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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report – Air date February 8, 2018

This week’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling starts off with a video package highlighting the events between Eli Drake and the returning Austin Aries from last week. Austin came back to challenge Drake for the World Championship and upset him to become new champ.

Josh Matthews informs us that there will be a Fatal Four Way match between EC3, Moose, Alberto El Patron and Johnny Impact to determine the number one contender for the World Championship in tonight’s main event! We see footage of each man arriving to the arena.

We kick off the action with a tag team match between AAA Latin American Champion El Hijo Del Fantasma & Rohit Raju against X-Division Champion Taiji Ishimori & IMPACT Grand Champion Matt Sydal. All of the men shake hands before the match starts. Fantasma and Ishimori begin by trading traditional wrestling locks to gain control. Each man reverses each other with headlocks, wrist locks and various other holds. Sydal and Raju tag in and trade some holds as well. Raju gets a headlock, but Sydal reverses with an armlock. Sydal eventually hits a standing moonsault on the downed Raju and tags in Ishimori, who keeps Raju in check. Sydal tags back in and hits a flying stomp on Raju’s arm in a double team move. Sydal gets Raju in a single leg boston crab and is wearing him down. Ishimori tags in But Raju reverses him with a neckbreaker. Sydal and Fantasma tag in and he delivers a huge knee to Sydals’ skull. We cut to commercial.

Returning, Fantasma in working on SYdal and gets him in a surfboard submission, but Ishimori breaks it. All four men start battling in the ring and hitting each other with innovative kicks to the head. Rohit does a suicide dive on Sydal through the ropes. Ishimori hits Fantasma with a dropkick that sends him out of the ring and then rusheds the turnbuckle and executes an insane moonsault onto Fantasma on the outside. Rohit counters a tilt-a-whirl suplex in the ring and gets an arm lock on Ishimori. He breaks out but Sydal and Taiji start a vicious double team assault. The four men end up battling in the ring again. The double team continues on Fantasma this time, but he manages to get out of harm’s way and starts laying the smack down on Sydal. Rohit tags in and they do an awesome double team knee to Sydal for a close near fall. The four men start a melle in the ring again but Ishimori hits a tombstone gut breaker  on Raju to a shooting star press from Sydal for the pin.

Ishimori & Sydal win via pinfall.

We return from commercial to another video package about what Austin Aries accomplished last night. He is being asked questions by the press and Drake barges into the conference. The two men have to be seperated and are screaming at each other. There will be a rematch for the World Championship between the two men next week. They show video footage of a previous match between Aries and Bobby Roode in which he was able to come back from behind in a back and forth war to defeat Roode for the World Championship.

Coming up next the Cult of Lee will be in action against an up and coming tag team called Tech. Caleb and Trevor come out wearing bandanas that they had  stolen from LAX. Caleb Konley starts the match trading holds with each member of Tech. Trevor and Caleb start to systematically decimate Reed. They alternate tags and take turns beating on Reed with with authority. They hit a double team Kick-powerbomb move on Reed but he just manages to kick out. Reed tries to fight back after Cult of Lee takes out his partner, but it doesn’t work. They put Reed out of his misery with a huge maneuver that mocked LAX. They are celebrating in the ring and LAX comes on the big screen. Konnan starts to run his mouth to Lee and Konley with a vengeance from last week. He declares that LAX is coming and Cult of Lee looks like they are scared and don’t want to show it.

Cult of Lee defeated Tech via pinfall.

We cut to Allie meeting Kiera Hogan backstage and congratulating her on beating Laurel Van Ness. She also tells her that she has her back if anything happens during her match tonight. A man comes over with a gift that had been delivered for Allie. It’s a giant card from a secret admirer that tells her to meet them the day after Valentine’s Day at IMPACT Wrestling. Up next, Hogan will take on Laurel Van Ness for the Knockouts Championship.

We return and Moose is cutting a promo backstage about how hungry he is for gold and will be the next number one contender!

Hogan starts off with a few arm drags and a big dropkick, but she can’t maintain that momentum as Van Ness quickly takes full control. She whips Hogan around by her hair and goes for a cover, but it’s only a near fall. Laurel taunts and kicks Hogan while she’s down. Hogan really digs deep to reverse into a roll up for a pinfall but ends up eating a huge boot to the face. Hogan reverses with a boot in the corner and a flying cross body splash. Van Ness reverses a suplex and hits the Unprettier for the pinfall victory to retain her title. Van Ness loses it after the match it’s beats on Hogan more. Allie comes out and saves her friend in a nick of time.

