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Who is the greatest tag team in the history of Professional Wrestling? That question has been asked and debated for decades. Now is our chance to possibly find out. By allowing the greatest fans in the world to vote, maybe we can end the debate and establish a true winner. Over the next 4 weeks, you will have a chance to vote on the 64 team field of tag teams. The purpose of this tournament is to recognize and celebrate the rich history of tag team wrestling. I want wrestling fans to talk about these great tag teams and learn more about teams you may have forgotten or may not have heard of. I encourage you to research these teams and their success before casting your vote. You will learn a great deal about some wonderful and entertaining wrestlers. Unfortunately, there may be some fan favorite teams that were left out. It’s hard to include everyone and some of the teams that made the tournament could be argued or celebrated. However, all the teams listed in this tournament are considered popular, as well as successful and accomplished, not just in their respective wrestling companies, but worldwide. This tournament also addresses the “What if” factor. “What if” these teams actually faced each other? Who would win? Every team in this tournament deserves the respect and recognition for what they’ve accomplished in the wrestling business.

I have published the 64 team brackets on my website, www.chairshotstothecranium.com. Starting March 5th, I will publish the first 8 matches of the first round for fans to vote. I also encourage you to print out the brackets from my website and make predictions or keep up with the results. You can view the results on my website or here at 1wrestling.com. Results from each segment of matches will be published the day after voting ends. The schedule for voting is listed below:

Round 1

First 8 matches Left Bracket- Voting is open from March 5th-6th

Second 8 matches Left Bracket-Voting is open from March 7th-8th

First 8 matches Right Bracket-Voting is open from March 9th-10th

Second 8 matches Right Bracket- Voting is open from March 11th-12th

Round 2

Left Bracket 8 matches- Voting is open from March 13th-15th

Right Bracket 8 matches- Voting is open from March 16th-18th

Round 3

8 matches- Voting is open from March 19th-22nd

Elite 8 Round

4 matches- Voting is open from March 23rd-25th

Final Four

Voting is open from March 26th-27th


Voting is open from March 28th-Apri 1st

Thank you for participating and I hope you have a great time watching how the tournament unfolds. Again, please take the time to learn more about these great teams. It will help you learn more about these fantastic entertainers and wrestlers. Let the best team win!!

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