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Gonzo Shark’s Monday Night Raw Report: February 5, 2018

Monday Night Raw is live from Des Moines, Iowa and kicks off with a promo from Bray Wyatt, as he will have an Elimination Chamber qualifying match against Roman Reigns tonight! Reigns will also cut a promo backstage. Each man is very confident that they will destroy the other in order to make it into the match and eventually to the main event at Wrestlemania in April. This will be the first match and each man makes their entrance to the ring. Wyatt won the chamber match last year, but Reigns has never been in one.

Each man will attempt to take control with shoulder tackles and headlocks. Bray Wyatt is quick to taunt Reigns repeatedly. Wyatt takes control with a headlock after driving Reigns into the post shoulder first. Matt Hardy is watching very closely backstage. Reigns breaks the lock and lands a couple of huge clotheslines to Wyatt, but eats a vicious lariat as he goes for the Drive By on the outside of the ring. Bray launches him into the ring steps just before we cut to commercial.

Wyatt drives a gigantic knee into Roman’s back and works a chin lock. We also see a clip of Wyatt smashing him face first into the apron during the commercial. Roman breaks the submission with a desperate samoan drop, both men are down and the referee is counting to ten. Reigns lands a few lariats in the corner but Bray is able to seperate and land a horrifying cannonball-like body splash on Roman. Reigns is hurt but manages to break a superplex attempt in the corner with headbutts. He scoops Wyatt and lands a huge sitout powerbomb for a near fall, and both men are down again. Reigns is up, but misses a Superman Punch — Wyatt counters with a huge slam and a senton splash for another near fall! Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail, but Roman rolls him up for another near fall. Reigns finally lands the Superman Punch, but Wyatt kicks out on a long two count. Reigns goes for the spear and Wyatt counters with a huge boot and the Sister Abigail, but Roman kicks out at two! Bray Wyatt is in disbelief and jumps on Roman and lands a bunch of elbows to the back of his head. Wyatt goes for another finisher, but Reigns gets out and lands an annihilating spear for the 1-2-3 pinfall victory!

Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt by pinfall.

Matt Hardy appears in the ring and drops Bray with a Twist of Fate. He screams at and taunts Wyatt.

Jason Jordan is questioned if he is at 100% by Seth Rollins in the back. They have a rematch for the titles against The Bar later tonight. Jordan assures him that he has been medically cleared and is ready to go!

Also, later in the evening we will see a Triple Threat match between John Cena, Elias, and Braun Strowman, with the winner entering the Elimination Chamber match last.

Returning from commercial, The Balor Club make their way to the ring. The Revival will come out next. Scott Dawson wants to make this match a tag team match with Finn and whomever he chooses. Karl Anderson will team with Balor to take on The Revival. Dawson works Anderson in the corner right away with strikes. All four men quickly find themselves in the ring battling, until Dawson and Wilder eat double back body drops before we cut to commercial. Returning, Balor and Dawson are both trying to make a tag. Dawson manages to get Finn into the corner for the double team and controls him with an armlock. After double tags, Anderson comes in an absolutely cleans house. He lands a huge diving neckbreaker on Wilder. Dawson tags in and gets flattened with a spinebuster. Balor tags in and lands the Sling Blade. He then hits the dropkick in the corner and the Coupe De Grace on Scott Dawson for the 1-2-3 pinfall victory!

Karl Anderson & Finn Balor defeated The Revival via pinfall.

Bayley will face Asuka tonight. Sasha Banks is in the back watching the footage of her losing to Asuka last week. Bayley comes over and tries to cheer her friend up, but Sasha is bitter about her loss. Her and Bayley share some words about how they each will beat Asuka, but Banks doesn’t think Bayley is good enough to. She tells Sasha that she beat her, and if Banks is good enough to beat Asuka, then so is she!

Next we have a Cruiserweight tag team match, as Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali will take on Tony Neese and Drew Gulak. We are introduced to Drake Maverick, the new GM of 205 Live. Neese smashes Ali in the corner quickly, but Ali eventually reverses with a hurricanrana. Alexander tags in and they land a nasty double team move on Neese. Gulak is tagged in and they regain control on Alexander. Neese tags back in and they Gulak lands a nasty clothesline on Alexander as he was hung up on the top rope. Neese and Alexander are both hurt but manage to make the double tag. Ali gains control quickly and lands a huge tornado DDT on Gulak. Alexander does an insane suicide dive onto Neese, who is on the outside. He tags back in and lands a devastating Lumbar Check on Gulak and he is out for the count!

Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali defeated Tony Neese and Drew Gulak via pinfall.

