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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Crossroads Report

This episode on March 8, 2018 is a gigantic event for the company and has a stacked card from top to bottom. The show kicks off footage of both Johnny Impact and World Champion Austin Aries from earlier in the day, and it’s followed with a promo video for their main event championship match tonight!

Next, we see a promo video that highlights the feud between World Tag Team Champions LAX and The Cult of Lee, who makes their entrance first to challenge for the titles. Konnan comes out alone, which allows Santana and Ortiz to attack from behind. All four men battle to the outside and Lee gets body slammed on the floor, and Konley eats a huge suplex on the outside as well. Somehow the Cult of Lee gain the upper hand on the outside briefly with some clever double team action. LAX quickly reverses the tide and Santana rolls Konley into the ring to deliver some huge chops. LAX hits a huge double team senton splash onto Konley’s chest and we cut to commercial. When the action resumes, Konley has Santana controlled after Cult of Lee executed some double team moves during the break. Lee gets tagged in and they just work Santana in the corner. He hits a huge kick on Lee and both men are down. A double tag ensues and Ortiz it red hot and owning Konley– he hangs him up on the top rope and hits a huge face plant suplex move of the middle rope for a near fall! LAX hits a double suicide dives to the outside. All four men battle it out in the ring and Konley eventually eats an innovative stunner move from Ortiz. Santana hits a Swanton and Konnan trips Lee off the apron. They hit s Street Sweeper on Konley for the 1-2-3 win!

LAX retains the championships against Cult of Lee.

Lashley cuts a promo on how he will finish OVE on his own tonight. Sami Callihan may have hurt his partner, Eddie Edwards, but he doesn’t need anyone because he is “Walking Armageddon!” Next, we see some older IMPACT footage in a flashback type of highlight footage from an older match. We also see some footage of Alberto El Patron arriving at the arena earlier in the day, and he wasn’t supposed to be there according to Josh Matthews.

There is a video package all about IMPACT Grand Champion Matt Sydal. He is backstage apparently meditating and say’s that he will “open everyone’s third eye.” Taiji Ishimori makes his entrance to defend his X Division championship in this special title for title match. Sydal makes his entrance next, and the men lock up for a quick stalemate. They sort of test each other out for a minute and Sydal works Ishimori’s arm. He manages to break out and land a hurricanrana to dropkick combo. Sydal answers right back with his own hurricanrana, and lands a bunch of kicks and chops on his adversary in the corner. He follows it with a huge sliding knee in the corner! Sydal was about to attempt a superplex, but Ishimori knocks him off the rope and jumps off to grab the back of Sydal’s head and drive it into his knee. After a brief commercial, we return to see Ishimori controlling with a headlock. Sydal breaks out and starts landing kicks and a dragon screw to the X Division champion’s knee. After a brief half crab submission, Sydal works him in the corner and then throws him in a nasty submission to the leg and head. Ishimori starts to fight back but Sydal takes him down and attacks the leg again. Taiji manages to land a huge kick to Sydal’s face but it only keeps him down briefly. Sydal starts attacking the knee again with kicks, but Ishimori gains momentum somehow. He lands some double knees in the corner, followed by an enormous spinning slam. Ishimori lands a big boot in the corner and hops up to the top rope, but Sydal executes a no-handed hurricanrana. He goes for a standing moonsault and Ishimori gets the knees up and Sydal has to roll to the outside. Ishimori does a moonsault to the outside of the ropes and then runs up the ramp and back down for a huge running hurricanrana. Once back in the ring, they reverse pinning attempts back and forth. Sydal regains control with kicks and knees and climbs to the top rope for the Shooting Star Press. Ishimori rolls out of the way and does the Tombstone Knees. He goes for the 450 splash, but Sydal gets the knees up. Matt Sydal climbs to the top and does a picture perfect Shooting Star Press to win the X Division Championship! Matt Sydal is now a double champion!

Matt Sydal defeated Taiji Ishimori by pinfall for the X Division Championship.

