Posted March 7th, 2018 by 1Wrestling News Team

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Report – Week 8

By: The Gonzo Shark

Braun Strowman & Alexa Bliss vs. Jimmy Uso & Naomi

Strowman and Bliss make their entrance first, followed by Uso and Naomi. The two teams get in the ring and talk some trash while they try to figure out who will start. Strowman has to restrain Bliss from attacking Naomi. Strowman and Uso will start and Braun snatches Jimmy from his corner while he’s talking to Naomi. Jimmy manages to dodge Braun and land a boot to his face. His success is astoundingly brief as Strowman regroups and thrashes him around the ring for fun. He tags in Alexa Bliss and she can’t manage to get the upper han on Naomi. Bliss finally lands a nasty slap across Naomi’s face, to which Naomi returns one. She works Bliss in the corner with slaps and punches, takes Naomi down hard in the middle of the ring and works a submission. She works he way out and gets Bliss in an arm lock. Alexa fights and claws to get out while Jimmy Uso lands about 4 cheap shot kicks to Braun while he’s on the apron. Bliss gains the per hand and is about to go for the Twisted Bliss when Naomi lands a step up enziguri, but Strowman catches her during the fall. Naomi then knocks her of the apron onto Strowman and the two lay there for a moment. Strowman chases Jimmy on the outside and slams him into the barricade. The two women battle it out in the ring and Bliss in gaining the advantage by beating on Naomi in the corner. She manages to knock Bliss down and go for the tag, but Alexa stops her and keeps putting the boots to her. Bliss goes for a pin but it’s only a near fall. Naomi catches a second wind and lands a series of clotheslines and tackles on Bliss. She goes for a two pin attempts that Bliss is able to kick out of. Both women are down and Braun returns the favor to Uso as he charges across the ring and knocks Uso off the apron like a wrecking ball. He goes to the outside and powerslams Uso through the announce table. In the ring, Bliss sneaks up on Naomi and rolls he up for the win off the distraction! Bliss & Strowman get the 1-2-3 and celebrate in the ring as Strowman hoists the Raw Women’s Champion on his shoulder!

Next week, WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte & WWE United States Champion Bobby Roode will take on Lana & Rusev!


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