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John Osting reporting …

NXT Recap

Wells Fargo Center

Philadelphia, PA

Air Date: January 31st 2018

The NXT post-Takeover: Philadelphia started with the required highlight package. We are welcomed to the show by Percy Watson and Mauro Ranallo. They announce the main event as Roderick Strong against Tyler Bate for a shot at the United Kingdom Championship. We start things off with a women’s match. Nikki Cross and Lacey Evans make their entrances.

Match 1: Nikki Cross vs. Lacey Evans

Nikki attacked Evans right from the opening bell with a hard-hitting ground and pound attack. When Cross took the ropes, Evans was able to yank her off opening the door to her own hard offense. Evans had Cross reeling until she went for a top-rope moonsault and hit nothing but canvas. Cross was able to capitalize and hit a swinging Fisherman’s neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Nikki Cross

The first of the Takeover recap videos focused on the tag team championship match that saw the Undisputed Era retain over the Authors of Pain. A graphic promised the return of TM 61 tonight after a year away. In addition, the Takeover recaps continue and include the return of Tomasso Ciampa. We close the segment and the show goes to commercial.

The Takeover highlights continued with the Women’s Championship match. Ember Moon won a hard-fought match over Shayna Baszler but did suffer an arm injury in the process. In her post-match interview, Baszler said Ember didn’t win but instead, survived.

Ranallo and Watson check in from the commentary table then introduce the video package of Aleister Black versus Adam Cole in an Extreme Rules match. This match which had a heavy dose of foreign objects and outside interference from the Undisputed Era and Sanity. Aleister Black did get the win. After the match, a beaten and bruised Undisputed Era blamed the loss on Sanity.
Next week, Sanity gets their rematch for the tag team championships. TM 61 is next as the show goes to commercial.

The video parade continues with highlights from Kassius Ohno versus Velveteen Dream that saw Dream win with a huge Purple Reignmaker. After the match, Dream’s interview focused on ending dreams.

Back to the live action, TM 61 makes its entrance followed by the Ealy Brothers.

Match 2: TM 61 (Shane Thorne and Nick Miller) vs. The Ealy Brothers (Gabriel and Uriel)

Miller and Thorne wasted no time going right after the bigger team driving the brothers to the outside. After Thorne hit a dive on both brothers on the floor, the beat down continued inside the ring.

The Ealy’s make a comeback after an illegal switch brought the fresh twin in the ring. The Ealys cut the ring off for Miller and worked him over in their corner until he fought his way out and made the tag to Thorne.

Thorne came in and took out both brothers. Miller comes in and tries to finish the match with a top-rope moonsault. The The Ealys make the save and Miller dropkicks one twin to the floor. A Thunder Valley slam was then executed giving TM 61 the win.

Winner: TM 61

Tyler Bate warms up backstage and, up next, we will see the video footage from Takeover of the NXT Championship Match. The show goes to commercial

We return and still pictures indentify the winners of the NXT Year-End Awards. The graphics were interrupted when Ranallo broke in to say they were going backstage because TM 61 had something to say. TM 61 changed their name to “The Mighty.”

The broadcast throw it to the highlight video of the NXT Championship match between Johnny Gargano and Andrade “Cien” Almas that saw the involvement of both Zalina Vega and Gargano’s wife, NXT Superstar Candice LaRae. In the end, after LaRae chased Vega from ringside, Almas caught Gargano with a hammerlock DDT from the second rope to score the pinfall. The video continued and showed the post-match attack on Gargano by the returning Tommaso Ciampa. There were efforts to get Ciampa to make a statement but he calmly left the arena.

Video continued chronicling Almas participating in the Royal Rumble match. After his Rumble appearane, Almas and Vega cut a promo saying this is only the beginning for him. Vega also wondered where Gargano was during the Rimble. Roderick Strong against Tyler Bate is up next. We end the segment with a commercial break.

We return to still photos of EC III who has signed with NXT. In addition, stills were shown of Adam Cole’s appearance in the Royal Rumble match. The announce team went over the scheduled matches for next week’s show which included the additional match of Adam Cole facing off against Killian Dane.

Roderick Strong and Tyler Bate make their entrances for the main event

Match 3: #1 Contender’s Match for the United Kingdom Championship: Roderick Strong vs. Tyler Bate

Strong took control early trying to weaken Bate’s back with several hard hitting backbreakers as the show takes a final commercial timeout. We return and see Bate try to fight out only to have Strong try to stretch him into submission.

Bate fights free but his back prevents him from following up. Bate would recover and unleash a flurry of counter offense that would lead to a near fall off of a back suplex. Bate nails an exploder suplex and tries for a pin after a standing shooting star press but Strong got a shoulder up.

Bate would continue to press the advantage but his back would make it difficult to follow up. Bate would recover and get a near-fall on Strong with a German suplex. Bate would not discouraged and followed up with an exploder suplex and a standing shooting star press. Again, Strong showed great fortitude and would not lose.

Both men would trade shots before Strong would power out of a rollup attempt and take control with running knees in the corner. An End of Heartache later and Roderick Strong is your new # 1 contendwe to the UK Championship.

Winner: Roderick Strong

Strong celebrates in the ring to close the show.

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