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WWE Smackdown Live Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and WWE United States Champion Bobby Roode make their entrance first and it’s absolutely glorious! Nia Jax comes out and isn’t very happy when Apollo Crews invites “Titus Worldwide” to come to the ring with them. Bobby and Apollo lock up and exchange a few holds until Roode ges the advantage and takes Crews down with a snapmare. He taunts Crews immediately to let him know exactly why he is US Champ! Apollo manages to get Bobby in an armlock, but not for long as Roode quickly turns it around and delivers some stiff slaps to Crews’ chest in the corner. The two fight to somewhat of a stalemate and Roode tags in Charlotte, which means Nia Jax will enter as well.

Jax immediately kicks her in the gut and tosses the Women’s Champ in the corner. Charlotte tries to come back with a big boot but Nia shows her quickness and dodges it. Titus and Dana Brooke distract Nia momentarily and Charlotte takes advantage eventually working Nia out of the ring. Jax regains her scruples and gets back in the ring with a vengeance! She body splashes Charlotte in the corner and rag dolls her around the ring for a brief moment. Charlotte even catches a few kicks from Dana while she’s down on the outside. Back in the ring, Nia goes for a Samoan Drop and Charlotte elbows her way out. She chop blocks Jax’s knee right away to cut her down to size and slaps a figure four leglock on swiftly. Nia manages to break out and the men are tagged in.

Roode is on fire right away and hits Crews from all directions. He culminates a huge flurry of attacks with a leaping clothesline off the top rope! Crews is hurt, but manages to hit a sunset flip for a near fall. After Roode kicks out he hits a huge spinebuster. The women enter and Jax beins fighting Charlotte while the Women’s Champ is on the top rope. Just as Nia is about to go for a superplex, Charlotte knocks her off the ropes and performs a spectacular moonsault from the top onto Jax! It looks like she is about to go for the pin–but the men are still legal. Bobby Roode catches Crews off guard with a boot to the stomach and a Glorious DDT to finish him for the 1-2-3 pinfall victory!

The winners, Charlotte and Roode, are simply ecstatic after the match when Renee Young interviews them. Nia Jax isn’t happy and calls Titus out to his face. She smashes both him and Crews to the ground and crushes Dana with a devastating Samoan Drop!

Next Week, Sasha Banks & Finn Balor will take on The Miz & Asuka in the first match of the second round!

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