Next, Laurel Van Ness will defend the Knockouts Championship versus Allie!  Allie claims she will win that belt and we see a video package about both women to promote the match. The challenger, Allie, makes her entrance first. Laurel Van Ness comes out and Allies storms her on the ramp!  She smashes Laurel into the apron a few times and tosses her in the ring. She runs into a corner and hits a clothesline on Laurel and smashes her face into the other corner. Laurel manages to drop Allie with a hangman’s DDT and gains full control. She is beating Allie relentlessly with punches and kicks. She mounts her and smashes the back of her head into the canvas repeatedly. Allie ducks a slap and lands a slap of her own to Van Ness’ face, followed by a big German suplex! She is on fire and tearing up Van Ness with a huge arsenal of kicks, punches and slams. She flips Van Ness over the top rope, but Laurel reverses Allie on the outside. She can’t stay on top for long because Allie throws her into a chair and lands a huge elbow. Van Ness ends up hitting the Unprettier on the outside that almost gets Allies counted out. She probably should of stayed on the outside because Van Ness just starts destroying her in the ring. For some reason she can’t pin Allie. She is obviously frustrated and this allows Allie to perform a devastating superkick to finish Van Ness and capture the gold!

Allie defeated Van Ness by pinfall to become Knockouts Champion.

Returning from commercial, Gail Kim embraces Allie in the back to congratulate her and tell her how proud she is of her! Austin Aries is interviewed in the back and is very confident that he will retain his championship!

We see a video package where Callihan speaks about smashing Eddie Edwards’ face with the baseball bat. He is obviously not remorseful and feels that OVE will destroy Lashley as well! OVE makes their entrance, followed by Lashley making his. The Crist brothers try to attack him mid-entrance but he hits a double clothesline to nullify their advance, and he just starts to annihilate them quickly. He throws one of the brothers in the ring and Callihan smashes his knee with the bat while he’s on the apron. The Crist brothers start to double team him and take control. Lahley reverses them with a double suplex where he lifts both men at the same time! They regain control on Lashley quickly and we go to another commercial.  Once we return, Lashley is barely able to stand in the ring and Callihan hits him with the bat again while the referee’s back is turned. All of a sudden Brian Cage comes out and inserts himself into the match to quickly demolish the Crist Brothers. At one point, he grabs on guy in a fallaway slam position and the other brother leaps onto him in a powerbomb position. He holds both men up for a minute to show unbelievable strength! He was about go for the Drill Claw and Callihan runs in with the bat. Lashley intercepts him with a spear and allows Cage to execute the Drill Claw ando get the 1-2-3- victory.

Brian Cage and Bobby Lashley defeated OVE by pinfall.

Johnny Impact is interviewed in the back and he is not worried about Austin Aries at all!  We go to a commercial before the main event will begin.

The men make their entrances for this very important World Title match. Aries gets the back quickly and Impact reverses by snatching an arm and hitting a leg sweep to a leg drop. Aries looks sort of stunned by the reperatuare of Johnny Impact. Johnny locks back up with Austin and the two men trade holds, both trying to gain that upper hand. Aries finally gains the advantage with a series of arm drags and a quick dropkick. He then lands the running knee to Impact’s face and does a slingshot double axe handle from the inside of the ring to Johnny’s back as he’s slouched over the middle rope. The two men end up on the outside of the ring and we cut to commercial. Once we return, Impact has gained the upper hand after he had hit a huge superkick on the outside during the commercial break. Johnny works himself into locking a submission on Aries, but Aries breaks out. The tide really turns once Aries trips Impact up on the top rope and sends him crashing to the outside. He dives from the top rope and takes out Impact on the floor. Johnny eats another running knee from the Champion. Aries lands a huge leaping elbow in the ring and goes for a pin, but Impact kicks out! Austin does an elbow to the back from the middle rope and goes for another near fall pin. Johnny reverse him and clubs his back while he’s on the middle rope. He then hits a sliding German suplex on Aries and does a double springboard enziguri to take out the champ! Impact hits the standing shooting start for a near fall! Aries manages to wrap up Impact in a school boy pin, but Impact kicks out and ends up in the Last Chancery! He manages to break out but Austin retains his control by clubbing on Impact. Johnny returns the favor and gets him to the top rope. He jumps up and hits a kick to Austin’s head to keep him up there, and then he hits in unbelievable top rope Spanish fly! He goes for the Impact Elbow but Aries gets out of the way and hits a discus forearm on Impact. Both men end up on the apron and Aries hits a massive Death Valley Driver to Impact on the apron! Aries hits the huge corner dropkick in the corner after Impact tried to reverse his fortunes and the end is seemingly near. He snatches up Johnny’s neck and drives his head and neck into the mat with an enormous Brainbuster for the 1-2-3 pinfall win!

Austin Aries retained his championship against Johnny Impact via Pinfall.

Alberto El Patron comes out after the match to stare down Austin Aries because he wants his championship! IMPACT Wrestling Crossroads goes off the air with a ton of tension in the air!

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