Kurt Angle is talking to Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss backstage. He will reveal who she will be defending her title against in the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber match. We return from the break and Angle makes his entrance. He reveals her opponents will be Bayley, Mandy Rose, Mickie James, Sonya Deville, and Sasha Banks. He also reveals that Nia Jax will face Asuka at the Elimination Chamber event. If she wins, she’ll be added to the match for the Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania, making it a triple threat match. Alexa Bliss comes out and is furious because she has to defend her championship in the chamber match. She claims Kurt is treating Brock Lesnar differently than her, and she calls him a “sexist!” Kurt asks the fans if they want to see Bliss defend the title in the chamber and they most definitely do! Bliss storms away extremely upset.

John Cena lays out his plan for winning the match tonight in a backstage promo.

The Miz will take on Apollo Crews in a qualifying match for the Elimination Chamber tonight! Asuka and Bayley will do battle next, after a commercial break.

Returning from the break, we see a video package about Black History Month.

Asuka makes her entrance, followed by Bayley making hers. Asuka controls Bayley at first, but Bayley reverses and holds her down. The two go back and forth with strikes, until Bayley gets Asuka in a headlock on the mat. Asuka gets out and lands a bunch of kicks on the downed Bayley. She manages to knock Asuka off the ropes to the outside and lands hurricanrana on her on the outside. She drives Asuka into the barricade and we cut to commercial.

Asuka breaks a submission, but Bayley lands a back suplex on her and gains control. After a near fall, she lands a few elbows to Asuka’s back and holds her down. She regains control over Bayley with a few strikes and a huge knee. She lands another huge sliding knee to Bayley for a near fall.  Bayley regains control and gets Asuka outside the ring, but eats another huge knee from The Empress of Tomorrow. The two make their way back into the ring and they are battling hard. Asuka lands a series of strikes and escapes from a quick Bayley to Belly suplex attempt. She gets Bayley in an armbar and Bayley fight for her life to get out of it, but has no choice but to tap out! The two women shake hands after the match and show respect for each other.

Asuka defeated Bayley via submission.

We see a video from earlier of The Bar cutting a promo on Rollins and Jordan. They claim they will defend their titles and put their adversaries away for good!

After a commercial break, The Miz makes his entrance accompanied by Bo Dallas. The Miz cuts a promo about how 2018 is his year. He claims his daughter will be born just in time to see the first ever Universal and Intercontinental champion after he beats Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Apollo Crews makes his entrance as we’re cutting to another commercial break.

We return and Crews slams Miz with a vertical suplex for a near fall. The two men continuously reverse each other and go for pinfall attempts. Apollo Crews counters a top rope dive from Miz with a giant mid-air dropkick to his gut. He drops Miz with a huge gorilla press slam and goes for a standing moonsault, but Miz gets his knees up. He holds Crews in a leg scissor on the mat. Miz breaks out but Crews counters with another huge kick. He lands an enziguri for a near fall on the Miz. Crews lands a slam, a standing moonsault, and a standing shooting star press — but the Miz kicks out! Crews is in control, but Miz kicks his knee out and goes for a Skull Crushing Finale. Crews gets out of it but the Miz hangs him up with the top rope between his legs. Apollo is down and holding his crotch in pain. Miz quickly lands a Skull Crushing Finale for the 1-2-3 pinfall victory!

The Miz defeated Apollo Crews via pinfall.

We cut to Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan backstage with medical personnel. Seth Rollins walks up to them and is informed that Jordan is unable to compete because of tweaking his injury while he was warming up. At first, Angle is going to make them forfeit the match — until Roman Reigns walks up and saves the day! We cut to a commercial…

We return and The Bar makes their entrance. Seth Rollins makes his entrance next and he is in his hometown! Roman Reigns makes his way down to the ring. The two teams taunt each other before the bell rings and the tension is thick. Rollins gains the upper hand on Sheamus quickly, forcing him to tag in Cesaro. They go back and forth until Cesaro lands a nasty uppercut and tags in Sheamus. They double team him in the corner and alternate tags. Cesaro has Rollins just where he wants him but Rollins manages to tag Reigns. Reigns gains control over Cesaro quickly and tags in Rollins, followed by some double teaming in the corner. Reigns is tagged in again and they double team Cesaro. Sheamus catches Rollins outside the ring as he goes for a suicide dive, and Cesaro smashes Reigns in the ring. He tosses Reigns outside to Sheamus, who drives him into the barricade and we cut to a commercial.

