Posted February 25th, 2018 by Bill Apter

Seven men … three will start and then another competitor comes in every five minutes.

Elias, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, The Miz, Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, and John Cena.

Elias sang of course until he saw Strowman come to the ring — Elias locked himself in his pod.

The match started out with The Miz, Finn, and Rollins.  They all survived the first round and Cena’s pod opened next. Next in was Reigns.  Next in was Braun qho kayos everyone (Miz ran onto the apron).  Strowman double suplexes Cena and Rollins at the  same time.  Braun up top with Miz smashes him into the plexiglass an then from the platform tosses his onto everyone. Strowman pins Miz. Elias is the final one and he closes his door while the others attack Strowman.  Strowman kicks out of a Sheild Bomb.  A spear by Roman can’t take Braun down.  Elias enters as everyone is down. He tries to pin everyone but they all kick out (individually).  Braun powerslams Elias and pins him.

Strowman pins Cena after a powerslam and does the same to Finn! Braun is left with Rollins and Reigns.  Superman punch by Reigns on Rollins.  He and Reigns are both down and Braun goes after Rollins who climbs the cage with Braun in pursuit.  Reigns uses a Samoan Drop on Braun.  Seth is up top and he he frong splashed Braun but only got a two count. Braun dropkicks Reigns.  Rollins with two Superkicks. Braun powerslams and pins Rollins.

Roman vs. Strowman… Strowman goes through a pod as Reigns side steps an attack. Superman punch by Roman and another one another one and a spear and another spear and he pins Strowman!!!

REIGNS VS. LESNAR AT WRESTLEMANIA. After the match Brawn powerslams Reigns twice tosses him into a pod!

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