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his week’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling kicks off with video of Johnny Impact and EC3 showing up at the arena because they will face each other with the number one contership for the IMPACT World Championship on the line! We are also shown a video package highlighting the events from last week.

LAX makes their entrance into the IMPACT Zone and we are greeted by Josh Matthews. The Cult of Lee, Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley, will take on the tag team champions tonight. Santana and Ortiz immediately jump through the ropes and attack their opponents before the bell even rings. The men battle back and forth on the outside fiercely even though this is a non-title match, however it is personal. Ortiz and Lee get in the ring and the bell sounds as Ortiz is taking to Lee. Konley goes for the assist but succumbs to a beating in the ring at the hands of LAX. Santana gets the tag and continues to bully Konley in the corner with had slaps to the chest. Another quick tag and Ortiz is back in. He eats a double team kick and The Cult of Lee is back in control. Lee takes out Santana on the outside with a kick from the apron and they keep making frequent tags to beat on Ortiz. Lee goes for a cover but Ortiz does manage to kick out. Lee works him to the corner and Konley gets the tag reigns down some strikes on the fallen man.

Returning from commercial and Cult of Lee is on complete control. They are double teaming Ortiz until he manages to land a dropkick off the top rope on both of his opponents and makes the tag to Santana. He is a one man wrecking crew on Lee and Konley taking them both out and landing an extremely innovative suplex in the process. Santana reverses a deadlift german suplex from Lee and he gets out just in time to perform a double team cutter with his partner. Lee gets pinned, but Konley shoves Ortiz into Santana to break the count. Just as Santana climbs to the top rope for the kill, Konley pushes him off onto the floor. Lee rolls up Ortiz in the jackknife pin for the upset 1-2-3 pinfall victory!

The Cult of Lee defeated LAX in a non-title tag team match.

Brian Cage makes his entrance next to face Hunter Law. He ducks under Cage’s clothesline attempt right as the match starts and lands a dropkick that doesn’t even move Cage one inch! He turns around celebrating because he thought he got one up on “The Machine”…but think again! Cage taps him on the shoulder and whips him into the ropes to hit a stellar dropkick on the rebound that nearly takes Law out of his boots! He picks up Law for a huge fall away slam, but curls him a few times first. After a huge Discus Clothesline and the “Drill Claw”, Hunter is out cold and falls victim to a pinfall from Cage!

Brian Cage defeated Hunter Law by pinfall.

Now we see Eddie Edwards backstage trying to hype up Bobby Lashley for their fight with OVE later tonight! Up next, Matt Sydal will defend his IMPACT Grand Championship against Petey Williams from Destiny World Wrestling in Toronto, Canada!

Sydal gets the upper hand on Williams quickly as they exchange basic holds. They go back and forth working each other’s arms. Sydal turns it into a guillotine headlock, until Williams breaks free and lands a headscissor takedown. Williams lands a huge dropkick, but Sydal reverses the exchange and attacks Williams leg. He locks Williams into a submission but Williams manages to break free. Sydal lands a huge standing moonsault, but Williams is able to kick out and get back up quickly. He slams Sydal on his face. The two men fight back and forth on their feet. Williams locks on the Sharpshooter for quite a while until Sydal gets the rope for the break. He lands a flying knee to Williams’ face, followed by a Frankensteiner. Williams makes a quick reversal into a pop up powerbomb and goes for the Canadian Destroyer, but Sydal reverses and dumps Williams on his head for the 1-2-3 victory!

He throws out a challenge for the X Division Championship after his win!

Matt Sydal defeated Petey Williams by pinfall to retain the IMPACT Grand Championship.

Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong are still waiting for The Monster Abyss. Jacobs claims that Kong is the new monster in IMPACT! They seem to be speaking from some dark corner in the bowels of the arena.

Returning from commercial Kongo Kong makes his entrance with Jacobs. Jimmy gets a microphone and claims that he isn’t a bad guy. He says that Joseph Park forced him and Kong to destroy Park’s Law Office. Just as he starts calling out Abyss, Grandma Jenny from the Park family comes out. She gets a mic and call them a bunch of sissies for picking on her grandson Joseph. She tells them they had better stop, or else… But Jacobs says he asked for Abyss and not some old “hag.” She slaps Jacobs in the face and Joseph Park comes out to save his Grandma. Park assures that Abyss is never coming back! Jacobs goes on to threaten Grandma Jenny and Park grabs him in a rage. He gets a hellacious beating from Kong! Jacobs screams that they want Abyss as Grandma cowers in the corner…We cut to commercial.

