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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report – February 15, 2018

IMPACT Wrestling starts off this week with a video package highlighting tonight’s main event between Eli Drake and Impact World Champion Austin Aries in a rematch for the championship!

Sami Callihan and the rest of oVe come out first. Callihan will take on Bobby Lashley after last week’s sneak attack by oVe. Lashley nearly decapitates Callihan with a clothesline as soon as the match starts. The other members of oVe try to pull Lashley off the apron and he lays waste to them outside the ring, but pays for it with a huge boot from Sami on the apron. Lashley tries to mount a comeback on the outside of the ring, but he gets dropped with a huge DDT. Lashley reverses in the ring and executes a huge suplex, but the Crist brothers cause another distraction that allows Callihan to take advantage and toss Lashley into the barricade. Sami spits a huge wad of mucus into the palm of his hand and slaps Lashley across the chest with it in most disgusting fashion! Lashley is getting quite the beatdown outside the ring. Sami runs around the ring to seemingly take out Lashley and he ends up getting flattened with a dynamic spear. The two brawl back and forth in the ring with strikes until Lashley gains the advantage with a giant spinebuster. He goes for another spear but Callihan gets him in a guillotine choke. Bobby picks him up mid-choke and powerslams him! Callihan gains an advantage in the corner by biting Lashley’s face and then kicking him in the face and powerbombing him. Lashley comes back and hits a spear that should win him the match but the Crist brothers interfere and cause the disqualification. Eddie Edwards makes a surprise appearance to help Lashley take out oVe!

Bobby Lashley defeated Sami Callihan by disqualification.

We cut to the back with Eli Drake for an interview. Drake claims he is still the champion and Aries is just holding the belt for him!

Brian Cage will debut tonight! Allie is walking through the back and has a message on her bag from her secret admirer. Austin Aries uts a promo in the back and vows that he will retain the title!

We return from commercial and Moose gets attacked by Alberto El Patron with a nasty brawl ensuing!

Hania makes her entrance and will face Rosemary. She is looking for revenge after Rosemary blindsided her last week. Rosemary jumps on Hania right away and works her to the corner. Hania reverses a shoulder thrust in the corner and lands a huge spin kick on Rosemary for a close near fall. Hania lands a few more kicks and attempts a few pinfalls but cant put her away. Rosemary manages to mount a comeback and put Hania in an illegal submission. After Rosemary jumps off the top rope and misses, Hania takes control again. She lands a giant cross body off the top rope, but Rosemary rolls through and pins her for the win! Hania immediately attacks Rosemary and starts beating her all around ringside. Rosemary bites Hania’s hand to get away and goes for the Red Wedding, but Hania escapes.

Rosemary defeated Hania via pinfall.

After the commercial break Johnny Impact and IMPACT Grand Champion Matt Sydal will take on the team of EC3 and Tyrus!

We return from commercial to Allie looking for her secret admirer in the back. She finds a heart shaped box with a card that contains a cryptic poem. Just as she’s reading it, IMPACT Women’s Champion Laurel Van Ness pops out of an equipment box and gets slapped down. Allie stuffs her back into the box.

Both of the tag teams make their entrances and Sydal will start off with EC3. Johnny Impact gets the tag instead and briefly goes back and forth with EC3. He tags Sydal back in and they perform a vicious double team move that involves Sydal jumping of the top rope to drive his boots into EC3’s gut with a double stomp! Matt Sydal works EC3’s arm and tags Impact back in to perform a double dropkick. Tyrus tags in and wipes them out with a double clothesline. Sydal takes out Tyrus’s leg and kicks him repeatedly before landing a standing moonsault. Tyrus comes back with a devastating headbutt and works Sydal on the mat. He tags EC3 and they give Sydal the Wishbone! EC3 drops him with a huge suplex and tags Tyrus back in. After a T-Bone suplex, Tyrus crushes Sydal in the corner. Tyrus misses a “Vader Splash” and has to tag in EC3. Impact gets the tag in and starts cleaning house with precision. EC3 manages to toss him out of the ring and a melee ensues. Johnny Impact goes for the Impact Kick but Tyrus pulls his legs out and allows EC3 to get the dirty pin on Johnny Impact.

Tyrus & EC3 defeated Matt Sydal & Johnny Impact

We are shown a video of Kongo Kong destroying Joseph Park’s office for not bringing him and his manager the monster, Abyss!

Next Up, “The Machine” Brian Cage makes his debut against John Cruz. Cage immediately starts smashing him and tossing him around the ring like he is nothing. He lands a vicious double powerbomb and a discus clothesline. Cruz is barely breathing at this point but Cage still executes his crazy suplex hybrid finisher for the 1-2-3 pinfall victory.

Brian Cage demolishes John Cruz in his debut on IMPACT Wrestling.

El Hijo Del Fantasma makes his entrance to challenge Taiji Ishimori for the IMPACT X-Division Championship. They lock up to start the match and it goes to a stalemate. They go back and forth but neither man can get the upper hand with the fast moves. Fantasma starts to really gain an advantage with his dynamic offense. He begins to work on the legs of Ishimori and locks him into a submission, but Ishimori breaks the ropes at the last second! He nearly breaks Ishimori in half with a stellar tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. After a brief commercial break, Ishimori gains the advantage with a high flying move of the top rope followed by a suicide dive to the outside onto Fantasma! Ishimori lands a painful double foot stomp and pins Fantasma to a near fall. Fantasma somehow starts to mount a comeback again that culminates in an insane suicide dive through the middle rope. His momentum doesn’t last long as Ishimori hit a moonsault on Fantasma to the outside. They make it back in the ring and Ishimori manages to hit his signature move with the double knees that sets up Fantasma for the 450 Splash. He retains his title with the pinfall victory!

Taiji Ishimori defeated El Hijo Del Fantasma via pinfall.

ELi Drake makes his entrance for the main event. Austin Aries comes out next with 4 different championships. The two men start off by talking a bunch of trash to each other. They trade technical wrestling holds and Austin Aries ends up prevailing in that exchange. Drake has to retreat to the outside to regroup. Once he gets back in the ring, he really starts to lay into Aries briefly with punches and clubbing forearms. Austin manages to reverse the tide briefly but neither man can really gain the upper hand. Each man is just trying to throw anything and everything at the other to gain the upper hand. Aries finally gains the upper hand and drops a huge elbow to Drake’s back from the middle rope for a near fall. Drake somehow counters with a big boot seconds later and starts to regain his momentum. He drops Aries with a neckbreaker and pins him for a close kickout at 2. Drake is controlling Aries and taunting at this point. He goes for a gigantic springboard moonsault and misses Aries. This match is completely back and forth. Aries hits a massive missile dropkick that almost puts Drake away. Aries is perched high on the top rope and Drake scales them like a cat and slams Aries out of nowhere! The men still go back and forth. Austin hits the giant Brainbuster and gets the pinfall victory!

Austin Aries defeated Eli Drake via pinfall.

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