Returning, Sheamus is beating on Reigns in the ring. He wears him down with a headlock. Cesaro tags in and they double team Reigns again. Roman is somehow fighting back, but not for long as The Bar makes quick tags and huge maneuvers. Reigns manages to reverse The Neutralizer from Cesaro with a samoan drop. He lands a Superman Punch on Sheamus and they are both down. Jordan comes out for moral support. Rollins gets the hot tag and cleans house with a few huge moves and a pair of suicide dives. Rollins lands the Sling Blade on Cesaro for a near fall and two and a half. Rollins hits the suplex to Falcon Arrow combo for another close near fall. Jordan trips up Cesaro from the outside and Rollins almost rolls him up for the win. Reigns is trying to tell Jordan to leave ringside and Rollins lands a huge kick in the ring. Rollins and Reigns are in complete control and Jordan attacks Sheamus outside the ring, which gets Roman and Seth disqualified. They are not happy with Jordan at all!

The Bar retain their Raw tag team titles via disqualification.

We see highlights of Braun Strowman’s rampage on Kane last week. Then a video of Strowman cutting a promo about John Cena and Elias backstage.

Seth Rollins gets in Jason Jordan’s face backstage. Kurt Angle has to get in between them. Rollin’s is hot and screams at Jordan, calling him a “selfish son of a bitch!”

Next, Nia Jax makes her entrance and we see a video package about her run in WWE so far. Vanessa Floyd will attempt to take down Jax. She can barely defend herself against Jax, until she is flattened with a body splash. Jax literally throws her across the ring like a rag doll about three times. She stands there for about 4 seconds with the girl in a gorilla press over her head and drops her flat on her face. She lands the huge leg drop and an easy pinfall victory. Renee Young gets in the ring and asks her about the match Kurt Angle made with her and Asuka. Jax claims she is the only girl in the locker room that doesn’t fear her and she will turn her into “The Empress of Yesterday.”

After a commercial break, Sonya Deville makes her entrance accompanied by Paige and Mandy Rose. Mickie James makes her entrance next. Sonya takes her down quickly and has a hold of her back. Mickie has no choice but to get to the rope for a break. The two women exchange some serious kicks and punches. Sonya has something wrong with her nose and keeps grabbing at it. Mickie is in control, but Mandy Rose distracts her and Sonya knocks her off the ropes. She lands a barrage of vicious knees on James, followed by a nasty kick to the chest. Mickie is hurt and Deville lands a running knee. She is pounding away on James with right hands but she manages to roll Deville up for the surprise pinfall victory! Absolution attacks James right after the match and Alexa Bliss comes out to save her for some reason.

Mickie James defeated Sonya Deville via pinfall.

We cut to Elias backstage tuning his guitar before a commercial break. The triple threat main event match is up next!

Next week, there will be a fatal four way second chance match for a spot in the Elimination Chamber between Finn Balor, Matt Hardy, Bray Wyatt, and Apollo Crews.

Elias plays his guitar in ring and introduces himself to the Des Moines crowd. Of course, he wants to know “who wants to walk with Elias?” He wastes no time insulting the town and the people. He is also very confident that he will win tonight and eventually have the performance of a lifetime at Wrestlemania! He tries to play his song but the crowd makes it very difficult, and John Cena’s music hits to interrupt him. The place explodes and Cena makes his notorious entrance. Next, Strowman makes his entrance.

The bell rings and Elias immediately slips out of the ring. Cena goes right after Strowman and eats a huge boot. Elias runs from Strowman and Cena manages to grab Braun and attempt an AA, but he crumbles under the massive weight of the giant. Strowman is beating both men outside of the ring until the two men decide to double team the big man. They smash Strowman into the post and the steps unmercifully. Cena picks up the steps and smashes Strowman. Elias explodes a guitar over the monster’s back, and Cena manages to get him up for an AA on the ring steps — and Strowman is down and out. Elias takes advantage of the situation and attacks Cena from behind at this pivotal moment of Strowman being neutralized. He works Cena in the ring and lands a nasty backbreaker to the 16 time champion. Elias works a headlock on Cena, but he breaks out and lands a few shoulder tackles. He’s setting up for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Strowman intercepts and flattens Cena with the running powerslam. Elias grabs Braun from behind and tosses him out of the ring. He covers Cena and gets the 1-2-3 pinfall win! He stole one from Strowman and will enter the chamber last! Strowman comes in and repeatedly powerslams both Cena and Elias. Braun Strowman lost the match but circles the broken men like a shark! Cena moves just a little bit and he scoops him up again and pancakes him with another powerslam. He grabs Elias and delivers one more to him for good measure! We go off the air and Braun Strowman has reigned supreme again!

Elias defeated Braun Strowman & John Cena via pinfall.

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