Laurel Van Ness defeated Kiera Hogan via pinfall.

We see a strange video in first person of a guy hiding around a corner and watching a man get out of his car. It’s hard to tell exactly who either person is but the letters “OVE” stain the corner of the screen.

We see a backstage promo of EC3 cutting a promo about how he will fulfill his destiny and become a 3-time world champ!

We also see a backstage promo of Sydal and Ishimori all hyped up after their victory earlier in the evening. Fantasma will take on Ishimori next week!

We cut back to the “OVE” cam and it’s Lashley who is walking back to his car when he is attack and beaten with weapons. He is thrown into the trunk of the car and it’s slammed shut. The attackers reveal themselves on camera and they’re “OVE”.

Next we have a match between Hania and Amber Nova. Amber tries to start off hot but goes for a crucifix on Hania’s back and gets dropped in a huge slam. Hania finds herself in complete control and starts really laying into Nova and strangles her over the middle rope with her leg. Nova manages to seemingly reverse her fortune in the corner for an split secnd but Hania regains control quickly. She goes for a powerbomb and Nova revrse into a roll up for a near fall. They rise and Nova hits a big enziguri and the match is back even for a moment. Nova makes a fatal error and goes for a hurricanrana but gets reversed into a huge powerbomb. Hania picks up her prey and lands the reverse DDT for the pinfall win. Rosemary comes out of nowhere and attacks and chokes Hania. She goes for the Red Wedding, but Hania manages to slip out of the ring.

Hania defeated Amber Nova by pinfall.

The Fatal Four Way number one contender match will be up next!

The main event doesn’t even start and El Patron starting pushing Moose. The bell rings and EC3 and Moose fight to the outside. El Patron gets a head scissor choke on Johnny Impact and quickly runs outside the ring to attack Moose, who is standing over the downed EC3. He blindsides him and rams his head into the steps. Moose is down and hurt. EC3 and El Patron begin to double team Impact outside the ring and then focus their attention on Moose. They are working together in this “every man for himself” setting. Johnny Impact starts fighting back and getting an upper hand on both EC3 and El Patron. He hits a big neckbreaker on Alberto for a near fall. Impact goes running at EL Patron in the corner and gets tossed over the rope onto the floor. With Impact down outside the ring, the double teaming on Moose continues. They hit a huge double team DDT on Moose, but the alliance breaks down when El Patron tries to cover Moose. Impact flies in and starts cleaning house with kicks from all angles. Moose pancakes Johnny Impact with a quick pop up powerbomb. All four men drop each other and are on the canvas reeling from the battle. We cut to commercial as they rise and start brawling it out hard.

We return and Moose is tossing Impact out of the ring. El Patron throws Moose over the rail into the crowd. The two start battling into the fan area while EC3 drives Impact into the steel steps with a fierce velocity. EC3 makes his way over to Impact and El Patron and a pair of crutches ends up in Impact’s hands. He starts beating them down with the crutches and a trash can comes into the mix. The men make their way back to the ring and El Patron drops Impact on his head with a brutal DDT. EC3 and Patron start double teaming Impact yet again. Moose is still down and out on the floor. They go for a double team superples on Impact but he fights out and goes for a sunset flip powerbomb on both men. He can’t do it, but Moose comes back and they each deliver a powerbomb to El Patron and EC3. All four men are on the mat in total shock and pain again. Patron manages to flatten Moose with a clothesline and Moose is definitely favoring his knee. He stays in control until Impact and EC3 each hit huge moves on him. Impact almost gets the pinfall on EC3 and as he climbs the turnbuckle for the finish,Patron comes out of nowhere and kicks him to the floor. He cleans house and gets EC3 in the Cross Armbreaker. Moose breaks it up with a split second senton splash to El Patron. A few more kicks are thrown and that leaves Moose and El Patron down on the floor. EC3 sneaks up on Impact and goes for a roll up to a long, long two count! EC3 goes for the One Percenter, but Impact gets out of it and rolls up EC3 with a bridge and gets the pinfall!

Johnny Impact wins via pinfall and is the new number one contender for the IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship.

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