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Live Recap

Wells Fargo Arena

Philadelphia, PA

Air date: January 30th , 2018

Daniel Bryan opens the show introducing a new era for the Cruiserweight division.  If you think back, it was last week that Bryan promised a general manager for the show.  He introduces Drake Maverick, formerly known as Rockstar Spud, as the new GM.  Maverick  wasted no time in clearing up the championship picture announcing a 16-man single-elimination tournament; the winner becomes the new Cruiserweight Champion.

The finals will be held at Wrestlemania and the tournament kicks off tonight as Maverick announces two first-round matchups for tonight’s show, Cedric Alexander vs. Gran Metalik and TJP against Tyler Bate.  Alexander and Metalik make their entrances.
Cedric comes out first and a video he is played while he waits for Metalik.  In it, he remarks that obstacles have been put in his way since the start of his championship pursuit and this is just another one he will overcome.  Metalik is shown live getting fired up by his Lucha brethren before Maverick sends him out.

Match 1: Cedric Alexander vs. Gran Metalik in a first-round championship tournament contest.

This match proved to be a great kickoff for the tournament.  The two men know each other well and have a great deal of respect for each other.  That showed with a handshake as the match gets underway.

The pace was ligtning quick to begin with both men performing amazing counter-moves.  Alexander took the early advantage trying to use to power advantage to subdue Metalik and keep him grounded.

Metalik took control with a well-placed super kick stopping a charging Alexander in his tracks.  After battling with Alexander on the floor, Metalik almost scored the win with a slingshot splash for a near-fall.  A short time later, Metalik thought he had it with a rana off the top-rope only to see Alexander get the shoulder up at the last possible second!  Metalik made a critical error when he went to the top rope for a moonsault on Alexander and Cedric countered by getting his feet up.  Alexander goes straight for the lumbar check and nails it to put away Metalik.

Winner: Cedric Alexander advances

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness finally check in on commentary and throw it right to a Tyler Bate introductory video with footage from the UK tournament that Bate won.  Jack Gallagher is shown in a video saying the new GM, being English himself, understands how important it is for a countryman to go far in the tournament.

Meanwhile, Maverick is shown backstage talking to a production assistant about the tournment when Drew Gulak shows up with roses for the new GM.  Maverick hands them off to the production assistant.   The show goes to break.

Mustafa Ali finds a chair and sits down to tell us how excited he is for the tournament so he can go to Wrestlemania.  TJP is being interviewed about his match when he is interrupted by Maverick who wonders which TJP will show up tonight, the champion or the whiner?

A blog video of Akira Tozawa is shown and he says he is upset not being named the GM but now will go on to Wrestlemania and become champion.  Bate warms up backstage as the show goes to another commercial.

We come back and see the entrances of TJP and Bate.

Match 2:  TJP vs. Tyler Bate in a first-round championship tournament contest

TJP comes out  focused and takes the early advantage trying to correct his career setbacks in recent weeks.  TJP became a tad overconfident when he struck a pose only to be countered by Bate.

The match settled into a technical classic between Bate and TJP as both wrestlers administered punishing offense in attempt to move on in the tournament.  TJP weakened Bate considerably when he was able to lock in the kneebar and damage the left knee of Bate leaving a target on it for the rest of the match.  Bate countered with strength and power and innovative offense of his own to stay competitive but TJP kept the target firmly on the knee.  He was able to lock in a second kneebar but, to his credit, Bates would not fold.

The match continued with both landing strikes trying to weaken the other.  Bate finally saw an opening and tried to set up TJP for the Tyler Driver 97.  TJP was able to counter the move landing Bate on the canvas.  With Bate down, TJP scored a three count with a little help from his opponent’s tights.

Winner: TJP advances

As TJP celebrates, next week’s first round matches are announced.  It will be Kalisto against Lince Dorado and Hideo Itami will do battle with Roderick Strong.    TJP strikes a dab pose to close the show for this week.

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