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Alexa Bliss & Braun Strowman vs. Becky Lynch & Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn and Becky Lynch make their entrances first, followed by Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss. We see a video of Strowman showing Bliss how to lift a car, to which she obviously has no chance. The fans have voted online for Becky to start the match with Alexa. Lynch takes control of Bliss with a few slams on her belly before Alexa is able to elbow her way out. However, Lynch regains control quickly and delivers some “noogies” to her adversary after reversing a headlock takeover. Lynch controls her and goes for the Disarmer, but Bliss escapes. The two women exchange holds and pinfall attempts. Both women stand up and are disoriented. Strowman wants the tag but Bliss assures him that “she’s got it”. Lynch regains control with a dropkick, but Bliss manages to get her in the corner and deliver some kicks. Strowman gets the tag, and Sami now has to enter the match. Zayn tries to taunt the big man but quickly jumps out of the ring to get away from him. Once he enters the ring again, he runs away from the “Monster Among Men” causing Strowman to follow him out of the ring and chase him. Sami jumps back in the ring and immediately delivers a cheap kick to Braun as he rolls in after him. The kick has no effect on Strowman and Sami runs to his corner for the tag. While Strowman’s back is turned, Sami makes the quick tag again and attacks him from behind. Braun turns and clubs Zayn across the chest with the force of a Louisville Slugger in the hands of Barry Bonds. Bliss taunts Zayn and Braun throws him all the way across the ring! Lynch is tagged back in and immediately starts taking it to Bliss. She reverses  flying attack from the middle rope and gets Lynch in a headlock. She is working her and grinding her down with the hold. We cut to a clip of Bobby Roode and Charlotte studying the match in the back.  Alexa grinds Becky’s face on the rope and kicks her while she’s down. Another headlock ensues from Bliss and she is in total control. Lynch works her way back up and lands a nasty Enziguri that flattens Bliss. Lynch makes the tag and Strowman immediately runs across the ring, grabs Zayn from the apron, and launches him into the ring over the top rope. He lands a few huge splashes at top speed to Zayn in the corner. He then goes for a clothesline to Zayn over the rope and Sami manages to pull the top rope down, sending Strowman over to the floor – but he lands on his feet! Zayn dives over the rope but Strowman catches him and smashes his face into the ring apron. Bliss drives Becky into the post while her back is turned and now Strowman and Alexa are really in control. Zayn jumps the barricade into the crowd to get away but Strowman grabs him. Zayn’s only defense is to grab Strowman’s beard and try to rip it out of his face! That doesn’t work as Braun lifts him above his head and throws him over the barricade into the crowd area. Becky is down and out in the ring and Strowman runs in to tag Bliss. Alexa climbs on top of his shoulders and executes the Twisted Bliss from way up high! Becky has no chance for a kick out and Strowman and Bliss pick up the pinfall victory to advance in the tournament! Strowman struts around the ring in celebration with Bliss on his shoulder. Renee Young interviews the winners, who seem to like flirting with each other. They vow that they will go all the way to winning the WWE Mixed Match Challenge!

Next week, we will see the team of Goldust and Mandy Rose versus the husband and wife team of Jimmy Uso and Naomi.

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