan an OVE. He gets to the room and his wife is sound asleep. He doesn’t see her and rips the blankets off and wakes her up. She is startled and wants to know why he’s searching everything and looking for something or someone. He tells her everything is fine and she should go back to sleep and he leaves. The maid outside catches his eye and he can tell something isn’t right. The maid is actually Callihan dressed up and the two start to brawl in the hallway of the hotel. Edwards’ wife saves him and threatens to call the cops. Eddie looks hurt and she checks on him while Callihan gives the emphatic thumbs down! We cut to commercial.

We return and the commentators seem shocked by the actions of Callihan. However, the men will be rewarded from their briefcases while one will be fired.

We are shown a video package highlighting the path it took for Abyss and Kongo Kong to make it to the Monster’s Ball match here tonight. Kongo Kong makes his entrance with Jimmy Jacobs for this insane match. Next, The Monster Abyss makes his entrance with Father James Mitchell. Jacobs and Mitchell consult their superstars before the match begins. Kong takes the center of the ring and the two men face off. They begin throwing haymakers at each other. Kong is able to flatten Abyss with a body collision. He smashes Abyss in the corner hits the huge body splash in the corner. Kong chokes him in the corner and goes for another big splash, but misses. Abyss knocks him out of the ring and we go to a commercial.

Returning from the break, and we are shown footage of Kong slamming Abyss through a table set up against the barricade on the outside from during the break. Kong is now climbing the top rope for the huge splash but Abyss tosses him off the top rope onto his back. Abyss throws the barbed Wire in the ring and grabs a bag of thumbtacks from under thring and he dumps them out in the ring. Abyss is about to go for the chokeslam on the tacks but Jacobs hits him in the back with a kendo stick. Abyss stalks Jacobs outside the ring and Mitchell stops him with a huge bat covered in spikes. Jimmy has nowhere to go and rolls in the ring with Abyss in hot pursuit. Kong gets up and grabs Abyss just as he was about slam Jacobs into the thumb tacks! He delivers a chokeslam of his own onto the tacks and pins Abyss. He kicks out at two! Kongo sets up a table and lays Abyss on it. It looks like Kong is going to try a moonsault but Abyss counters with a powerbomb through the table! Kong is able to kick out at two! Abyss puts a barbed wire board in the middle of the ring, but Kong is able to chokeslam him onto it. Abyss is stuck in the barbed wire and Kong hits the huge splash from the top for the 1-2-3 pinfall victory. A brutal match in every way!

Kongo Kong defeated Abyss in the Monster’s Ball match.

Up next, the Feast or Fired cases will be revealed and all of the superstars that won a case will make their way to the ring.

We return and Jeremy Borash is in the ring and tells Eli Drake to open his case first. Drake receives a tag team title match opportunity. He is upset because he wanted a World Title opportunity. He tosses his case out of the ring and walks off. Petey Williams opens his case next and it’s an X Division title match! Moose and EC3 are the last two and one of them will be fired! They will have to open the briefcases simultaneously. Borash asks Moose if he has any final words and he says “let’s do it!” EC3 makes fun of Moose and says he will get fired. They open the cases on the countdown from three and only Moose opens his case to reveal he has the World Title match! EC3 looks shocked and still hasn’t opened his case. Moose grabs a mic and reiterates that 2018 is his year! EC3 tries to say that it’s not his briefcase. He refuses to open the case and Borash has to open it to confirm that EC3 is fired! EC3 asks Borash if it’s a joke and grabs the mic to rant about how he’s the best. The crowd starts the chant EC3! He screams that the company needs him and he’s Dixie Carter’s nephew. He says he will accept his fate and leave and he shakes Jeremy’s hand. Then he smashes Borash with the briefcase repeatedly as soon as he turns his back. Brian Cage makes his way to the ring and EC3 decides to slap him. Cage hits a discus clothesline and the Drill Claw and walks off leaving EC3 in a broken pile!

Next week, Cage will take on Lashley!

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