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Ronda Rousey proves her star power and shows just how far wrestling has come in terms of attracting bonafide superstars.

For a long time, wrestling stars would move to other sports. They would make their name in WWE, they would use the sport for exposure and then they would be off. Other fighting sports would be able to take people like Brock Lesnar and give them a new platform. Sometimes MMA fighters, with their careers on the wane, would come into WWE to give themselves some publicity then move back to MMA with a bigger and fatter contract.

This is particularly true of boxing, which has been a money machine for years and one that has always been firmly in the mainstream of sports. You only need to see how much coverage boxing gets, how it is written about in newspapers and the close relationship it has with that make or break sporting entity, the bookmaker to see how popular boxing is with mainstream sporting bodies and bodies related to sport. There are a number of exciting upcoming boxing bouts that are getting publicity that other sports could only dream about. The sheer volume of superb Joshua v Parker free bets show how important the betting industry sees Anthony Joshua’s fight with Joseph Parker as.

Wrestling though is starting to turn the tables and the recent signing and announcement of Ronda Rousey shows just how much pull the sport has and it is a pull which is only growing and becoming stronger. Rousey is a genuine superstar, she is known across the world, she is loved by people who have no idea what MMA is and she is box office. She will get people watching wrestling, she will get people enjoying the sport and tuning in. It is particularly significant when you consider she was reportedly not given any special promises, she is not getting an immediate title shot. She is willing to work her way up from the bottom.
This suggests that she is ok with being just another superstar on the roster, such is her desire to be in WWE and make this a long term deal rather than a short term publicity stunt. She could easily have continued to make huge sums of money in MMA while dominating the Bantamweight division she made on her own in UFC. The American star though wants a challenge, she wants something new and she wants WWE.

You could see at her announcement how happy she was they she will be fighting at wrestlemania, the pull of the event, the pull of the WWE brand and the legendary fighters who impressed on the biggest of stages clearly has a pull outside of the WWE universe, and as fans we should be happy about that. Wrestling continues to come on leaps and bounds in so many ways and this is the perfect illustration of that.

However Rousey is more than a symbol, she is more than just a token or a publicity stunt, she is a genuinely talented and determined fighter who can work a crowd as well as hold her own against almost any opponent. She will not be fearful of anyone who steps into the ring with her and it is hard to imagine her not getting a title shot sooner rather than later.

She has also managed to show a great deal of respect for former legends of wrestling. When she first signed for UFC in 2012 she was unwilling to use ‘rowdy’ as her nickname which her friends had given her, as she felt it unfair to legendary wrestler Roddy Piper. However Piper, upon meeting her, gave his blessing and she did begin to use it as her nickname. She can beat anyone in the ring but also outside of it for being considerate, reasonable and calm.
She has also shown how good she is under pressure, she held her title in UFC for an amazing three years, seeing off a number of fighters to establish herself as the sports first female superstar. She did lose a match to Holly Holm, when she was big favourite, which mean her eventually give her title up, but she had nothing to prove and is clearly a top tier fighter. It will be fantastic to see her on RAW and it represents a real coup for WWE.

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