After a commercial, we see Sydal talking to someone on his cell phone and he’s proclaiming that he will be a double champion once he captures the X Division Championship!

We cut to Las Vegas at Future Stars Wrestling for a contest between Moose and Alberto El Patron. This in a NO DQ matchup! They take turns working each other into the corner and Patron slides out of the ring. He spits water in Moose’s face and delivers a quick beating in the corner, followed by a dropkick to the back of Moose’s head. He takes the fight to Moose on the outside and tosses him towards the barricade, but Moose reverses and comes back with a huge kick as El Patron is hanging on the barricade. Alberto throws him into the chairs and they start fighting in the crowd. El Patron grabs a trash can and hits Moose over his head! He does it again from the top rope and goes for a quick cover, but Moose kicks out. Alberto hits Moose in the bread basket for a low blow and follows that up with a DDT. Moose tries to mount a comeback but Patron fights him off the ropes. He lands the double foot stomp as Moose is hanging off the middle rope and it’s a wrap!

Alberto El Patron defeated Moose by pinfall in a NO DQ Match.

We see a video package on the rivalry between Rosemary and Hania next! EC3 and Tyrus cut a promo in the back on the number one contender match tonight.

OVE comes out for their match with Eddie Edwards and Lashley. Once they hit the ring, OVE runs to the outside. Lashley and Edwards waste no time smashing the Crist brothers all around the outside of the ring and into the barricade. Back in the ring Lashley is beating on Dave Crist and slams him with a gigantic suplex. Edwards gets tagged in and they double team Jake Crist. He trades slaps with Edwards and works him back to the corner to tags his brother. Edwards starting getting the upper hand on Jake until Sami Calihan gets involved and now it’s virtually 3 on 1 as Lashley is stuck on the apron. Dave is having his way with Edwards after the tag and it looks like Lashley may never get tagged in. They keep tagging and performing double team moves on Edwards. He throws a few boots from the corner and a big double drop kick off the rope on both brothers! Lashley gets the hot tag and starts thrashing and slamming everything in sight! He keeps getting stronger and the Crist brothers keep getting more helpless. Edwards gets the tag and Lashley helps launch him through the middle rope for a suicide dive on the Crist brothers. Lashley hits the spear on one brother at ringside and Edwards lands the Boston Knee Party back in the ring for the 1-2-3 victory!

Bobby Lashley and Eddie Edwards defeated The Crist Brothers via pinfall.

Next, we see a promo/video package that highlights the ongoings and war between IMPACT World Champion Austin Aries and former champion Eli Drake. They will have a rematch in two weeks as Crossroads!

After a commercial break, EC3 will battle Johnny Impact in the main event!

EC3 will make his entrance with Tyrus first, followed by Johnny Impact. They lock up and Impact goes for the quick pinfall attempt–EC3 rolls to the outside to regroup. The men trade holds and hit some switches on each other that ends in a standoff. EC3 starts getting schooled by Johnny with wrestling holds, but manages to reverse into a chin lock eventually. He misses a huge elbow from the second rope and Johnny quickly takes advantage. He hits a leg sweep and a ridiculous leg drop onto EC3. Johnny Impact loses control and gets suplexed. EC3 gets a huge DDT on Impact and he somehow manages to land a huge kick on EC3’s face! Now he’s in control and lands the standing Shooting Star Press. Carter does manage to powerbomb Johnny, but Impact comes back with a huge standing spanish fly move. Somehow, Impact is able to kick out of a TK3 off the rope! Tyrus gives the assist and trips Johnny Impact up in the rope and EC3 hits a huge flatliner! Tyrus gets involved again and EC3 lands the One Percenter on Impact, but Carter can’t finish him. After a dispute between Carter and Tyrus, Johnny is able to hit the Starship Pain for the 1-2-3- pinfall victory!

Johnny Impact defeated EC3 via pinfall.

IMPACT World Champion Austin Aries comes out and holds up his title and shakes Johnny Impact’s hand! They face off and we go off the air!

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