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NXT Recap

Center Stage

Atlanta, Georgia

Air Date: March 14th,2018

On tonight’s episode of NXT, the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament continues, the United Kingdom is defended and Aleister Black and Andrade “Cien” Almas make it official with the contract signing for their match at Takeover: New Orleans.

The announce team of Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson and hype up the NXT Championship contract signing and the UK Championship title defense coming up later in the show.  But first, we get things kicked off with a match in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Match 1: Sanity (Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe) with Killian Dane and Nikki Cross vs. Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss

The announce team points out that the last time we saw Moss and Sabbatelli there were some cracks beginning to surface in their friendship.  Would they be able to work together in this match?

Moss starts the match and it goes pretty well in the beginning as he drops Wolfe across the top rope to give his team the advantage.  He tags Sabbatelli and throws a nice dropkick then strikes a pose.

The posing turns out not to hurt his team as he tags Moss who gets a near-fall off a neck breaker.  They set Wolfe up for a double-team that backfires and Sabbatelli gets knocked to the floor which tags him into the match.

Young tags in and nails Sabbatelli with a flying elbow drop.  Moss breaks up the pin attempt by pulling Young to the outside.  This prompts Cross to take out Moss with a cross-body on the floor.  Young and Wolfe perform their double-team finisher on Sabbatelli for the win.

Winner: Sanity advances

Tommaso Ciampa comes out to the ring and tries to speak but the boos and the “Johnny Gargano” chants are deafening and prevent him from speaking.  So, he walks around the ringside area before finally leaving.

After the break, Lacey Evans makes her entrance.  She will be taking on Dakota Kai who is makingher in-ring return after being put on the shelf by Shayna Baszler.

Match 2: Lacey Evans vs. Dakota Kai

Evans ratchted up an arm bar trying to go after the wing hurt by Baszler.  Kai was able to slip out of the move and roll up Evans for a quick three count.

Winner: Dakota Kai

Kai’s celebration was short as Baszler quickly appeared in the ring.  Just when it seemed Baszler was going to corner her victim, Ember Moon returns to make the save.  Ember makes the challenge for Takeover but the two go at it right in the middle.  They throw hands at each other while the referees try in vain to break them up.  Moon gets Baszler and tries to hit her with the Eclipse but Baszler catches her and tries to set her up for a move with her bad arm pinned.  Returning the favor, Kai helps out Moon by planting a boot to Baszler’s head.  This gave the opening to land the Eclipse and lay out Baszler.The show takes another break.

We return from break for another Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First-Round match.  The Street Profits will take on the meat-eating Heavy Machinery.

Match 3 : The Street Profits (Monteze Ford and Angelo Dawkins) vs. Heavy Machinery (Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight)

Machinery dominate early when Dozovic starts against Ford.  Ford goes to shoulder tackle and gets knocked flat.  Ford is confused by this and decides he needs a drink from the Street Profits solo cup.  He offers Dozovic a drik and Otis being a fun-loving dude accepts the drink.  He enjoys it, then clotheslines Ford out of his shoes.  The Machinery press this advantage early  They set a dazed Dawkins on the turnbuckle and use Ford as a battering ram into his own partner.

Ford is able to make a tag and Dawkins comes in and hits a dropkick on Knight and a Stinger Splash.  He is really rolling until Knight catches him.  They set up for the Compactor but Ford is able to pull down the top rope sending Knight tumbling to the floor.  This allows Dawkins to recover and hit a DDT.  Ford follows up with a frog splash for the win.

Winner: The Street Profits Advance

The main event is next as we head to break.

We return to see the Undisputed Era and Pete Dunne make their entrances.

Match 4: Pete Dunne vs. Adam Cole (with Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly) for the United Kingdom Championship

From the start, Dunne doesn’t trust the Undisputed Era fellas on the outside of the ring so he immediately slides out to confront them.  He gets caught by Cole coming back in but fires right back with a stiff forearm and starts working Cole’s fingers.  Dunne drops Cole back-first across the apron and sends him back under the ropes.

Dunne sets up on the turnbuckle but gets distracted by Fish and O’Reilly allowing Cole to push him off the turnbuckle and hanging him in the ropes until he crashes to the floor as we take a break.

We return to see both men trade some vicious shots until Dunne connects with an enziguri and a powerbomb for a near-fall.  Cole reverses the Bitter End into a back stabber.  Dunne reverses the next move into a body scissors but Cole reverses into a Last Shot for a near-fall.  Dunne recovers and goes for the fingers of Cole to set up the pump-handle only to be attacked by Fish and O’Reilly causing the disqualification.

Winner: Pete Dunne

The three on one attack commences and Dunne is worked over.  Cole calls for Dunne to be held up when Roderick Strong comes out to make the save.  Initially, Undisputed Era gets the upper hand but Dunne and Strong recover and drive the UE from the ring.

The NXT Championship contract signing is next as we cut to commercial.

We come back to find NXT General Manager, William Regal in the ring.  Aleister Black comes out followed by Zalina Vega without Andrade “Cien” Almas.  Vega lets everyone know that Alnas is not here.  This prompts Black to make sure by looking under the signing table for him.  Vega is trying to cut a promo on him and he is ignoring her which is causing Vega to get more ticked off.

Satisfied that Almas is nowhere to be found, Black moves the table and sits in the middle of the ring.  He then makes jokes about how short Vega is saying that, because he is sitting, they are on the same level.  The crowd was in to short jokes and picked up the chant.  This angered Vega so much that she slapped him and Black calmly left the ring.

Black said he is glad that Vega came alone because he didn’t.  Candice LaRae came out and went after Vega throwing her all around ringside until she hit a variation of the Stratisfaction and laying her out to close the show.

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