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The most unique and original wrestling show today! — By Billy Ray Valentine

New Yorkers have seen it all. It’s not very easy to surprise us. We have it all at the tip of our fingers.  All types of fashion, fun and fun! (see what I did there…). I love living in NYC. In large part due to the best pizza in the world, and the best wrestling! Yes… The best wrestling. Let me explain that statement. In NYC, we get all the wrestling we can handle. WWE plays MSG and the Barclays Center regularly. We even have the privilege of hosting Summer Slam and NXT Take Over Brooklyn four years straight.  ROH runs the Manhattan Center often and even TNA/Impact wrestling has stopped by in the past. Indy wrestling staples like Dragon Gate/ Evolve and Chikara run shows in NYC for our starving pro wrestling fan base! Even New Japan Pro Wrestling has run shows in NYC. If you were not fortunate enough to catch the New Japan shows, Ring of Honor puts on its annual “War Of The Worlds” shows in NYC which features ROH and New Japan talent.  NYC is spoiled by pro wrestling organizations everywhere. Well, almost everywhere.

Lucha VaVoom is a company that typically runs shows out of Chicago and Los Angeles. They don’t run in New York City so I jumped at the chance to attend one of their shows while I was in Los Angeles. (Loving L.A BTW) I thought I knew what to expect as I am familiar with the product but attending Lucha VaVoom live is a totally different beast. It’s like no other wrestling show I have ever seen . And I have been to more wrestling events then I can remember. That being said, there is zero chance I will ever forget my VaVoom experience. Plenty of Mexican lucha and a healthy dose of VaVoom!!! It’s a genius combination. The atmosphere at the Mayan Theater in downtown Los Angeles was electric. The house DJ kept everyone dancing while retro Mexican lucha flicks featuring “ El Santo” play on several large screen T.V’s. The show kicked off with a striptease performance by one of their several stunning female cast members. Yes… a striptease!! This isn’t Japanese strong style folks. This product is for the grown and sexy. Perfect for a date with your significant other. VaVoom has something for whatever tickle your pickle.

Here are a few things to look out for when attending a show:

  • Live commentary during matches

Funny stuff that enhances the match experience for all in attendance to hear!

  • Retro Mexican Luch recommended for childrena Movies

This goes on before the event begins so get there early. Only clips are shown, not an entire movie but still very cool. The DJ will be playing AWESOME tunes while you watch and mingle with all the beautiful people.

  • Burlesque performance

Nuff said. Not recommended for children

  • Los Crazy Chickens!

Excellent high-flying tag team. Think of the Young Bucks dressed in chicken suits.

  • El Chupa Cabra

This is the professor Chabelo Vela Cruzes pick! He exist! We have proof! And he is a wrestler now.

I had a BLAST at Lucha VaVoom. You will too!!! If you are in LA or Chicago, make sure you keep your eyes open for new shows and buy them ASAP because it will sell out. You won’t regret it!  CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE FOR UPCOMING EVENTS AND NEWS! HERE IS THE LINK…http://luchavavoom.com/

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