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205 Live Recap
Rabobank Arena
Bakersfield, California
Air Date: February 13th 2018

Good day wrestling fans and welcome to this weeks edition of the 205 Live recap.  Lets get right to it.

The show opens this week with a recap video from last week’s show as the first-round matches of the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament.  The opening credits for the show aired.

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinnis said hello and hyped up this week’s matches as the first round of the tournament continues.  Tonight, we have former champ, Akira Tozawa against UK star Mark Andrews and Drew Gulak facing Tony Nese.

Tozawa made his entrance for the match as Mark Andrews was being interviewed backstage.  Andrews was asked how excited he is to be competing in 205 and he said that the tournament is a hot topic in Europe and Japan and he is excited to be here.  Andrews, who bills himself as the “High Flying and Stage Diving” Superstar, said he would “High Five and Stage Dive” all the way to Wrestlmania.  Andrews then made his entrance to a theme he sings himself.

Match 1: Akira Tozawa vs. Mark Andrews in an opening-round match of the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament.

The UK Tournament semi-finalist and Tozawa showed quickness to begin as new 205 Live general manager, Drake Maverick looked on backstage.  Andrews focused on the lower body of Tozawa trying to ground him.  Tozawa proved tough to handle but Andrews did not quit and was able to reverse an attempted toss to the floor into a 619 and followed with aspring board cross-body near-fall to regain control.

Andrews locked Tozawa in the Indian death lock and tried to turn it into an octopus strtch but Tozawa was able to fight out before the hold was completely locked in.  Tozawa connected with a Shining Wizard and went for his finisher but Andrews saw it coming and rolled to the floor so Tozawa improvised and hit a suicide dive instead.

Tozawa tried to set up Andrews for his Senton but Andrews recovers and hits a nice series of suplexes and a standing moonsalt for a near-fall.  The two men caught each other with strikes before Andrews reversed a suplex into a “Stun-dog Millionaire.”

Andrews executes a Frakensteiner off the ropes but Tozawa was able to dodge a Shooting-Star Press and toll Andrews into a cradle for a pin attempt.  Andrews was able to reverse the cradle and score the win in what is being billed as an upset.

Winner: Mark Andrews.

Backstage, Jack Gallagher is set to be interviewed about his first-round match with Mustafa Ali next week.  Maverick interrupts Gallagher and tells him he can no longer compete in a suit and will wear proper attire next week.  The show goes to break.

We return and get the scoop on the final match of the first round, Ariya Daivari will face former NXT Tag Team Champion, Buddy Murphy.  A Murphy intro video was shown including footage of him making weight for 205 Live.  Gulack and Nese are shown warming up backstage as we take a break.

We return as the two men make their entrances.

Match 2:  Drew Gulak vs. Tony Nese in an opening-round match of the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament.

Gulak tries to open the match with a handshake remembering their former friendship, but Nese kicked it away.  Both men had the same idea early as they tried to ground each other.  Gulak took the early advantage keeping Nese on the mat.  Nese fights his way back and ties up Gulak.

Nese kept the advantage until they took the fight to the floor where Gulak takes advantage and regains control knocking Nese from the apron and into the announce table.  The look on Gulak’s face suddenly changed from normality to derangement.  He looked as if he would foam at the mouth at any moment.  The announce team referred to this look as “focus.”

Gulak yelled at Nese that they were going to “finish what they started” and tossed him repeatedly into the announce table to the point that the referee was ready to disqualify him.  Gulak did bring the action back inside the ring and turned Nese inside out with a clothesline.

Nese looked to be out cold but Gulak wasn’t finished.  He picked up Nese and dropped him with two power bombs.  Nese let out a scream as Gulak locked in the Dragon Sleeper.  The referee called the match almost immediately as Nese looked like he had passed out.

Winner: Drew Gulak

Gulak went to ringside and grabbed the belt.  The announce team announced our last two first-round matches for next week, Ariya Daivari vs. Buddy Murphy and Mustafa Ali against Jack Gallagher to close the show.

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