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We now have a Sensational 16 in the Greatest Tag Team Tournament! Here are the winners of the remaining 2nd round matches:

Edge & Christian -defeated- The Hollywood Blondes with 61% of the votes

The Midnight Express -defeated- The Funks  with 88% of the votes

The Hardy Boyz -defeated- The APA  with 77% of the votes

The Rock-n-Roll Express -defeated- The Steiner Brothers  with 55% of the votes

The Dudley Boyz -defeated- The New Day with 90% of the votes

Steamboat & Youngblood -defeated- The Valiants  with 66% of the votes

The Outsiders -defeated- The Undertaker & Kane  with 56% of the votes

The Wild Samoans -defeated- Earthquake & Typhoon  with 77% of the votes

You can view the updated brackets at www.chairshotstothecranium.com. The 3rd round matches are now published so please place your vote before 10pm on March 22nd. The schedule for the remaining matches is listed below:

Sensational 16

8 matches- Voting is open from March 19th-22nd

Excellent 8 Round

4 matches- Voting is open from March 23rd-25th

Fabulous Four

Voting is open from March 26th-27th


Voting is open from March 28th-Apri 1st

Thank you for participating and I hope you have a great time watching how the tournament unfolds. Again, please take the time to learn more about these great teams. It will help you learn more about these fantastic entertainers and wrestlers. Let the best team win!!

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