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By Jerry Williams

Exciting action coming up outside of wrestling

Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar have both managed to illustrate the tight knit bond between wrestling and other fighting sports.

In some cases we wonder who may be the possible WWE stars of the future coming from other fighting sports. If any of them can have the same splash Rousey already has in her first in ring appearance, then we are in for lots of future excitement.

Similar to Wrestlemania in the upcoming months there are some  great matches in other sports. For example in boxing, which is only now recovering from the sideshow that was Mayweather vs Mcgregor, and in UFC which continues to prep some great superstars that may eventually come over to WWE.

These two bouts, one from UFC and one from boxing are the standouts, they are ones which are going to be great and are going to provide people with a great deal of entertainment. So if you can face taking time out of your busy WWE schedule to check out some other great fighting sports, then you should absolutely do so. Here are some suggestions:

Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker (31st March)

The heavyweight division in boxing has long been looking for an exciting savior to restore its popularity and both of these fighters are trying put their claim on the title. The amount of hype in the press is palpable, there have been so many Joshua vs Parker predictions, written by people who are so clearly excited about the potential of this fight. Both are unbeaten, both hold belts and both have won a great deal of their fights by knockout, in Joshua’s case, all twenty have come that way.

UFC 223: Tony Ferguson vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov (7th April.)

A much anticipated bout between two fighters looking to step out of the shadow of Conor McGregor in the Light Welterweight championship. Both fighters are confident but Nurmagomedov and his power and technical ability will be the favourite. They will clash in Brooklyn and it should be a fight for the ages. The rest of the UFC 223 card will surely give us a look at some future superstar fighters.

As a huge fan of fighting sports check out my suggestions for some very exciting upcoming bouts!

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