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Gonzo Shark’s WWE Mixed Match Challenge Report: Week 4

Goldust & Mandy Rose vs. Jimmy Uso & Naomi

The WWE Universe has voted Smackdown Live GM, Daniel Bryan, as the special referee for this match.

The guys start off by dancing around the ring but Goldust needs a breather because he is much older. It is obvious he is playing mind games with Jimmy. The match turns into a hugging and kissing competition between the two teams. Jimmy pulls a fast one and rolls up Goldust from behind just as he’s about to kiss Mandy Rose, and the Bizarre One kicks out but is very upset.

The girls tag in and Naomi takes control quicky and goes for a pin, but Rose kicks out. She shows her raw power and flattens Naomi with an innovative slam, followed by a near fall. A beatdown in the corner ensues and Naomi is in trouble.

Mandy Rose is dominating her with an assortment of elbows, punches and knees while she is down. She prevents Naomi from making the tag to Jimmy and slams her down with authority. She takes a second to slap Jimmy Uso in his face, until Naomi lays her out and makes the tag. Jimmy is on fire off the rip and drops Goldust with a Samoan Drop and a flying body attack in the corner. Mandy Rose breaks up the pin attempt and all four competitors make it into the ring. Goldust and Rose eat a double enziguri, but they manage to counter Uso and Naomi with a set of powerslams. Goldust shows his experience as a veteran and hits the Final Cut on Jimmy Uso for a near fall, but Naomi breaks the count! Rose and Naomi battle it out around ringside. Back in the ring, Naomi runs in and drops Goldust with a Rear View — Jimmy takes advantage of his partner’s assist and hits a super kick and a huge splash for the 1-2-3 pinfall victory.

Jimmy Uso & Naomi defeated Goldust & Mandy Rose via pinfall.

Rusev and Lana come out after the match to tell Jimmy and Naomi that they are the much better couple. Lana proclaims that next week her and Rusev will CRUSH!

Next Week, Elias and Bayley will take on the team of Lana and Rusev.

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